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Dee, When Your Allergies Act Up, Take Out Your Nose Ring.

Hi! I just got my nose pierced. 


Why? I dunno, actually. Because I felt like it. Because I always wanted to, but worked in offices with dress codes and am finally realizing that I might not do that again anytime soon. Because I was feeling old and bored and this was cheaper than buying a Porsche. Because I thought, "Self, you've had three needles stuck into your spine and then had three babies cut out of your abdomen, I bet getting something staped into your face won't hurt at all." Because I've been home all week with three stir-crazy kids on Spring Break and broke up approximately 5,239 fights over who touched who and who stole what toy and stepped on one too many damn Legos and went temporarily batshit. 

Definitely a combination of those five things. Plus, what's the point of being a grown-up if you don't take advantage of the fact that no one can tell you not to pierce stupid shit into your face? HERE'S MAH DRIVER'S LICENSE, BODY PIERCING PARLOR EMPLOYEE WHO IS AT LEAST A DECADE YOUNGER THAN I AM, I DON'T NEED ANYBODY'S PERMISSION TO DO THIS, YAAAY! 


Everybody say hi to Andy, by the way. (He's the same guy who also re-pierced my ears a couple years back.) His wife is due with their first baby in two weeks. I told him everything was going to awesome, and it's really not as scary as some people like to make it sound. TRUST ME, ANDY, I'M A PROFESSIONAL. 



Looks awesome!


I ALWAYS said I would never get a tattoo or odd body part pierced. But on Thursday I am having brain surgery and I've recently caught myself dreaming of brain related tattoos I could get to commemorate the laser going into my BRAIN!

Victoria Ni

Looks fab! I want to have my nose re-pierced but am bit scared my grabby grabby baby will rip it out my face. How are you finding that?

Amelia Sprout

You got your nose pierced by a guy that looks like a tattooed Justin Timberlake. That is awesome! I keep thinking that the moment I give up the office job, maybe even before as a final f*ck you, that I will do something similar. Totally jealous.

Life of a Doctor's Wife

I love it! I have always wanted a nosering. And yours is elegant and lovely and cool.

Love the Clueless reference too, BTW.


I have always wanted to pierce my nose. I'm pretty sure my job wouldn't mind but I'm afraid I may be too old? 41? Too old?


I totally want a tattoo. Want to come with me?


Erm. Andy's bio says he specializes in GENITAL PIERCINGS. Amy, is there something you aren't telling us?!

Seriously, though, I got my nose pierced a few years ago and LOVE IT. I have to pop it out when I work (3 days a week), but it's awesome.

In case it gets the Infection of Doom (mine did and tried EVERYTHING to fix it): just wash it a few times a day with soap.

YAY! You are cute.


I got my nose pierced about eh...8 years ago? I loved it that day and I love it today. My mom still insists I did it simply to spite her. Sinus infections will SUCK, but do not take it out. You will want to. DON'T DO IT. Also, remember to twist it every few hours until it heals. And thus ends today's PSA. (It looks fantastic, by the way)


Oh, man! I am super jealous. I have always wanted to get my nose pierced, but by the time I was old enough to do it, I had lost my nerve! And also, the motivation (rebellion) to do something i wasn't allowed to do was suddenly gone, because I was legally allowed to do it... ironic.

It looks great, good for you!


@heidi-you are NEVER too old for tattoos or body piercings. You just will have to take in stride the looks that may, no probably will come with them.

I am so itching to get a tattoo to cover up my first {very poorly done} one. Alas, I am 8+ months pregnant and somehow I think that is on the "things to NOT do while pregnant" list. And happily, I have an aunt who is a tattoo artist. So once baby is here and I am back on my feet I may have to look into it.

Hopefully the nostril screw is wee enough that baby Ike doesn't immediately zero in on it as the new "most fascinating thing EVER! let me play with it!" Happy healing Amy!


Sorry, Amy. Luvya, but it just looks like a zit... maybe get one that lights up? that way people will know THIS- THIS! is your "porsche"!

Amy in StL

I've noticed more people at work this year that have nose piercings than I ever have before. I guess working for the gov't does have it's perks - no one gives a crap what you pierce or tattoo as long as you show up.


That is FREAKING AWESOME! My wife has been telling me that I should get my eyebrow pierced for the longest time. Maybe I'll do it now that you have inspired me. Looks great btw. Happy Easter!!


I've been wanting to get my eyebrow pierced, and this is motivating me to do it.

