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Another Day, Another Onslaught


My child would like a word with you:


Now, you'll be getting that letter personally in a few days, but I figured a heads' up might be helpful to let you know 1) that it was not sent by a serial killer and 2) what on God's green 16 x 32 baseplate it actually says.




it For ME. THANC



Yes. So. You heard the boy. Get on that. His allowance is waiting. I think he can currently offer you three dollars for your trouble.

I think I've mentioned that Noah's current all-consuming singular obsession du jour is Ninjago. Which, for the unitiated, is a line of Lego toys and a cartoon featuring...well,Lego toys. It's a carefully market-researched and deliberate mash-up of EVERY SINGLE THING little boys have been known to love over the past three decades.

It's a Beyblade-Magic-the-Gathering-Samurai-Ninja-Star-Wars-Indiana-Jones-Meets-The-Voldemort-Mummy-Chosen-One Mystical Magical Land Powered By Martial Arts And Also Jetpacks. And since the entire universe exists for the express purpose of selling toys, it is completely unencumbered by things like logic, setting or making much sense at all. 

The ninjas live on a vaguely Asian-esque flying Viking ship (suggested retail price: $79.99). While the show appears to be set in fuedal Japan, everybody flies around in Storm Fighters (retail price: $24.99) and Rattlecopters ($29.99) and the red ninja drives a motorcycle ($14.99). (I'm sorry: BLADECYCLE.)The bad guys are skeletons and snake armies and there's an Evil Dad who will one day face his Chosen One Son. Oh, and the white ninja is actually a robot. (Spoiler alert! Sorry!) (White ninja minifigure suggested retail price is $9.99, but GOOD FREAKING LUCK YOU GUYS.)

Does it sound stupid? Because it's kind of stupid. 

So of course my children LOVE it. LOOOOOOOVE it. 

They're clearly not the only ones — the Ninjago shelves are seriously empty at every store, the popular sets are sold out online or have the prices jacked up to nearly double what they should be — and yes, they are anxiously awaiting the next wave of Ninjago sets, due out this summer. Hence Noah's idea to write Lego a letter and put in his formal request that Lego create a Pythor minifigure and deliver it to our house.

Ezra drew a picture of his request. It's either some kind of ground assault vehicle or the Great Devourer from the cartoon's season finale. Or possibly a fried egg on toast.


I have no fucking idea who Pythor is. I don't understand any of this. It all makes me painfully aware that I am a girl. A girl who gave birth to boys

I promised we'd mail their letters today. I found the stamps and an address on Lego's website. I know it's ridiculous and stupid and pointless, but they don't. Not yet.

And I don't want them to figure that out for a very, very long time.  



The hope in Ezra's face is palpable. And adorable.


The last paragraph made me smile so big!!


You do know about, don't you? Got me through my boys' lego obsessed years.


If Lego is smart, they should do what Noah says. They just got free advertising for cryin out loud.
"Listen to your target, Lego."

Carrie (in MN)

You're a good mom. But you know this won't be the end of it, right? Because now you're going to have to answer the questions..."where is my Pithor mommy, didn't they get my letter, where IS IT?" Good luck,

Carrie (feeling smug because she's been there done that and now her boy is sixteen and wants a muscle car and doesn't understand why he can't have one, please pretty please...oh, wait)


I have the WDW Lego store and Legoland Florida each 30 minutes from me.

If there is a desperate need, I am more than willing to make a trip to make Noah happy. I know what it's like when the child obsesses over something. (Mine is 16 and ever since Pokemon came out in video game form, it has been his mission in life to get every darn color Nintendo has put out.)


You left "Power Rangers" out of that mashup. My son pours over the Offical Guide every day, all the time. Alllll the time. All the time. Did I say all the time?


I should warn you that we've found LEGO very responsive to our various inquiries and help requests for lost or broken pieces of kits, so you just never know. They might help the little guy out. That said, I am about to have my second son and am painfully aware of the "girl" giving birth to boys issues that are just about to multiple. Luckily, my husband is a LEGO nerd with a large collection of advanced space ships perfect for puttering with...sigh...


