The Subject, She Is Changed

To Whom It May Concern

Or, Hey Girl, I Heard You Were Blogging My Blogs On Your Blog, And Then Again On A Blog That Paid You To Blog, But You Were Blogging My Blogs And Not Your Blogs, In Other Words Stealing Stuff I Wrote Which I Am Pretty Sure Is Not Cool, Girl

Or, Choice Excerpts From The Most Fun Email I Have Ever Had The Honor Of Writing

Dear You,

Well. It's unfortunate that we had to be introduced under these circumstances. Before I go any further, allow me to tell you a little about myself. I think some of this may be relevant in a bit.

Like you, I married very young -- I was 20 years old at my wedding. Couldn't even drink the champagne! I put myself through college a course or two at a time, while working full-time, until I finally got my degree when I was 27 years old. I started my blog in 2003, when I was 26. I was hired as a columnist for AlphaMom -- my first "real" professional writing gig, when I was 28, right after having my first baby. Holy crap, was that ever a dream come true.

Like you, I have three children now: Noah, Ezra and Baby Ike, who was just born last June. When I was six months pregnant with him, my father died of cancer. I don't mention this to play the Pain Olympics or anything, but since you seem to be bringing up your pregnancy as a sympathy ploy, I do want to say that I DO sympathize with what I'm assuming is your current stress level over this mess.The universe has shitty timing sometimes, and it sucks.

The writing you stole was written about my second pregnancy. It is all very near and dear to me, and I am fiercely protective of it, as I'm sure you understand. What you did was like someone swiping your belly pics and passing them off as their own: creepy, invasive and wrong. I imagine if that happened to you, you would waste no time in leading an Internet charge against that person, no matter what excuses they offered.

So on that note, let's break yours down:

"I started writing a long time ago, when I was young and did first start under not knowing the proper rules. I have no real education in writing and never claimed I did, I just liked to share my feelings and my life with my friends and family."

You use your youth as an excuse a lot. And lack of formal education. However, plagiarism -- passing someone's work off as your own -- is something that most of us learn by the time we turn in our first book report in elementary school. My kindergartner knows that stealing is wrong and that it's important to do your own work. So...sorry. I will not accept that one.

Also, this was happening in 2009. Three years ago. While I don't know the full history of your blog, a quick glance through your pregnancy archive reveals that you were already pretty established -- established enough for your entries to garner double-digit comments and for brands to be approaching you with sponsorship deals and free nursery furniture. Free nursery furniture! That's impressive! Even I've never managed that one. Clearly, despite your youth and educational background you hit the ground running as a pretty savvy blogger who knew how to network and promote yourself.

Which is why I do not buy that you did not understand "the rules." Linking. Quotation marks. That little fancy blockquote button thingie.

And barring that, when your commenters chimed in saying stuff like "LOL YOU'RE SO FUNNY" and specifically calling out jokes and lines THAT YOU DID NOT WRITE, you could have stepped in and say, "Whoops, sorry guys! That line came from this post. I should've linked to it, because I really like it!" 

"I have been recently told that I have plagiarized your whole articles, and never intended to steal anything. I took some great lines and did not cite them, which was a big mistake. I am now just 27 and learning everyday as I grow how to avoid these mistakes in the future. I never meant to hurt anyone or steal from anyone."

Seriously? You needed to be told that you did not actually write the words you published? You did not intend to steal when you plagiarized me week after week, in a variety of different ways? You're going with "I didn't cite properly?" Sometimes you reworded my jokes. Sometimes you took just a line or two and flushed it out with your own writing. Sometimes you just copy-and-pasted the entire thing, whole paragraphs at a time. Once you found out your baby was a girl and mine was a boy, you changed the pronouns and left everything else. This is behavior you know not to do by middle school, if not earlier. The fact that it was on the Internet doesn't mean the rules were any different, and I think you knew that. I think you simply figured you weren't going to ever get caught.

And again, stop with the "I am only 27" thing. It's insulting to people younger than you who absolutely know how to not steal other people's writing.

"I have been going through my blog all day long and publishing my posts and just want to make sure I dont have any other mistakes that will come to haunt me."