Plus, I just realized that one of my main reasons for not doing it has been "Because my parents wouldn't like it." Um.


SO CUTE! I have been wanting to do something to make my appearance less lawyerrriffic, since I'm really only writing briefs these days, something along the lines of a scandalous hair color. So you're kind of an inspiration! When my kids ask me to pretend we're not together in public, I'll tell them who to thank. : )


Super cute! Good decision making there, adult! ... it looks fabulous. :) I got mine done when I was 24 and the first thing my dad said when he saw it was... "You have just ruled out an entire class of men who will ever want marry you." Which I of course, scoffed at. Accept me as I am and blahblah. Anywho, the night I met my husband the first thing he said to me was "Wow. I really love your nose ring. It's so sparkly." We joke now that we're not entirely sure who's point he was proving but either way... fun stuff. Sorry this was so long! Sheesh.


*whose*... wtf.

Cassandra from TX

It looks cute on you! Good job! Hi, Andy; you did a good job, too.


Sorry, I have to agree. Looks like a zit in the 1st pic & can't see it at all in the 2nd.


am jealous. internet rockstar status official. you also have a super cute nose. happy easter!!


I've always wanted one, but I feel like I'm too old. But you're my age, so if you can, so can I. But I'm in a pretty conservative Southern town, so I am not sure I have the personality to pull it off. Please keep us updated on how you like it. I want to hear more as I make my decision.

Becky M.

I love that you're on a first-name basis with your piercing guy. :)

Erika Mitchell

That's a brave, bold step!!! What do your children think about your face bling?


I had no idea our town had a tattoo parlor. Please don't tell my kids.

Office Crush

Yes to this.

Meg Groesbeck

That's awesome!!!! I got my nose pierced last year just about the time my son was Ike's age for exactly the same reasons! I love it! It makes me feel like a "cool mom".


Wait! Is that a new "hairdo" too? Cute!


I'd let that guy pierce me anyplace he wanted.

(make sure you read the preceding sentence whilst waggling eyebrows suggestively and openly leering)


I'm old. My eyes are not what they used to be. What do you have in your nose? Get a diamond. Whatever you've got now looks like a zit in that picture! I still love you.


There is a tattoo artists on the site whose bio states:

Dislikes-Not tattooing

His bio pic is the character, Sloth, from The Goonies. haha, love a sense of humor, especially when the person is someone who wields a needle.


Holy cow. Love it! Is it metal, or is that a wee diamond? A pierced nose is exactly the ONLY non-ear piercing I'd ever consider. I am 47 and kind of want one, really kind of a lot, but MY HUSBAND says he thinks it would completely "change" my face, and "you're so pretty!" he protests. Bahhhhhh HUMBUG. He agreed not to get a middle finger tattooed on the back of each of his calves, and I guess I agree not to get my damn nose pierced. The things we (don't) do for love! What does Jason think of your sessy new accessory?

cagey (Kelli Oliver George)

Better brush up on your bhangra moves. ;-)


I want one. I'm afraid. Did it hurt? Does it hurt when you blow your nose? I have allergies and blow my nose A LOT. And I'm a bit of a wimp.


Wow! No matter what age I am, my parents would murder me if I got a nose ring.


Oh my god, good luck to the Amy (2:39, above) who's having BRAIN SURGERY on Thursday.


It looks great on you!!

I waited about 7-8 years to make sure it wasn't a passing "college thing" or just plain crazy thing I'd regret... but I finally got a nose stud when I was 26, and I still love it (probably even more) 7 years later. I expected everyone to be shocked, because I was always a Good Girl who never did Wild Things, but everyone--EVERYONE, including my boss (I was a RN at the time)--said it was really cute and "suited me."

Five years after getting the nose stud, I got a small tattoo on my upper back (the day before my second son's baptism, which still makes me laugh). Just as a heads up. ;)


Aaah! I'm inexplicably excited that you did this! After I quit my corporate job, moved across the country and became an organic farmer (well, actually during the move), I got my nose pierced for pretty much the same reasons: I felt like it, no more job that might disapprove.

After it was done, the shop owner told me that it took ten years off, which actually just made feel super-duper OLD. Since then, I've sort of suspected that I'm just a lame old mom trying to act cool. But you're like, a year or two older than me, have two more kids than me, and the internet has independently verified that you are indeed cool. So. I have a chance...


I'm so excited you did this. 'Cause that gives me a free pass, too, right? I've thought about doing this since the fall when I had that third pesky baby of mine. Bored and feeling old and adult-like for too long.
Is it all good? No weirdness? Does it bug you?


