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This Is Some Award-Losing Nonsense, Right Here


I bought a desk this weekend. I have not sat at a desk since 2006. April-ish, if I recall correctly.


I bought a desk at Ikea and a fake potted plant, came home and sorted through a good four years of clutter, pushed an (Ikea) dresser down the hall into the boys' room, which I traded them for an (Ikea) bookshelf that I pushed back into my room, my office. 

The blinds should be replaced and the walls desperately need painted; the stuff I hung up is stragetically cover up the worst of the scuff marks in the meantime. Everything else is just whatever I could find lying around the house, like a former remote-control organizer basket now holds envelopes, thank-you cards, my memory card reader and a bottle of fenugreek capsules. I'm storing pens in a candleholder because it seemed nicer-looking than a plastic Thomas the Tank Engine cup. I dunno. Maybe not.

It's nothing you'll ever see on some creamy yummy aspirational design blog. There's a litter box in the closet. 

IMG_5545 IMG_5554

Naturally, I love it beyond all sense and reason.


Sarah @ BecomingSarah.com

I think the spaces you'll never find in design magazines are the most homey =)

See also: my entire house. So I'm sort of forced to believe that by reason of circumstance lol.


omg that precious little baby!!!!!

Curly Girl

Very nice! Mostly I'd like to point out my huge sigh of relief that I'm not the only one that likes to wrap my toes around the legs on spinny chairs.


Enjoy your new space! Might I recommend a docking station with a huge ass monitor and nice keyboard to go with your new desk? Those are the office accessories that got me off the couch and into a desk chair.

And if makes you feel better, our home office, complete with super fancy desk that is possibly the most expensive piece of furniture we own, also has a litter box in the closet. Solidarity in kitty poop supremancy over all organization decisions!

Caz Stone

A room of your own. So important to create a space for yourself. At the moment, even 5 minutes head space is a struggle for me, a nook is beyond my wildest dreams for now.


I'm with you! That is more what our place looks like too. I am very relieved that not everyone's place looks like a ~style magazine OMG~, but rather looks like....OUR home with our own stuff in it.

When seeing those stylized pictures I'm always like, "but...where do they put their old tax receipts? Where's the dog dish? What about their off-season clothes? Because there's only like...3 things in that room."

I have fond memories of my home growing up, and it looked like an actual home, not a style magazine. It was...home :-) .


Yay for your very own space!
kudos to you for even thinking/attempting to make it "homey". i would never think that far.

may you be able to use it often... and quietly.


There's nothing like your own space. Enjoy, and try to avoid letting too many kiddie items encroach upon it. Tough but sooooo beneficial.


"Naturally, I love it beyond all sense and reason."

Yes! A room of one's own. Enjoy it.

Becca Lynn

Is it just me, or am I only just now realizing how HUGE Ike is?!

Becca Lynn

Is it just me, or am I only just now realizing how HUGE Ike is?!


I love your personal assistant. Not sure how much work he will get done but he sure is cute to look at.


But my, your hair looks full and great. Breck girl commercial worthy even. Also, you've got something on your right shoulder right...there.


You know what removes scuffs on walls? Magic Eraser. One of the best home tips I've ever gotten.


Congrats on having more of a "space", hope the psychological effect comes with it!

Amy in StL

I really want to title the first picture: Office Chair UR doin it wrong.

Congrats on your own space though, seriously. I live alone and I still don't have an office chair - more like a sewing bench that I can pull up to a table.


Of course you love it. It has a baby in it!


You're dressed!


delurking to say your hair looks GREAT! enjoy the new office... your energy amazes me...


Love the last picture in this series. Ike is all "oh hai!"


Firstly, enjoy the desk. Having a space for yourself is so nice. I have a teenie-tiny desk but it serves its purpose. Personally I love my desk lamp more than the desk itself.

More importantly than the desk is the LIGHT. You get sunlight that makes the room shine! I'd love some of that sunlight. My desk is in my basement with very little sun. It does allow me to get lost in my writing of my scripts and my blog but I'd love the energy of the warm sun on a daily basis! Enjoy.


Thank you for this. All those posts on the yummy design blogs make me feel horrible about myself. But this is what victory feels like for us regular people. We, with our scuffed walls and cobbled together furniture, we are the 99 percent!


Litterbox. Thank you for the laugh!


Love the room and now that I've said that, let's talk about that fabulous head of hair you've got going on there girl! (Oh and the little guy's pretty cute too!)

My Little Otter

You forgot that pretty bouquet of roses and hydrangeas that you just happened to snip from your garden in the morning.

I would find it quite expensive (and exhausting) to be a design blogger. Their children must 1. never be home 2. be saints or 3. locked in cages at all times.


Love your hair! And Ike is too damn cute.

As for grabbing things from around the house for your office...yeah, I did that too (but for my out-of-the-home office at a law firm) and I really love it. It's colorful, personal, not so matchy-matchy and bland...and pretty much free. Rock on in your new space!


Very cute hair - and the baby accessory is expertly chosen. Congrats on your deskness...I am very pleased that this comment is thusly legitimated: )


Oh and did anyone notice Max under the chair? Hi Max!!!

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