I appreciate you taking my writing down. I really do. The thing that still kinda bugs me is that in the end you just took everything down because you claim that you simply can't remember what you wrote...and what I wrote. From three years ago. I am pretty sure someone could put a dozen different articles/blog posts/whatevers in front of me and I could tell you which ones were mine and which ones were not.

"I am 27 years old and have made mistakes. I now feel really bad and almost just want to give up."

Really? You are 27? Huh. Didn't know that. Why do you seem to think 27-year-old women should get a free pass through adulthood? I sense you imagine I am some ancient, over-educated old lady when I'm only a few years older than you with a freaking Bachelor's degree from an commuter/distance-ed college in Communications. At 27 I was a grown-up. And so are you. You are far, far smarter and savvier than you are letting on, or are letting yourself believe.

Read through the emails you have sent to everybody involved in this and count the number of times you bring up your age and being "young" and seriously: Figure out why you do that, and knock it off. It's. Not. An. Excuse.

"I wrote about my pregnancies and never meant to have it backfire in my face. I just wanted to share my joy and I found those lines great, just didnt quite understand the proper rules to citing."

But you didn't technically really write about your pregnancies. You wrote about MY pregnancy. MY joy.

And let's not forget when and where you were ACTUALLY caught plagiarizing: yesterday, three years later, in a paid column at Babble. (Big thanks to alert reader Catherine for the heads' up, by the way.) Presumably, by then, you DID know the rules, yet you posted my words as yours on multiple occasions.

I also write for Babble. Like AlphaMom, I have nothing but wonderful things to say about their editorial guidelines and standards, and the people I work with for who inspire me to write to the very best of my ability. And so I have read the contract you signed. It is very, very clear that you are expected to write your own words, to clearly cite and attribute and link. I'm not entirely sure why you thought it was a good idea to copy-and-paste your own archives as part of a PAYING, PROFESSIONAL JOB, but even assuming that you had cleared that with Babble ahead of time, there's still the little problem that one of the articles you posted there -- the sex & pregnancy one -- was a top to bottom copy/paste job with only a few minor word changes. And I never found that one on your personal blog, and yes, I looked very hard and very carefully. (Which is not being "obsessive-compulsive," by the way -- nice tweet! good call on deleting it, though -- it's called protecting my brand and my writing.)

That's...quite troubling, and negates a lot of your excuses and explanations that you thought you were only technically plagiarizing yourself at Babble. If I am wrong about this, I am sorry, but I still feel like we're splitting hairs here. 2009 vs. 2012. You still stole it, and I cannot honestly believe you're trying to convince me that you simply FORGOT that you didn't actually write a single word of that post.

BTW, you stole an article I wrote about my SEX LIFE. Holy SHIT.


Okay, since the rest of your email is pretty much a repetition of your age and how you never "meant" for this to happen, let's move on. I'd like to give you some PR crisis management advice here. From one old, ancient, decrepit blogger to a younger one. Come clean, publicly. Apologize -- to me, Isabel and the folks at Babble -- without any excuses or revisionist half-truths that are easily proven wrong/shady by five minutes in Google Cache or the Wayback Machine. Plagiarism is a big deal, yes, and it is -- often -- a career killer, even for older, educated, established writers/journalists who made one measly little mistake. It's not a question of maturity, but one of integrity.

Yes, I have a very large readership and Twitter following. I sense you didn't know that when you chose my articles to swipe, and I know that you're terrified now of this getting "out" -- I noticed your husband tweeting cryptic messages about sinister Internet stalkers keeping you down, as if he's hoping people will think that's why you were fired from Babble, and play this mess so anyone who dares to say anything is just trying to "ruin" a poor, hard-working 27-years-young (OMG STOPIT) woman. Even though, again, I sense you two would not be nearly so kind to anyone who stole as much as a recipe photo from your blog.

I am not a bully. I am not a mean girl. I have never even engaged in a single Twitter argument with anyone and seriously, Internet drama gives me hives and I avoid it at all costs. I HATE this stuff, really and truly. I have no desire to "ruin" you or send people after you with torches and pitchforks.

