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Baby Ike Walking, A Play In Four Acts

Hey! So what's it really like having three boy children in your house, all the time, all on top of each other's business, and yours? 

What's it like trying to celebrate each individual child's accomplishments while simultaneously warding off jealousy, rivalry, fighting and GUYS PLEASE STOP THAT BEFORE SOMEONE STEPS ON THE BABY?

This. This is what it's like.*

Baby Ike Walking, A Play In Four Acts from amalah on Vimeo.


*Which is to say: poorly lit, with inferior cinematography, and a soundtrack that could effectively double as birth control.**

**Also, awesome. Though it helps to always have everybody in their pajamas so you can randomly decide to send them to bed at any given moment. I DON'T CARE THAT THE SUN IS STILL OUT, YOU'RE BEING TOO SCREAM-Y AND I'M TIRED. 



Heather B

Why is it so loud?! So. So loud.


Baby Ike is the cutest thing since puppy dogs and kitten videos on youtube.


Reminds me of my son, who cannot go five minutes without randomly twirling and shouting "NINNJAAAGOOO!"


Aw I love how excited Noah is about it!


How CUTE is Noah's "Go, go Baby Ike, you can do it!" SO CUTE!


Yep, that's about right.

Love Noah carrying Ike around! And to think we were afraid to let teenagers hold our firstborn.


That sounds just like my house, except I have one boy and two girls and the screaming is so high-pitched, I'm surprised I don't have all the neighborhood dogs at our back door coming to see what the ruckus is all about.

Amy in StL

Yup. Birth control. (They are very cute birth control if you have the sound off though.)


It's nice to see that other people's children can be just as exuberant as my children.

Also, I'm even more exhausted now that I've watched you're video!

Congratulations Baby Ike!


huh. so that's what it's like to be a youngest child. everything makes more sense now.


Is Noah always so hyper? All that made me cross my legs. Excellent BC!


too scream-y. I like it. we get too scream-y and too jumping-y here with just my one. I think my child tolerance is correlative to my pain tolerance, probably a 1.8 on a scale of 10.

Kari Weber

Once again (I refer back to the video of Ezra and the scream-y cantaloupe) the EXACT opposite of birth control.


I'm so glad I'm not the only crazy person for whom this is definitely NOT birth control. Of course, I'm currently pregnant with #2, so I probably am legit crazy right now.

I love your kids, Amy. They are screamy and hyper and wonderful. And reassuring that my boy is normal. With the screaming and jumping and loudness. :)


Lol @ too screamy! Ike is just frikken adorable. Great vid Amy!

Jenn H.

I love this on so many levels.
We have that same little FP walker/cart thing and it was used by all three of mine learning to walk. *memories*
And FTR-- my house is JUST as loud, if not louder (and more high-pitched) with 2 girls and a boy. Annnnnnd... another girl on the way. Lord, help me.


In keeping with the mood of the video:



I'm rolling here. Put the two older ones in skirts, and you pretty much have our house. I can't even count the number of times a day I say "don't touch/knock over/strangle/pick up your brother!" to my 3-year-old.


I am HOWLING with laughter at the soundtrack! Of course mine are 17 and 13 so I am past this stage but I well remember it!

Adorable little munchkins. Enjoy!


Count me in the "this makes me want to go out and got knocked up right now" camp. I currently have one kid and damn if this video didn't reinforce all the reasons that I want a sibling for him. How nice to have cheerleaders for your accomplishments! How nice to learn from an early age to cheer on others! How nice to conspire to be as loud as possible so Mama's brain pours out her ears :)


I love the end, where Ike crawls after his brothers.


Adorable kids. As I am without children I will just say I hope that this cuteness chaos does not inflict headaches upon you TOO often!!


Baby Ike is adorable, a bit startled by all the screaming. Ezra is just acting his age and Noah's exuberance is really cute, but is he always so hyper? They are really cute, but wow that stuff is tiring.


I love the cheering section. We are still working on attempting to crawl over here. Extreme cuteness on an everyday basis with lots of rocking and spinning and giggling by no real movement. Have to cherish the chaos before it becomes rampant.

So the real question is... You have three, my sister in law has 6, my wife's aunt has 13, I only have 1. Do we go for two or three and when or do I have to beat you all and spit out 14+ (ha! Impossible!)

Heather (Laptops to Lullabies)

Ohhhhh, I miss that sweet first-steps stage! Mine is 22 months now and a constant firework of energy like Ezra. TOO CUTE!


They are SO CUTE! Love Baby Ikea's walking. :)

(There are two Act Threes and no Act Four. GAH, my OCD!)


Wow, now I feel normal! This sounds exactly like my house, except without the cute baby learning to walk. Just two boys wrestling, screaming, CONSTANTLY moving, and competing for my attention! I do love it though :)


I love that at the end Ike just crawls off after them like 'hey wait for meee!'.

I just have to fend off the spaniel from knocking our boy over, or licking him... There'a fair to middling chance my son's first words will be "Stop licking the baby!"

Your boys are just great.


Adorable kids - boys being boys! But how on earth do you not have a permanent headache? Or do you just leave your ear drums at the door?!


WAIT! When did Ezra learn to walk?! Why is this all happening so quickly???


Too cute and so very much like my house. I am also amused by the comments about headaches. That isn't even a loud day in my household, quite like I am sure it isn't a loud day in yours either. Guessing the don't pick up the baby won't end anytime soon though, huh? *sigh* (my oldest is 6, youngest 6 months)


I am one year ahead of you. 7, 5, 2. Honey it just gets better and better and louder and LOUDER! Today I told my 5 year old "not to sit on the baby" the "baby-age 2" screamed at me I not baby I jedi. Seriously.


