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More Real-World Style Tips From A Real-World Fan Of Occasionally Wearing Pants

Hey so remember the time I rubbed all y'all's faces in the fact that I got sent a heapload of free jewelry? And then was like, "okay I guess one of you can win some free jewelry too?" Yeah, so it turns out that a lot of you seemed to be very much in the pro-free jewelry camp (shocking!!1!), and also in the screw you, blogger, I can buy my own jewelry myself camp.

The post was a success, is my point, and I was then repeatedly asked to do another sponsored post/giveaway for JewelMint's sister site, StyleMint. Repeatedly! There is only so much resisting of free clothing with a side of bonus money a girl can do, you guys. 

So really, this is all your fault, if you think about it. DEAL WITH IT.

StyleMint operates the same way as JewelMint, only with clothes: Take a style quiz, get recommendations based on your answers, and every product comes with helpful Styling For Dummies suggestions to give you ideas on how to wear it and look like you have not given up on life. It's a membership site, so you can either treat yourself to something new each month or check in and opt to skip the purchase that month. (Maddeningly, despite very responsibly setting a reminder for myself on the first of each month in iCal, I have yet to take the "skip this month" option over on JewelMint yet because BUY ALL THE THINGS.) 

I was a bit hesitant about the StyleMint offerings because...well, they're designed by the Olsen twins. I am...not an Olsen twin.

In today's performance, the part of an Olsen twin will be played by Photoshop's shape tool, while the part of Amalah will be played by a hulking behemoth wearing too much jewelry and being vaguely threatened by a towering stack of cloth diapers.

So I was afraid that wearing something designed by an Olsen twin might result in something like this:


The giant sentient stack of vicious cloth diapers is probably unrelated to the shirt, BTW. 

I am happy to report that no one will be forced to see my midsection, as the shirts I ordered -- chosen carefully with the guiding style principle of Can I Breastfeed In It -- are downright roomy and forgiving around that particular, ahem, problem area. I can indeed breastfeed in them without destroying the necklines like I've done to dozens of less-stretchy v-necks. They also, as promised by the site's expert stylists, go with jeans. And also other jeans! Pants in general, actually. Which is nice. I think they might look kinda dumb with yoga pants, though not like that's ever stopped me before. 

(I wore one to New York this past weekend and while the top itself was super cute, I did learn the hard way that there is no cute top in the world that will EVER make having your picture taken next to a really handsome male model be a good idea. You feel badly about yourself and your neck then eat your feelings via the craft services table. But that's another sponsored post for another sponsored day. Alas!)

Anyway! TL;DR; just take me to the giveaway part, crazy lady: Two thumbs up, fine holiday fun. Get 20% off your first tee with code AMALAH20 between now and 2/29. AND YES, you can win any shirt of your choice by commenting on this post before Friday at noon, ET. Winner will be chosen at random and I will email you the good news and maybe even offer you some expert styling tips of my own for your selection. (HINT: IT PROBABLY LOOKS GOOD WITH JEANS. SHHHHH!)



Love your drawings!

I also like free stuff from a site that tells me what to wear. Best check it out...


Long time lurker here. I love free t-shirts though!


So while i am uber excited because coupon HOLYHELLICANTWAITTOUSEIT.. i have these things on my chest that cause problems with buying shirts anywhere i can't try them on. i hope they have shirts for the uncomfortably well endowed...


Would totally go well with my jeans from the Goodwill. I can not bear to pay much for jeans since 3 YEARS after my final child my hips/belly/thighs are still changing shape. Not thinner I may add, just a different shape. Luckily on top things are stabilized, so a shirt would be good.


My Thin Mint cookies arrived today, and you are Posting about StyleMint....Coincidence or sign of impending victory?

Tender Allure

Jeans are a great choice for pairing with t shirts! Thanks for this giveaway :)


I could use a cute shirt that goes well with jeans. Pretty please! Am poor and have a honeymoon coming up soon. Thank you for reading my entry!


Awesome shirt purchased, and hoping that the buttons don't gap across my ample bosom. Thanks for the discount code!


I really need new clothes!!

Sarah Jane

Hi! Free shirt, please! Found your blog through Academomia, now a regular reader. Excellent way to procrastinate on finishing my work after the kids' bedtime.


I'm all for anything free, even if it's from an Olsen!!


Wait...so do you HAVE to wear pants? Or just the shirt is ok?

Elaine C.

Wait, since when is jeans + tshirt a thing?


HELP! I also am a stay at home Mom and I need some clothes to like maybe look half way decent one time I pick my daughter up from pre-school this year!


I want a shirt that goes with jeans!!!


I like free shirts so much! Thanks.


I need free clothes because as the only girl in my house I need to represent, yo.


So love the idea of the styling tips. Yes, I need as much styling help as my 8 year-old son does (why can't I wear bright plaid and stripes, mom?)


As you have recently visited NY, you are aware of the city's desire to charge several times the actual cost of anything including air, so I'll take free!! Sign me up for free!!


I occasionally wear shirts. It'd be nice to win one.


This is a really really crappy day and your post made me laugh so thanks.


I heart Amy, I heart free! and I especially heart the drawing! I don't know if I will ever learn the lesson about not having my pic taken with models and actor types. Makes me sad, every. damn. time.


They have some great things that even grown ladies can wear. I would love a freebie, indeed.

Lori L.

Free shirts and jeans are the best combo!


I care nothing whatsoever about fashion, per se, but I've always really liked or at least appreciated what the Olsen twins put out. It's good stuff.

So yeah, I'm in.


Faaaaancy... I could use a shirt. :)


I like new shirts. I really like free new shirts.


I just so happen to *need* things that look good with jeans and also jeans.


I NEED a breastfeeding friendly and 9 month old handsy boy friendly shirt!!!!!


So. If you're all tits and belly and hips, the Olsen twins can advise you on style? No, I think not. But thank you for the contest and the coupon option!


Me! Please.


Hey, those are the same concerns I'd have. All of them: feeding, twins and cloth diaper pile.


Hmmm mary Kate and Ashley clothing for adults... I Need to go check this out... I was aware of the other site but had never heard of this sister site

Katy M.

They really do have some fun things. Shocker!

Thanks for the awesome drawings and great giveaway!

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