However, I am a professional blogger with a brand and a reputation to protect. I am also a person with feelings who writes about those feelings and any and all significant (and insignificant) events in my life on the Internet. You stole -- over and over and over -- MY words, and made money and sponsorships and connections using them. So I will be writing about this today on my blog -- I have every right to, as I'm sure you understand -- and I will NOT be naming you or linking to you or anything.

But this is by no means a get-out-of-Internet-drama-free card. Mostly, I just don't care to send you the traffic. I imagine some people will figure it out. So tread carefully. Don't give the Internet what it wants, which is a drawn-out childish temper tantrum about what counts as stealing and plagiarism and what the definition of "is" is. Own what you did: I stole. I was stupid. I'm embarrassed and I am sorry and hoo boy, I will never, ever do it again. Pledge to earn your readers' trust -- and the trust of the brands and advertisers you attracted using someone else's words -- by giving them nothing but the brutal truth now.

I accept your apology for being very sorry you got caught. I still sense I am owed one for being serially -- and very deliberately -- plagiarized.



PS. In the interest of full disclosure and transparency, I should note that some lines have been changed from my original response I sent directly to her, for reasons of timeline clarity or identification purposes.

PPS. And also that my "apology" email contained the following confidentially footer, that I willfully and knowingly ignored while copying-and-pasting her words: This email is intended only for the person(s) or entity to which it is addressed and may contain information that is privileged, confidential, and protected. It is not to be disseminated, distributed, copied, or shared by others. On the plus side, though, I believe I clearly marked her words vs. mine with quotation marks and italics. So. There is that. 




Read this post after decompressing from 5 hours of responsible conduct in research training. Which included learning about Kohlberg's stages of moral development ('s_stages_of_moral_development)
In which: level 1 (the lowest stage) where moral reasoning focuses around "what I did was wrong because I got punished".

This cray-cray stuck in level 1!
ps did you see how I cited? yay


I'm trying to figure out which circle of Hell she belongs in. Pretty sure it's a tie between the fourth (for those guilty of the sin of greed) and the eighth (fraud... well, that's a clear winner). She may also qualify for level 9, which is treachery.

Really, all things considered, she's kind of an overachiever.


This sounds so much like the crap that students feed to me when they cheat. It's gross.


So what I want to know is, why isn't Babble vetting their bloggers better? I'd never read Kristin Ruiz's "personal" blog before now, but after a few clicks on some of her (hideously over-sponsored) posts, it is very, very clear that she is a horrible writer. No voice, lots of typos, boring content. I'm wondering why no one at Babble noticed when she submitted things that had to have been so obviously different than how she writes in real life...which is to say, not well? Why'd they hire her in the first place?


Given how she writes in her email, I can't imagine she could write anything on a blog of her own.

I'm a lawyer. I don't want you to hire me, but I sure hope you or Babble or all of you sue her. That Civil part of the legal system only works if people use it. It sounds like obvious and abhorrent theft and plagarism and you'd have a strong case. I think those punishments serve as a deterrent for the future and for others.


Ugh, so sorry you had to go through this. Thank you for remaining classy throughout. What she did seems very obviously wrong to me, but then I'm 30 years old, so I've known about plagiarism for at least 2 whole years at this point.


SO GLAD this is getting the attention it needs to, and that Babble did the right thing.

Someone stole a post of mine, and I was unable to do anything about it. She took it down, but plagiarizing hurts.

It takes a lot of time to write , to put out my best: it's not for stealing. Like everything else that belongs to me: it's mine.


No. No no no. That's not okay at all. Age isn't a hall pass for stealing.
Hell, if you can get major companies to sponsor you and get free stuff in exchange for sub-par writing then you're well aware of what you're doing. Child, please.


Wow. I'm currently four days overdue with my second baby, so I'm feeling a little stabby, but this makes me so mad. I didn't know about your pregnancy calendar until after my first was born, but I've loved reading it week after week. Disgusting.

And this being 27 business is ridiculous. I learned about plagiarism in middle school, long before the Internet made it so damn easy. When I was 27, I was already married, pregnant with my first baby, and in a job that requires writing. A LOT OF WRITING. Terrible excuse.


and I see that despite her youth and naivete, she trademarked her blog name.