AWWWW at Ezra's little hopeful face!! You are a good mom.

I once wrote a letter to Ernie at Sesame Street (Oh the 70's....). judgment. Lol :-)


I think you should send the good people at Lego Noah's and Ezra's photos with their letters/drawings as well...because I do believe that could go a long way to making those good people do as Noah and Ezra command.

Also? My boy would SO get along with your boys...and I am even more confused about Ninjago than you (Or, as my 6-yr-old calls it, "Ninjango.")


Great idea, Noah and Ezra! Not stupid at all! My friend's 7-year-old daughter wrote Lego a letter suggesting a story line for Ninjago (because they showed a repeat on tv that day and the only logical explanation she could imagine was that the Ninjago writers had run out of ideas!). Her mom mailed the letter to Lego, and Lego wrote back...and it wasn't a form letter. They really do listen to their target market. Great company.


I know nothing about Ninjagos or whatever, but I've NEVER seen Noah look more like Jason EVER. So fun watching them morph.


Bet you a million dollars you get a response - it might take awhile but you will. Many companies take the time to respond to their fans/requests etc.

I practice this ALWAYS - both with complaints/compliments/requests and usually get something back - from coupons to a thanks for the idea letter.

When my daughter was in junior high, one FANTASTIC teacher had them write a complaint letter about a product they weren't satisfied about. The kids had to find the address of the company etc. All of the kids received a response and 75% received either a refund or a coupon or a replacement product. (My daughter complained about a dried out mascara product and received a new one in the mail!)

You are actually teaching them about being responsible consumers who expect their voice to be heard!!!


If Ezra looked at me like that, I would immediately withdraw all my savings from the bank and buy him every Ninjago or Lego I could find. How do you ever manage the stern with him?

It could work. Who knows? Keep us posted!


When I was little, I would spend HOURS in the field across the street from my house, picking thistles.

Which I would then promptly bring into the house, hand to my mom and insist that we mail them to Eeyore. And by insist, I would watch her pack them up, label them, take them to the post office and I had to actually witness the post office worker put the box/envelope into the bins. Because I knew if I didn't watch it, it wouldn't happen. And it NEEDED TO HAPPEN, FOLKS. Or else Eeyore would starve and continue to think no one liked him.

Now, I can only imagine the eye rolls and the "JUSTTAKETHEBOXLADYANDITWILLBEOK" whispers that my mom must have had to deal with... and I love her for it.


As a fellow girl about to give birth to the third boy variety...somehow I am blessed {knock on wood} with an oldest boy who enjoys is legos in the non-kit variety type. My mother got him a bunch of the "use your imagination" type sets for Christmas this past year. And while he enjoys looking at the kits and displays that are set up in our Target, he has yet to ask for them. {I am not counting the megablok brand Halo helicopter he asked for for Christmas at this time, only because I really think the ONLY reason he asked for it was because silly teachers, they had the kids make wish lists out of sale flyers, and this particular craft is pretty much the same thing that Daddy works on! so, yes, had to get it, and it took FOUR HOURS to put together} Although all this might change with his birthday coming up in June. We shall see. It is only really in the last year or so that he has actually started putting in gift requests. Which is the wonder of all my mommy friends with their kids that have their lists typed, collated, and notarized ready for handing out a month before birthdays and/or Christmas {not really, but I am sure you can imagine}
Oh, and the silly monkey also love, love, LOVES to check out of his school library the books that show eeeeeevery single type of Lego that was created with each theme set ever. So far we have had Star Wars, an in general evolvement of the mini-figure ever, and currently Harry Potter. They are like Lego encyclopedias, and JUST as exciting to read aloud. sigh. The things we do for our offsprind.


Oh my dear lord, I was so blissfully unaware of Ninjago until yesterday...when my BIL mentioned that my nephew who is also my godson would really like one for his birthday. In two weeks. CRAP IN A HAT. Looks like I'm heading to Arundel Mills soon.
And here I was thinking that I had a couple more years until the Lego-lust struck. Dammit.


I love this. I however do not love that show or it's nine hundred toys. I'm with you. I do not understand. It makes me long for the My Little Ponies that my girls loved for years and years. At least I understood it.