You have great kids and a great Mom and your insight/sharing about your Dad's death has helped me think about my own Dad's dementia .

But this is just dumb and it shrieks "I am still cool even though I am getting older and have 3 kids". Like an attention getter. Sorry - jmo. (And I have a daughter who likes attention who periodically changes the hair color - blonde, brunette, red, blue and has multi ear piercings but thank God not her face and no tattoos which she has no interest in.)

And you will have to be VERY careful with pictures because it can look like a wart in pictures. Maybe turn your head slightly so the other profile shows. I have a friend who USED to have one of these - until she got tired of how it photographed. Bet your Mom just loves it.


I've wanted one for aWhile, nose or lip (not a hoop) but I work in an office and I'm a manager now. It wouldn't fly. Oh well maybe when I retire so everyone thinks I'm going through a midlife crisis.


Dear Amy, I twittered you but because I'm new to twitter and still don't think it's an actual means of communication I thought I would comment as well. I'm 30. Not married. No kids. And you are the type of person who I picture with a nose ring. The small stud like you have. Not one those things that makes your nostrils 30" wide. I don't even have a nose ring. And as I said on twitter that I'm not sure how to use: don't let baby Ike grab at it! He could do some damage! :)


I've had my nose pierced four (FOUR) times. The first three times, it got infected, but I thought it was because they used a piercing gun. The fourth time, they used a needle, and it hurt like hell. I thought it would work. It did not.

I SO wish I could wear a nose ring, which makes me love every one I see extra hard.

And also, you look adorable. Even more so than usual.


Because you are cool like me (got mine pierced 3 or 4 years ago because I was 40 and why not), I will share this with you... When you are ready for new nose jewelry check out alluringbody.com and bodymattersgold.com. The latter is in the UK but they are awesome. I have nose screws and studs from both companies. The are the very best, in my humble opinion. After a while you won't even know/feel like you have anything in your nose and colds/allergies won't even bother you. Congrats!


It makes me happy that you have your piercing on the same side as me. We could be besties! I STALK YOU.


Ugh, gross. Don't understand a grown woman and mother wanting to look like your average beginner mall rat.

Laural Out Loud

When I entered the corporate world I got rid of all the piercings, and now that I'm a SAHM I have a hankering to re-pierce my nose. I LOVED it. And you are totally rocking that pierced nose. And really, at least you didn't pierce your boob. That HURTS. And you have to be topless, which is super embarrassing, because they really only need to see one boob, not both.


It looks good on you!


Truth? I'm hopelessly uncool, don't get the whole piercing/tatto thing. Just not into it. But you know what people? If you've known this internet persona since she was 12, you maybe have a pass to laugh or offer your opinions. Otherwise, back off. It ain't your nose, it ain't your business. Did you miss the part about not having to ask permission? Was she supposed to get yours?
(Besides, I am sure their are going to brathtaking moments of awkwardness, which will be shared to my amusement. Yea, Amy!)


That moment when I realised "Wait, *I* am the adult" was... intense. I went out and bought cherry cola and got something pierced, as well.


Wow. I am sorry to say I'm officially too old and too conservative to think nose piercing looks good. That and ear guages, genital piercings, etc., I will never understand. I've just been timed out of this blog. Sorry, Amy, been reading you for more than 5 years.


Barbs comment (at 1:06) is exactly the kind of attitude that's brought me to loathe most human beings. Seriously Barb? You've been reading Amy for 5 years and you're gonna stop just because she got her nose pierced? Why? I'd really like to know.


Hi Edie,

Amy is lucky to have such a protective fan base. I will refrain from doing the "I'm sorry you feel that way" dance, and just say that you read my post wrong. I'm timed out because I am too friggin' old to enjoy the blog anymore - I'm considerably older than most of you and I feel like I'm trying to hang out with my teenage daughter's friends when I read Amalah. It wasn't always like that, but it's like that for me now. No need to attack me or feel the need that you loathe me. I've read Amy every day, literally, for MORE than 5 years. It was a great nostalgic blast from the past for a mom whose kids have grown. Beyond that, her writing style is so superb, she really should be teaching, which heh, maybe she will do when the boys are older. Peace to you all..


I had a moment like you described, the month after I turned 30. My kids were 7, 6 and 1 and I needed to do something for myself. Something that made me feel like a person, outside of them. So I got a tattoo.