I am so impressed you were able to write this with such a sense of righteousness without getting ugly. Awesome job. And I'm sorry this happened to you.

Springsteen fan

Amy, can you please please sue her? Or take some kind of legal action? Or can Babble? Can I make a citizen's arrest?

Operation Pink Herring

Rememberthe good old days, when it was just goth nannies ripping you off on their MySpaces?


"BTW, you stole an article I wrote about my SEX LIFE. Holy SHIT."

I'm going to go ahead and QUOTE Liz Lemon here by saying "What the WHAT?!"

I am always amazed by the number of college students I catch plagiarizing that say "I didn't know!" Oh puhleez. What they meant to say was "I didn't know!.. I was gonna get caught!" When you write like a 5th grader then pull out terms that I wouldn't even use in a paper (sequelae - really? you know what that word means?)please know that you will be caught and punished.


I went and looked at her blog and feel kinda bad now with her all pregnant and those cute kids with their big grins. But of course she was in the wrong and you have every right to be really upset about it. I have to say, I thought her apology was a little lackluster and I wish I could sense some real remorse besides that of getting caught. I am still so sorry this happened (and keeps happening, it looks like!) to you. Yuck.

Jennifer Whately

This is the comment I tried to leave on her so-called "apology", although I will be a tad surprised if it actually ends up published. Let us know if you receive a cheque in the mail, or even some expired coupons...?

"This isn’t a real apology. This is “I’m super sorry I got caught and now I have to try and save my butt” post. If you were truly sorry, you would not have done it *repeatedly* , and further, you would have already sent a portion of your blogging proceeds and/or free stuff to the person who really did the writing. Btw, have you written to Disney, or any other of the companies for whom you are a brand “ambassador”? That would be really owning up and accepting the consequences. Anything less, and you are just doing exactly what you did before…relying on the vastness of the internet to cover up your sins."


Okay. I am 28 years old. Mother of two. AND I am a writer! With a brand new blog! I love your work, Amy, so I wonder if I still qualify as young enough to not quite know the rules.

Or maybe I can work on finding my own voice, building my own brand, and build my very own blogging empire. (Cue evil laugh.)

Seriously, though. I'm on your side. Well done. The internets supports you!


you are ultra-classy in the way you are dealing with this! kudos!!

And I'm with everyone else... wow. Sometimes there are no words to convey what we feel.

I saw a quote on Pinterest though that seems to fit this situation... "Some people just need a high five... in the face... with a chair". Appropriate no?


SO GLAD that someone caught her in her old twisted ways!!

Here's part of what I posted on the SheSpeaks post..

OH SNAP! She stole content from me several times, and emailed me to tell me ‘hey, I stole from you. thanks!’×151.jpg

I had to create an entire page about plagarism, because Kristin stole content from me and several other bloggers.

She and her spouse are well known for theft of content, cyberbullying, attacks and harassment.

Glad to see that you, SheSpeaks and finally saw the real Kristin. And the whole ‘I’m only 27′ comment is crock. Grow up already.

PS: This isn't the first online job she's been fired from (at least 3 in 2 years that I can think of off the top of my head) and I'm sure it won't be the last.

PPS: Good God. She stole your sex article? That's classy.

Mrs Q

Um. WOW!!!

Amy in StL

Wow, she stole a post about your sex life? Ew. Also, I visited a cached version of her site and it's so horribly commericial and greedy I can't imagine she has followers - well I mean she obviously has some great content.... that she didn't write!

Wally Hartshorn

You're being WAY too nice, Amy. None of this was accidental or merely a misunderstanding. If it were me, I'd be hiring a lawyer to ensure that she doesn't just pick someone else to plagiarize.

Sprite's Keeper

De-lurking to say, "WHAT THE HELL?"
I read her apology. While a nice attempt, it's merely that, an attempt. She stands to lose a lot more than those brands she hypes.


Classy, Amy. Advice Smackdown, indeed.
I admire your restraint. This is so much more effective.


Okay, having found her blog, I have to say. She is a HORRIBLE writer. The amount of typos and poor grammar make me disgusted that she could get any kind of sponsors for that drivel.