Dude, Pythor is the purple snake with the lisp and a very camp English accent. He cracks me up every time he speaks. I hope he's back next season.

And yeah, WTF is up with the lack of Ninjago sets in the store? How can a boy get his fix? Luckily, the soon-to-be released Marvel sets will tide him over for a while (my mum bought him a set as a souvenir from Orlando, so he'll ge that in May). And the LOTR sets. Except those might be for me. His 8th birthday is in August, so I anticipate the amount of Lego bricks in our house will at least double. So come on Lego, get on it!


I feel your pain. My son is into Skylanders, which is a video game that has a portal and a bagillion (yes, it's a real number) little figurines that you put on the portal that are then projected through with some kind of alien technology on to the game. They are always sold out of them and if you buy them online from other retailers (which stands for cruel people who sell out the stores then price gouge parents of ever demanding Skylander addict children) they are double and triple the prices that are in the store. But we are parents and we do the unthinkable and buy them anyway. So, I get it and think its completely awesome that you are sending the letters for them, because you are right, although its seems pointless, they don't know it and you don't want them to yet. You rock! Happy Ninjago-ing!!


We've been to Legoland in Billund twice now, they even sold Lego for Girls!! Next year May will be the third time and then my eldest will be 11... We even have a subscription to the quarterly lego club magazine. And as Gerben is also having PDD-NOS probably Asperger, this news Item helped me a lot :-)



Let me tell you a very shameful secret. I, in the quest not to destroy my 9 year old's dream of actually being able to interact with her HERO Hannah Montana, whom she wrote a letter to last summer, photoshopped a personalized letter to her from Miley. I then purchased a photo quality poster with my kid's name on ebay of "Hannah" and forged Miley's signature on the poster in Sharpie and sent this to my own house.

I didn't want her to have the disappointment I had as a child when I sent a letter to Santa and got a fake ass form letter on carbon paper from the post office.

Hopefully she never figures out I am a filthy liar.

This has however backfired a bit because now she thinks they are BFFs and can regularly correspond. I finally had to tell her that Miley is way too busy on a daily basis and to be happy that she took the time to send her something "so very speshul and preshus".

A displaced "hero",


My 6 year old (and every kid in his kindergarten class) is also obsessed with Ninjago. Obsessed! And like the East Coast, the West Coast's Target Ninjago shelves are BARE. (We were in Canada this weekend and found 2 sets we couldn't get in Seattle. We bought them both but are holding on to them as future bribes.)

Against my better mother-judgement I told my non-bike-riding-son about Noah learning how to ride his bike and your bribery method. He then talked about that all weekend. My husband finally caved and told him we'd buy him any Ninjago set he wanted (the Fire Temple, BTW).

(If you're ever in need of any Ninjago birthday supplies I'm the person to talk to. I made my own and have all the files. I could e-mail you.)

(For reals.)

Oh yeah, I admit to having a Samurai X set. It's all about the Girl Power.


1) Ninnnnnn-jaaaahhhhh-goooooo! Is heard at my house at LEAST 2 dozen times a day. Along with random psshhh pshhhh phsshh fssshhhh fhsssh noises (guns or spinning or rods being moved in some ninja-like manner.
2) Please note that we have the Ninjago Jay's Stormfighter, which came with the instruction book (of course), which my son laboriously reviews every day. He also states that he is going to "collect all the ninjago figurines (his word) and also all their vehicles (his word) and then I will have my own ninjago universe." to which I say, rock on with your bad self dude. whatever floats your boat.


Ninjago----Bajingo. (Nerdy "Scrubs" reference.)

Yeah....we, luckily, burned out on the Star Wars sets and have had no clambering for more Lego.

However, a few years ago I bought my son the "Battle of Endor" set (featuring 16 MiNiFIGuRES!! 16!!!!) on 25% markdown. It looked legit. Although upon opening the box, discovered ALL 16 minifigures missing. Probably, someone bought the set, carefully removed the bag containing the figures and them closed it up to return. Honestly, I thought we were screwed. But I tried. I emailed Lego Customer service thinking I would hear nothing. I was pleasantly surprised! After a few back as forth and some documenting email pictures, they set the missing figures. Ad the set was out of circulation by this time, too. I was floored!

