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Baby's First Double Ear Infection!


Awww, such a blessed milestone. 


Ike and I were still up in Pennsylvania when he came down with it -- the whole typical song-and-dance of a bad cold, too many days of congestion and then BLAMMO, fever and cantankerousness and no sleep for ANYBODY. At least anybody with ears, infected or otherwise. 

Even though we've been through the ear infection rodeo quite a few times, Ike was thoughtful enough to make his first ear infection exciting, by spiking a fever of over 104 degrees. That's a Storch Family record!  He also went on a nursing-and-bottle strike and got himself all dehydrated to boot, because babies are just so very reasonable about everything sometimes. And so I got to chat with some nice ladies at a 24-hour nurse triage hotline about what, in the name of blessed fuck, I was supposed to do next. More medicine? Another cool bath? Emergency room? Apply the numbing drops to my own ears and hope for the best?

We did not, thankfully, end up in the emergency room. But a trip to the pediatrician the next day confirmed that both of Ike's ears were good and angry and require 10 days of amoxicillin, aka the Devil's Pink Drank. 


So most of the weekend looked just like that, with Ike strapped to us in various carriers, wearing a cold washcloth on his head, while I paced around the house and took pictures of his glazed-over misery. Because I never want to forget that I DESERVE SOME EXTRA CREDIT FOR THIS. Especially the part when he screamed from 2:30 straight on until 5:30 in the morning, until I managed to coax him to sleep semi-upright with his head on my left hip for a couple hours. My right leg has yet to fully regain circulation. 


He's feeling much better now. Poor baby. Ears are such bitches.  


Kirsty {a safe mooring}

Ears ARE such bitches. Poor baby Ike.

Heather B.

Has anyone ever told you that you (and Jason) make cute babies?


Poor little Ike!! So glad he's feeling better!

BTW, where did you get the iPhone Case of Ultimate Cuteness???


Poor Ike. It doesn't matter to him that his brothers have experienced the same hell, because Moooooommmm, I hurt and you haven't fixed it.

Glad he's feeling better, though.


@Debbie It's from! Design your own case with your Instagram photos. LOVE IT. (Though I probably designed about seven different versions and wanted to buy every one of them.)


Such a sad, sad face. I'm glad he's feeling better!

I'm also debating searching your archives for a link to the Etsy store where you got that carrier...I know it's been mentioned before!

Becca Lynn

Sick babies are possibly the worst ever. They're sad and pathetic, and yet so unreasonable and cranky!!

I just have to say though, that last pic warmed my heart. Such a sweet baby boy!

Becca Lynn

Sick babies are possibly the worst ever. They're sad and pathetic, and yet so unreasonable and cranky!!

I just have to say though, that last pic warmed my heart. Such a sweet baby boy!

KelleyD just started carrying personalizable iPhone cases as well :)


Devil's Pink Drank, indeed! We just got over the strep throat thing over here!


I totally would have caved and had been sitting in the emergency room. 104 would be too much for me to take. But then again I am on my first baby and shes 7 months.


Hi Amy, yet again you deserve a bottle of wine -)
If hugs could travel the ocean, you'd had them by now. Take care,


Ears are bitches that deserve to be slapped. Bitch slapped! Wait, that'd hurt them more. Never mind. Zaid has only had one and that was enough. Since neither of the girls had ever had one, we didn't understand the screaming, the refusal to lie flat. And then that motherfucker burst and emitted ear goo and he screamed a little less. I wish I had known what was really going on.

Ike with a double his first time around? YOU GETS BONUS POINTS; please advance to the next damn level!


Speaking as the grown up version of the kid who tortured her poor parents with ear infection after ear infection...I apologize. but from what I sucks for us too. BUT when we get older (say...mid 20's) we feel really bad about being such a handful, and I personally never stop saying thank you to BOTH my parents for putting up with it.


Glad he's feeling better! A fever of 104 is my son's body's standard response to ANY kind of sickness. Seriously every time he's been sick that's what happens - good times!


Oh god I am 30 years old now, and still remember the horror of the double ear infection when I was about 10 years old... ears are bitches indeed!


O.M.G. He has the most adorable I'm Pathetically Sick face EVAH!


OMG! I have PTSD! My "ears" daughter forwarded this to me. We had SO many ear infections betw our two youngest! My husband wanted to take out extra homeowners insurance on the refrigerator door! The good news is that now they are grown and we can laugh!


Oh no! Poor Ike. I have horrible memories of a family vacation that I ruined with my blubbering and excruciating painful ear infection. Glad that he is feeling better and I hope you get to catch back up on your sleep soon. :)

Becky M.

Poor boo. Brings back memories of my repeated ear infections as a kid. I know it's a pretty typical childhood illness, but I still don't wish that kind of pain on anyone.

Thankfully I did eventually outgrow them.


My poor girl went through 2 double infections and 2 single infections in the same ear in 6 months. Needless to say tubes soon followed. No ear infections since! YAY! Good luck. Poor Ike and mommy. :(


Yes, you definitely earned some extra credit for that. But oh my look at those smiley teeth in the last picture!

Jen L.

Holy crap, Baby Ike! Way to over-achieve! Also, poor muffin. :(

Your iPhone case is amazing. Where'd you get it?


You have the cutest baby ever in the whole world. Only next to my own, of course. But God. I can't take that cuteness much longer.

Mrs. CPA

We just had the same thing at our house. But with thrush thrown in. SUPER AWESOME. It looks like with live at the retirement home with all the bottles and syringes and more eardrops and paraphernalia strewn around the counter.


Ugh, the memories. Glad you guys are through it now.

The picture of sick, snuggly Ike is so, so cute, though.


Poor Ike. I'm glad he's doing better!

Where did you get that glorious cell phone case with lots of pictures of your kiddos?


Because you needed more hell this week. Slow clap for Ike's timing! Glsd he's feeling better.


Poor baby. Your medal is definitely in the mail.

Laural Out Loud

You just singlehandedly removed every last ounce of baby fever I had. Every Last Ounce. I'd totally forgotten what it's like to have a sick baby! So glad your little one is feeling better.

Suzy Q

Poor pookie! Glad he's doing better.

The Mommy Psychologist

Ugh...I feel your pain or his pain? My son had so many during his first two years. And for some reason, they ALWAYS strike in the middle of the night. Not fair.


I feel your pain! Poor little guy. That said, I think I'm going to post the "apply numbing drops to the PARENTS' ears" advice on the refrigerator.

Yes, we do have 2 kids under 2 sick this week. However did you guess?


The devil's pink drink....HILAR! Why haven't they come up with a better tasting one???


104 temp? Clearly Ike is an overachiever. I am sorry he was so miserable, but damn, he looks unbearably cute with that washcloth draped over his lil keppel.


Glad to hear we're not alone! My 7-month-old did the same thing, complete with the 104 temperature. Except she added in a reaction to the amoxicilin, in which she broke out in an angry rash all over her body mere hours after taking the stuff. Misery. Hope Ike is on the mend!

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