Honestly, I'm shocked at the number of people who don't understand plagirizing = stealing. And to keep using "I'm so young, I don't know things" is such a cop out, on par with "I'm a girl, I don't know things."

I have no patience for that, and I hope the rest of the Internet doesn't either.


Since it is no longer a secret who she is... She has posted an apology in which she is STILL using excuses despite her assertion of "no excuses."
If you are going to own it, then OWN IT.


*I swear to God I know how to spell plagiarize.


Ummm Yeah. I've never heard of her. I've been reading you forEVAH! I think that says more than anything else.

Sorry she was an asshat Amy!


I cannot believe this happened AGAIN. She needs an internet bitch slap in the face.


Holy SHIZ! That Hansenslife blog ripped you too! Duuuuuuuude, what is wrong with people??


That is so unbelievably shameful. Good for you, Amy.


Amy, if I publish your words as my own will you be my internet stalker? Please? We'll fly you to Minneapolis and leave the downstairs windows unlocked and stock the fridge with all your favorite foods and we'll have lots of wine. Pleeease?

Seriously, what an icky experience all around. Someone needs to send her a copy of "Effective Apology" by John Kador.

La Rêveuse

"Kristin has been online and consistently creating new and original content under the Ordinary Life brand since 2006."

That is a quote from her website. (See? That's how you quote! You use those little funny decorations on the right side of the keyboard!!!)

Funny, huh? She must be a *comedian*. Yeah, that's it.

Amy, I admire you so much. You are a class act.

Sybil Law

No more, "I'm 29" on the birthdays - 27 is obviously the prime time of no faults, stupidity and non-aging!


She won't post my comment, so I'm posting it here. I'm sure she's reading your blog today...

"A mistake is ordering a #3 combo instead of a #5. Copying and pasting words someone else wrote and passing them off as your own shows blatant disrespect for the author and reveals your true character. This was not a mistake. It was a deliberate action taken because you thought you'd never get caught.

Taking responsibility for your actions only because you have been publicly exposed means less than doing it because you truly feel your actions were wrong. Being dishonest to gain readers and sponsorships is despicable.

Think about the example you are setting for your daughters."

Rachel Ferrucci

This is my first visit to your blog. I don't know you at all but I think this is awful. I do love your class, I wouldn't have been able to keep it on such a professional level. You were not only professional, but you even had the heart to guide her in crisis management! It was great to meet you, just sorry that it was because someone stole from you

Gram of 4

I have contacted every one of her advertisers on her page and told them what I think about them supporting someone who is STEALING from another blogger. Yes, I explained about plagiarism, but to me, stealing words is just as much of a crime as stealing someone's property.

I would urge other like minded people to do the same. This SH#t needs to stop.

And the "I'm only 27," makes the top of my head want to blow off.

I'm so sorry for this mess, Amy. You bring too much joy to people to have this happen to you.

Katja of Skimbaco

OMFG. Mommy bloggers have a bad rep because of mommy bloggers. I can't believe that bloggers of this level copy posts, and that bloggers like that get gigs from AlpaMom and Babble. Thanks for sharing, and well done speaking up.


Whoa, she has balls. And she's also doing something illegal. Yes, Illegal. Perhaps she'd like to contemplate this from jail? Because it is illegal. At 27 I was a doctor. Full on, saving your baby's life doctor. Don't give me this "I'm only 27 shit."

The Tutugirl

What a nightmare. I did notice when I was trying to find one offending post that there are other blogs doing the same thing. It's ridiculous that people do this stuff and get away with it, but maybe its time to set up some sort of google alert that searches for choice sentences from your posts? You're an awesome writer, and no one deserves to take credit for your words but you.

Also- if someone tells me that they didn't know better because they're 27, I would be tempted to slushie them. I'm 26 and I've known since approximately THIRD GRADE what plagiarism is, and that it is totally, completely wrong. If you can't take responsibility for that, how are you responsible enough to raise a child?


I'm only 30. Just a kid! Do I still have to pay bills?

Sarah Moore

Blech. Sorry this happened, Amy.


I'm not a lawyer, BUT....that "privileged and confidential" part of her email GENERALLY refers to attorney-client privilege, an actual "thing," other than...a blogger emailing someone.
I could be wrong, but hey I'm only 32!!!!11!1!