So, Lego may surprise you in a good way and make that white ninja available for it's original price. If you're patient.


Oh, damn straight mail them! There is NO reason they should know that someone will open them and ask the fuck does this say? Ezra's face makes me want to cry. It's so very sad, so very thank you Easter Bunny. As a girl (I've checked!) I don't get the boy fascination with these things, but then I liken it to girls' Barbie craziness and aha! Got it. The boy, at 2, is just figuring out Legos (and thankfully doing a good job and sparing mah feet in the middle of the night requests to please get me more water mommy now I'm so parched are the radiators on because it's so terribly dry in here this blanket burns everybody wake up).

@Me -- I did that for the Tooth Fairy. Wrote a note explaining why she (that bitch!) forgot, how there are soooooooo many teeth to pick up and she's just one fairy and so very sorry but I love you and I'll get your tooth tonight. THREE WEEKS! Three damn weeks she kept writing back until finally yeah, little girl, it's been real, but um, wrap it up.


OMG, LEGOs rule our world. We hadn't gotten a catalog in a while so called the company today begging to be put back on the mailing list. The rep was so helpful and checked the boys magazine subscriptions and send them the back issues they've missed. (The Lego Club Jr. and Club magazines are free too!) My boys will be hanging on the mailbox until they arrive!


And thanks to the person who mentioned Lego being awesome about broken pieces ... a piece broke yesterday (out of the box) but I just ordered a replacement from the company. Yeah for customer service! Hoping the boys get nice replies soon!

Sarah @

It pains me to admit this, but my husband (GROWN ADULT HUMAN MALE! I PROMISE!) is a Lego addict. As a result, we are familiar with Lego customer service (they are extraordinary at contacting consumers who write letters, so not only are you teaching your boys about the importance of ensuring that your voice as a consumer be heard, but you might also get a reply which will reinforce their interest in expressing opinions in the future) and...the equivalent of Lego scalpers to replace OH MY GOSH SO IMPORTANT pieces that are lost or broken. I highly suggest as a place to find tons of pieces at reasonable prices. Also: catalogs. Catalogs that have the toys at retail price often have coupons and is it worth the wait? Hell to the yes.

Our kids better all be Lego obsessed too or else I will implode just knowing how much time and money has gone into my husband's hobby lol.


Note, toy set # 9449. Price $69.99.


This is priceless!!!


Too funny! My matching set of 3 boys also luvvvv ninjago and had to watch the season finale in real time (lucky for them it was over spring break). They are super nice at lego. My son ordered a custom hero factory guy (has noah embraced those yet?) online and was very anxious about when it would arrive and was bugging me and bugging me about when will it come????? So I made my 7 year old call customer service and ask them. They were SUPER NICE - like really complimentary saying he was doing a great job and apologizing for not being able to get it in time for his birthday and explaining how far away it was made etc. She asked him if he wanted a free subscription to the Lego magazine. Which is great and my son loves it...but it is a quarterly magazine and now he bugs me about when is my magazine coming mom? it has been so long mom? etc. good times... bottom line, have Noah call and ask his question and maybe he'll get a free magazine?

Lady M

I think we actually have a Pythor (sp?), but it came with some set that is probably impossible to find now. I need two Destiny's Bounty sets (that flying ship) to fulfill a good behavior agreement over the last three months, and those are running at almost double list price right now. Sigh.


You never know. My oldest, when he was 6, wrote a fan letter to George Lucas proclaiming his love for all things Star Wars and would Mr. Lucas please make another movie because he (my son) would make a PERFECT JEDI. We included a picture of small son wielding his lightsaber to illustrate his Jedi skills.

Highlight of his life when he got a letter BACK. Complete with star wars stickers and tattoos and all kids of themed crap.

Good luck with the lego inquiry. :) Thankfully, the kids are still all about Lego Star Wars, I seemed to have dodged the Ninjago bullet so far.

Bailey R.