I was just watching along and not thinking anything was at all out of the ordinary noisewise. I have a 13 year old daughter and two sons (11 and 9). We are a loud family.

I want to exclaim "Go go, Baby Ike!" as often as possible now.


I have 4 children,a 29 yr old daughter and 3 boys that are now 23, 22, 20 1/2, so your posts resonate of my life some 20 years ago. And yes, I think anyone that visited my house in the 90's went directly to the pharmacy to double up on birth control! 2 funny but I did survive and now have 5 grandchildren - 4 boys 2 & under!!


Love it!
Do you have ANY carpet for them to wrestle on??

Suzy Q

I needed this today. Your boys always make me smile.


Awww! You have those kind of kids, too:) I have a friend who always makes hers use "indoor voices". No squealing or yelling or loudness. Not my kids. Mine are those kind of "loud" kids.

Her house is kind of peaceful......


I am 38 weeks pregnant with my twin boys. I took notes while I watched the video. Honestly though, I was envisioning something much worse! Nothing aggressive, no tears...yeah maybe I can handle two boys at once. Maybe.


I love Ike's reaction as Noah and Ezra run off- "Hey guys! We didn't get there yet... wait for me!! Come on, do that 'Go BabyIke!' thing again!! Guys?"

Tooooo cute. <3


Ok I guess it must say something about the noise level in my house because I didnt even notice the noise. It seemed so...normal. Noah reminds me so much of my boy, there is no walking from A to B, its all hopping, leaping, spinning, rolling and of course yelling. Always. Boys: totally amazing creatures.


Oh man, you could double this video at my house (esp the part about the noise and fighting with one's brother). Baby Ike is pretty cute - and also, yay and sorry he's walking! (mixed blessings of increased mobility and additional childproofing and running after children and all...)


"Go Baby Ike. Go!" :)


Are you sure you were not filming this at my house? Like the foot push from Noah. A favorite move here as well.


Mother of god, is Noah ALWAYS like that? That is amazing birth control.

Baby Ike is so cute!


Ha :) Is it ANYthing like you'd imagined it would be? Remember when you had zero kids and you wanted one? And you imagined in your head what it would be like? And how totally wrong you were? Love it.


I keep imagining everyone still calling him Baby Ike when he's 42.

Mom in Two Cultures

Awesome walking by Ike, but I have to admit, the video bummed me out a bit because it was MUCH quieter and LESS chaotic than any given moment at my house!


Your boys are ADORABLE. They're SUPPOSED to be loud and energetic. I CANNOT BELIEVE that Baby Ike is walking. I can still remember the day he was born . . .that is when I signed up to follow you on twitter, because I was out of town on business and wanted to make sure that I did not miss the announcement of his birth. And I thought it was so weird to care so much about a family that I know only online. But I still do love to read about your boys!

Now that Baby Ike is walking, does he get to just be Ike? Or will he be baby Ike until he goes to college?


Mason does that screaming/screechy thing, too. When used in conjunction with the "can't still still must keep moving" gene, I often daydream about duct taping said child to the ceiling fan blades & laying down for a nap in the other room.

Gah. Boys. Especially the spectrum variety. They're wonderfully exhausting, no?!?


OMG! This is my house! Exactly! From the 3 boys to the Ninjago craze. Screaming? What screaming? It's like white noise to me at this point. Yep, I'd say that video is representative of life with 3 little guys. It's not for everyone, but I love it! And, wow! Go Baby Ike! His little legs shuffling across the floor are seriously adorable.


Oh, good Lord! I'm having flashbacks to when my fiance's son was seven and his little buddies would be here for a sleep-over. I'd keep yelling up the stairs, "No jumping in the house!" He's fourteen now, and when his friends were here last weekend for a sleep-over, I STILL found myself yelling up the stairs, "No jumping in the house!" Thank God some things never change. Oh, and I just love the look on Baby Ike's face as he's walking. He looks so pleased with himself!

Loretta S.

For some reason Noah carrying Ike cracked me up!


The best is the first moment when the baby is lowered down by one arm. By the 3rd kid nobody's worried about pulling his arm out of the socket, I guess.


At our house - while videotaping - trying not to use the ANGRY MOM RAAAAAAAARRRR voice so people don't think I'm a terrible mean person.

I was reminded of this at "are we getting a little rough?" Sounds like something I would say.... on tape.


Bah on birth control, my daughter is the human tornado, I can't believe how tall Noah is! And very soon you'll have all three of them whipping around like crazy


I like at the end when they leave the room how Ike just goes crawling after them. So funny how with the first baby you make things calm and quiet and oh let's be worried and now? Well, he just has to deal with these giant screaming other boys because it's just the way it is... and he likes it.


I just saw a glimpse into my future! I expect I will have a similar video in about 10-12 months or so...


The look on Ike's face in Act three??..Priceless..He looks like he's torn between breaking up the fight OR joining in..I lol'ed WAY too loud at work just now.


You'll probably never read this because it's not the current post. But seriously, that could be a video shot in my house, only with girls instead of boys. Oh, and the 3 year old would be stark naked. So, yeah. Cool.


Also, Ike's little stiff-legged I just got off a horse walk is adorable.


That was not nearly as loud as I thought it was going to be based on the comments. My house is at least that loud a few times a way with just my two girls and all the SHA-RIEKING. And one of them doesn't even talk yet!

Yay for baby Ike and his super supportive big brothers! What a fun family you have.

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