Speaking of, again I'm not a lawyer, (but that doesn't stop me from giving advice, ha).... I just personally think you should bring legal action if at all possible, if she made MONEY off of YOUR plagiarized work.


I'm 27. I have two kids, too. That doesn't make me "too young" to know right from wrong.


I think I worded that incorrectly, I meant to say "your work, which was plagiarized." (Sorry, I'm only 32!!).


they whole thing is just creepy. CREEPY!

I mean stealing is bad enough but to steal someone's words about their body and feelings about something as personal as pregnancy, it's just ewww.

Not only that but her "apology" and owning it is such crap. I posted a comment but I see she's turned on moderation so I'm fairly certain it won't make the cut.

I wasn't mean I simply said "You say you're owning it but you're not really. You're still making excuses and not giving credit where credit is due."

(See what I did there with the quotation marks, they work even for your OWN words too)


I'm 21 and beyond insulted by her age excuse. Kudos to you for handling this with such dignity and grace.


This is so wonderfully written. You are angry and justifiably so, but you show an incredible amount of maturity and restraint. Stealing another writer's words is wrong, no matter what your age or your stress level. There's no excuse.

Well done sticking up for yourself.

georgette gilmore

I applaud you for writing a very powerful, professional response to a very unprofessional disservice to you and all writers.


Wow...I must say, I just happened upon this blog because I was looking for the Top Mom Blogs, etc. And, wham...this is what I read, first off. That is seriously NOT RIGHT. I love what you response was to this incident...and that you did not let this young 27 year old off the hook! Bravo!

Amber D.

As a 27 old w/ 2 kids, I can say she is an insult to women my age. I write a blog that is no where near as eloquent or entertaining as yours. That is why I rely heavily on pictures! Luckily my kids are cute. :) Any excuse using her age(that's all she's got?!), is just excuse.


"It's insulting to people younger than you who absolutely know how to not steal other people's writing."

THANK YOU. I'm 23, and I learned about plagiarism in elementary school. What a species.


WOW!!!! Good for you sticking up for yourself....she is pathetic!!!

Amber D.

*27 year old


WOW! If those were my words that little miss "consistently creating new and original content under the (blanked out for common decentcy) brand since 2006." had stolen I would not have handled it nearly as well. I love you Amy, for your ability to string together funny, and beautiful words. Also for your grasp of right and wrong. *HUG*


Love it! Love you! I wouldn't want her to get the traffic either, but man, I'm curious!!! How are people so crazy? I mean, really? I hope she wasn't using her blog for her kids to look back on one day. Holy shit.


Holy fucking shit.

Also, I would seriously think about lawyering up. I don't know if there's any kind of action you can take against her; but any monies that she received from stealing your content should be given to you.

Gram of 4

She wouldn't post my comment either when I explained to her that stealing is a C R I M E.
I have a degree in Journalism, gotten oh so many years ago. I lived in great fear that I would EVER forget to properly cite someone in an article. Paranoid about it.

I'm sure I could just tell people now that I am OLD, so it was just a mistake... no blood, no foul. NOT.


So sorry for you. It's disgusting that someone would do that. However, it seems more than one someone would do that. I was totally trying to figure out who did this to you and ran across another blogger who copied your sex article, word for word. Just copied and pasted some of the copy into Google and there it was. Yikes.


This girl and her hub are idiots. I learned about plagiarism in first grade. I have been blogging since 1999 and I ADORE giving credit for posts as I find them so inspiring and great way to build networking opportunities. WTF is wrong with people who steal things, ESP such personal things. I am SO glad she was fired. What a (insert bad word here). They deserve the loss in income.


Kudos for standing up for yourself as a professional blogger and making it oh-so-clear what will not be tolerated. People think they can get away with things, or perhaps that no one cares, if they never get called on it, so thanks for taking the time to make an example of her plagarism.


Hey Amy,
First comment from a long time lurker: that SUCKS, but so glad you're taking it on with your sense of humor still in tact. It's why (among many things) you have such a strong following, and why your writing will stand when other's falls.

(Also, I'm 28. So, I guess, one year to old to plagiarize eh? Damn. Missed my window.)