As the oldest of three sisters, in a family of predominantly female cousins, and 33 weeks pregnant with my first and of course it's a BOY, reading your blog is a glimpse into my future, Amalah.

PS- they never grow out of it. My father in law just sent us SEVEN large boxes full of Pokemon, Magic Cards, Legos, every Power Rangers figure ever created, and GI Joes of my husbands. Oh, and I forgot the other two boxes we got late last year with, no kidding, every game console released between 1991 and 2002.


So, up until the season finale a few weeks ago, I had a standing date with my 7 year old son every Wednesday night to watch the new episode of Ninjago! It actually was my favorite part of the week - a chance to just sit and unwind with him. I'm actually a little ashamed to admit I like the show! We would debate all season about the identity of the "green ninja" (Semi-Spoiler Alert: I was rooting for Nya but it turned out not to be her)and my son loved it when he turned out to be right. He also has all the sets - can't believe I have spent his college fund on LEGOS! LOL! Also, we have the chapter books and read them at night, and for some reason I always read it aloud as "NINJAGO" (like how the show is pronounced) when they yell it in battle - every time my son sighs in exasperation and corrects me, "Mom, it's NINJA GO!" Whoops. Oh well - great bonding moments that I'll remember forever!




Wow. All of this post was a foreign language to me but the Legos part. Clearly I am ill-prepared to have children. haha!


They'll write back!!! My son just sent a letter to Lego as part of a school project, practicing how to write a business letter. He then anxiously checked the mail every day for two weeks, until he got a very sweet response.


Thanks for the explanation. I teach 2nd grade and have many Ninjago obsessed boys, and I have no idea what they're talking about when they discuss it.
Also, two things:
1. Noah looks like a grown man in that picture. What the hell?
2. Ezra's face is the best!

Simply Christine

Yes Pythor - the snake that drives a giant snake car - but has no arms. This troubles me - but not my son who will also remind me that each snake has a name - like the Great Devourer.



And when did Noah start looking so grown up?

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah

Pythor is that snake/robot that is the white ninja's dad, right?


Girls FTW. ;-)


@me...don't feel bad. When I was a child, I made fairy size furniture for the fairies, and they would write me letters to thank me for it. I even made them clothing, on GRANDMA'S SEWING MACHINE! I had a little correspondence going with them for much longer than I care to think about. And I don't consider my grandma a filthy liar at all, I just think of how sweet it was for her to do that for me.


Oh, goodness, how I can relate to this post. 

I am also a lone female in a house of three boys and my 6yo is equally obsessed with Ninjago/LEGO. 

Half the time I have no clue what he's talking about and his dinner conversations go something like this: "Ninjago-jetpack-forcefield-tonton-GeneralGrievous-stormtrooper-(explosion sound effects with a fart thrown in for good measure)." The End.

When I overhear him talking with his buddies on the playground I feel like I need a translator to decode the boy-speak. It also makes me want to put on lots of make-up, wear pink and go get a manicure. 

Boys. You've got to love them. 


How mother 'effin adorable are they with their letters?


I just want you to know, my husband (now 31) wrote a letter to Lee Iacocca in the early 80's (his Chrysler years, apparently) detailing his plans for a hovercar that ran on D batteries. He received a very polite response from the man, personally signed, thanking him for his ideas and encouraging him to keep inventing. Iacocca also said he would be sending a copy of his drawing (which is JUST as awesome as you'd expect that art of a 4 year old boy to be) on to research and development. He returned the original as he was sure my husband would "need it for his design portfolio."

So, you never know.


Whoa, and I thought 'Dinosaur Train' was an egregious example of pure marketing to little boys.


OMG! This is my life the last two months -- empty store shelves (except for that one mega-expensive set remaining). Even the stupid Lego store is decimated of Ninjago stuff. Let us know if the note works!


AH yes, Ninjago. We know it well. Everyone in this family has been assigned a character (I AM NOT A ROBOT DESPITE WHAT YOU HAVE SEEN.)

I'll tell you what bugs me, though. (I know you want to know.) They changed the prononciation of NINJAGO between the initial hour long special and the current series. It USED to be (back in the good old days) NINjago. NOW they say it ninJAgo, which is highly annoying and pretentious. Have the boys address that in their next letter, willya?


Just have to say that Noah is one seriously handsome dude. When did he get so grown??

Laural Out Loud

When he's not lining up every single toy car in the house, my just turned two-year-old son runs around roaring like a dinosaur, biting whatever is in his way. It's quite a difference from raising my daughter! I have a feeling we'll be heading down the same Lego Road (and luckily we live 10 minutes from Legoland).


I have to say that you understand Ninjago much better than most parents I deal with at the comic store I work understand their kid's hobbies. Usually pokemon/yugioh/manga.

You're seriously trying and that's awesome. So many times I see kids try to get their parents involved and are met with stares and rolled eyes even. So sad. I want to scream "I know it's not "your thing" but your kid likes it so why not try a bit?" I swear even though I'm the biggest geek non-jock ever if this boy I'm having gets into football or *sigh* hockey then I'll learn what I have to. So yeah, kudos to you for caring. So many others out there don't!

Also if your boys ever do get into pokemon or yugioh remember me and feel free to shoot me a line. I've guided many parents through it. :)

Inger - The Brick Life

Gorgeous story. You just have to follow through with a child's request when they put so much into it don't you.
FYI Pythor is coming as part of the Lego Ninjago Ultra Sonic Raider 9449 set due out in July-August. Not sure about the second one. If it is the Great Devourer, that too is coming in August.

Inger - The Brick Life

Sorry, forgot a link to the new sets:


Amen on the not making any sense part. I was especially baffled that young Sensei Wu was blond. I do get a kick out of the evil dad/brother/sith lord Garmadon, tho, because he always seems to be enjoying himself, cackling away in his silly hat.


They might surprise you. One of my favorite memories is being 9 or so and writing Mattel a letter because I lost my Barbie's little sparkly earrings they all used to come with and I was super duper upset about it. I think I enclosed $2 to pay for a new set of earrings. They sent me back an entire earring wardrobe, and shoes, and bags, and luggage! Awesome.


You know, as expensive as Legos can be, it is weirdly therapeutic to sit with a pile of Lego guys, mix up all the body parts, and then make freaky Lego MONSTER guys. My four year old is invariably disappointed by the poor quality of my weapons. What, a laser beam fishing pole isn't exciting?!


In the throes of Ninjago myself w/a 6 yo son. I've been scouring ebay and amazon for insanely priced figures. Helpful tip: the Cleopatra minifigure stands in nicely as Nya. I can get about one week's worth of fruit with dinner out of the promise of one more Ninjago spinner. And now I will be stealing Noah's idea and writing to Lego to see what Ninjago bling it might bring. You should "watch" the show if only to visualize Jeremy Irons as Pythor. It helps.


Helpful hint: make a special 'Noah's letters to Lego' page on your blog. Tweet it to Lego. See what happens. If it worked for the Bloggess and Wil Wheaton, why not Noah and Lego?

Plano Mom

The fact that you are taking him seriously more than makes up for being a girl. Rock on Mom, and if I find a Pythor I'm buying it.


I don't think it's ridiculous and stupid. I know I've said it before, but the earnestness of little boys is something so wonderful and special. The privilege of making them feel important is something we have for such a short time. You're a sweet mom, Amy.

Also, I sent one of those ridiculous letters written by my son to Fender guitars. He had designed some guitars for them. Honestly, it broke my heart a little to send it because I didn't want to see his hopes ignored. Instead, he got a very nice, personal letter back, along with some cool stuff. I think it made his entire YEAR. So. Once in a while somebody's actually reading!


We have a six year old daughter, 3 year old twin boys, and season passes to Legoland. What a craphole but the kids love it. I'm telling you, I used to think that Disney was evil. But Lego has the world by the balls (or bricks).


PEEING MY PANTS LAUGHING!!! I have three boys, two of whom are old enough to also be Ninjago obsessed and OMG. Also, what's with all the shelves being empty everywhere?! It doesn't matter what day you go or where you go... it's bizarre. Makes my kids cry every time we go to Target... it's sad.

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