Good grief. I'm sorry you're having to deal with this.

I don't understand that theory that it's okay if you don't get caught. Cheating is cheating, no matter how old you are.

Randomly? At 27 I had two kids and another on the way. I'd finished college, worked in the corporate world for 9 years, had been married for 8 years and had purchased multiple homes. I moved across the country at 27. Age doesn't matter. Taking responsibility for your actions is.


Just wanted to reiterate that I'm glad she got fired from Babble. I hope that you get the other folks stopped as well.

Also, my 10-year-old son has been taught in school not to plagiarize.

Beth Anne

Hole-ee balls.

I'm trying to be all calm & cool & collected about this but it's leaving me completely tongue-tied.

I'm only sad that at the ripe age of 28, I no longer get a free pass in life. Unfortunate.


Oh man. I sure do want to use THE BAD WORDS about this lady.
I'm so sorry you're dealing with this idiot. My skin is crawling when I think about the crap she pulled.


Holy crap, Dude. I am so sorry that that happened to you. I am absolutely terrified of confrontation and cannot imagine how "eye-twitchy" this would make me if I had to deal with it. I loved your response and think you did a great job (as usual) with it.

And, just because I'm a dork, I have to say, LOVE your blog (been reading for YEARS now) and your columns, and the pregnancy calendar, and...and...and...

Too much?


Amy, long time lurker but I had to "out" myself to tell you how awful this must be for you! I had someone plagarize my work once and it left me feeling incredibly violated - so sorry it happened.


I hope all of those companies listed on her website have been contacted, as well.


Here's the excuse: she HAD to do it to keep her blog alive because her writing sucks. She had to steal from you because she is a terrible writer and you are an excellent one. It's that simple. My god, I don't know how she could handle feeling like such a phony impostor-sham-faker for so long. Even her apology letter is boring and poorly written. Seriously - she needs to get off the Internet because she's just not good enough. [Amalah stalker here who has never felt the need to post, after reading your site for 5 years, until today...]


I'd like to say I'm shocked, but I'm an English professor, and I regularly see plagiarism among college students -- and grad students. And they're always "shocked" and "dismayed" that they did something wrong, and they always say it was a "mistake" ... all the crap this young woman is pulling.

Thank you for this post, and for such an eloquent expression of what it's like to be in this position. May I refer my students to this?


I am so appalled. Do all those brand she represents know about this? I really hope they take away their sponsorships and freebies - clearly all she wants is free stuff and is willing to steal to get it. In no way does her blog express any sort of heartfelt expression about her "ordinary" life. Ugh. Disgusting.


I applaud you for standing up for yourself and your beautiful and wonderful words. I also applaud you for taking the high road and not posting this person's blog address. You are a classy and fantastic lady Amy. Kudos to you for handling this so well


Only 27, huh? At 27 I'd been married 7 years, had two daughters big enough for nursery school and ballet lessons, and I sure as hell knew you didn't copy someone else's work. Wow. I mean, it's flattering to some extent...but also very stupid because she was writing it on the same site you did, and surely she had some idea that her "mistake" would be noticed? I googled a bit, and was sort of happy to see that she was caught at the time she was trying to get someone else in trouble for cheating. Karma, bitch.


I just confirmed. My 14 year old knows what plagiarism is, she knows you are not supposed to do it and she says that she has known this since 2nd grade when she learned the "US Copyright Law."


Elaine A.

I caught wind of this on twitter and I'm just completely flabbergasted. I cannot believe someone would really have the audacity to do something like this. It is simply beyond me. I'm so sorry you were violated like this.


Holy cow! This absolutely disgusts me! What a dumb bitch, honestly. You must feel so violated. I sure hope that she reads this!

Lori McBride! :o/ The only thing I might attribute to her immaturity (and that is NOT equivalent to age!) is her lack of humility and the fact that she is actually trying to make excuses for such a clear case of theft. wow....


Wow... that's so incredibly creepy. And I can't buy the "I'm so young" crap. I'm 24 and I know better than that. I link to each and every source for photos I use. If she's too stupid to know to do that... maybe she shouldn't be raising a child...?

amanda b

I call foul on the "apology", pain, insert any convenient emotion is no excuse for stealing. True apologies don't have excuses.

Plaid Sheep

Honestly, I don't think I caught up with this one on the comments.. but hey I am 40 so give me some leeway. In my opinion, if she is making money on her "brand" from sponsers etc, I feel that these sponsers need to pay YOU Amy and demand restitution from her.
She plagerised... she STOLE. She is being paid as a "spokesperson" and she is a thief of words and a black mark on those sponsors.
But hey.. give her a medal. She made it 27 years

Mom in Two Cultures

First, to the plagiarism thing, I can only say OMG. I've had a few undergrads plagiarize in my classes, and their excuses sound very, very familiar. Typing monkeys, people, typing monkeys.

Second, awesome final postscript!


Well said.. but as I see in the post before mine, there are more unoriginal thieves out there.. kinda sad huh. And also sad that the Alphamom site is completely down right now.


You know, I'm 28, I write for the same Babble blog as this person and I can promise you that a year ago I was well aware of how wrong plagiarism is. Hell, I knew a decade ago because it's COMMON FREAKING KNOWLEDGE. But anyway, I'm so sorry you have to deal with it. Hopefully a sincere and honest apology is on its way.


Wow. That's about the most efficient way of losing trust an probably interest of any users she may have had. She's probably very ashamed of herself. (let's hope so) I can't believe how she doesn't seem to want to grasp how intensely rude she has been.


of course with users i mean readers and followers.


You are the woman. No clue who this blogger is - I mostly read personal blogs vs. "sites" but way to smack down.


THIS, THIS is why you are my favorite blogger. You are your own person and you aren't afraid to call out people for what is clearly, completely, bullshit.

I'm 28. I'm ashamed that someone above the age of 10 doesn't get that you don't copy someone else's words and try to pass them off as your own.


Thank you for that. You are a class act!

And may I just say, if you are old enough to become pregnant (much less raise another human life!), then you are old enough to understand how plaigerism works!


I'm a younger and newer blogger than she is and I know not to plagiarize. I'm pretty sure I've known not to since 1st grade. I can't even reuse my own essays from college because they all got submitted to If I use them it comes up as plagiarism even though I wrote them all.


THE HELL??? Unbelievable.

You're a class act, Amy. Well done on the letter. Big hugs.


Wow then that would also mean no driving a car at 27 as you can not judge the traffic and what's going on around you. Or having a drink oh and the most fun, not having sex.. How can you make the decision to have sex or not at 27 or having babies? At 27 I was determined to follow my own path and make my own mistakes and not someone else. And I still make mistakes at 40. And what a satisfaction must it now be to have so many responses :-) The truth always arises no matter how long it takes.


I just want to say that you have easily become one of my favourite* bloggers. Keep up the great writing. And OMGWTF was she thinking!?!

* I'm Canadian, eh. Don't mind the extra u ;-)

Fairly Odd Mother

Karma? It is a bitch. I had never heard of this woman before last week when I stumbled upon the news about the Chrysler mess (yes, I was a couple of weeks late). I thought that whole thing sounded so mean-spirited and overblown. And now this? It is almost laughable b/c---really---you have one of the most distinctive voices in blogging! How could she have thought she would get away with this!?!?


And this is why Babble needs a for real editor. Someone who fact checks and maybe does a simple google search for stolen content. I mean, is that too much to ask?? Great that they fired her, but seriously, this is there bad too. They owe you an apology too. Not a generic one either.

and @selfish mom omg, can we be friends? that. was. awesome.


*their bad. oops.


Wow. Good for you for protecting both your brand and your memories.
And shame on Babble for not realizing what an untalented writer she really is before they hired her. (The "About" section of her blog should have been all the evidence they needed.)
I have always appreciated and respected your candor. It's just too bad she didn't associate respect with admiration.

Rebecca S.

Even when you're mad, you're still funny as hell. Great letter!

Girl Eat

Hi Amy,

I know that you do not know me, but I have read your blog for years now, and, in part, you inspired me to write my own. I am so sorry this happened to you. I know how it feels to create a written product all your own and I cannot imagine how it feels to have that ownership snatched away from you. Take care.

Girl Eat

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