You go on with your bad ass self. :)


I wasn't trying to attack you Barb nor did I mean I loathe you in particular. I meant people in general. I simply don't understand why someone would stop reading a blog they like over something so small. Amy's still Amy -- she just has a little shiny thing in her nose now.


This is so random and crazy.... BUT.... I grew up in MD and moved to Dallas with my hubs. My sister in law told me about your blog as I am expecting my first in August and she said your blog was awesome. SO, I have been reading your blog for several months. When I saw Adam's pic on this post, I couldn't believe it! A girl I went to high school with married him! I don't know him at all, but his wife you mentioned is very sweet! And she is pregnant? So exciting. Small world I guess!:)


***oops! I meant Andy!!***


Enjoy it Amy! Watch out for Ike's curious fingers- according to my sister, a baby attempting to pull out your nose ring is NOT A FUN THING.
But to the really important issue at hand- where did you get that bracelet and how can I get one too?!?!?


I got my nose stud when I was 15 (UK - just wandered in and they did it with the piercing gun they used on ears... meh it worked.) just before everyone in my high school did because Christina Aguilera had one (GAH!!)) (as you say ... PARENTHESIS!!!). Keep taking an occasional fancy and putting it in. Just be careful when you put one of the 'L' shaped studs in that you don't forget and rub your nose. It will bleed and sting. It looks cute on you.

Heather Ann

There was a day that I realized I was an adult and nobody could tell me that I couldn't......put a quarter in the gumball machine. So I did. It was kind of fantastic. It is funny how long it takes us to realize that we are grown-ups.


Yay for being an adult! There has to be SOMETHING good about this shit, right?


It suits your face, Amy!

You probably have to wear a gold stud right now while it's healing up (as I recall with my old eyebrow piercing which I eventually took out). Once that period is over, though, the other commentators are right: you should get a diamond, or maybe a black stone, something sparkly and a bit bigger, to have a little more contrast with the rest of your face as this stud is quite small.

Still really suits you, though! This reminds me in the best possible way of some of your pre-baby antics, too! It's fun to have a you-centered, not child-centered, post for a bit of variety!


I like how a fine hoop looks.

I've never considered getting facial jewelry for myself, because I think it looks best on flawless skin-- especially on darker complexions than mine. So I'll have to do something else to break out of my rut.

I've been thinking of getting bangs. OOooooooh! I am a rebel!

Les @ LPN Programs

Yey for you! So you think Andy will get his nose pierced some time in the future too? After 5 kids maybe? Teehee.

But you got that spot on no one to tell you that you can't get pierced!


Honestly, I don't care if you have a nose ring or not - if you're happy, that's great! I'm actually just posting to say that this blog made me literally sol (my version of "LOL" but there is SNORTING involved - which is far funnier than simply LAUGHING) - and I really needed that today. this week. and you probably needed a laugh too. you awesome. the end. (p.s. I'm missing ceiba's stories, btw. just thought I would put that in there. in case you read these comments. in case, you know, anyone else misses them too. and the cat ... I miss the cat stories too.)


Whee! Excellent! I have a navel ring, and, of course, had to take it out when I got pregnant. About 6 months post-partum, I jammed that sucker back in and have been proudly (er...) wearing it ever since, belly fat and all (not that I show anyone, mind you). It's cute - have fun!

My piercing guy said wash with dial 2 times per day. I also put neosporin on mine - makes it heal slower, but it doesn't get infected.

Now, to save up the $5,000 necessary to commission and then get a full back tattoo...


I didnt read all the rest of the comments, so maybe someone has said this already.
Mine got a pretty big puffy bump after a few weeks. It took me MONTHS to figure out that a dab of teatree oil after a salt water rinse worked better than any compress and took that sucker away.


GO YOU. And rock on with your bad self, etc. I got a tattoo a few weeks ago for several of the same reasons. I wanted to do it, and NO ONE COULD TELL ME NOT TO. As soon as I don't work in an office with dress codes and things, I'm totally doing this too.


So Green with envy. Had to let mine go a few years ago when I switched companies. Boo.


Very cute, and I particularly appreciated the Clueless reference in the title. :)

Also, your blog routinely makes me smile - so, thanks!


Your piercing looks great! Some people can, and some can't have a peircing that shows.
At 46, I finally got a tattoo that I have wanted to do for years. I used my 3 kids initials incorporated them into a butterfly. I'm ecstatic I did it, and sorry I waited so long. Not sure if this will work but http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=3427159320753&set=a.1096825783871.16865.1323390690&type=1&theater

Call me Jo

We recently moved to a new state; I kept my job and work via email and phone. Shortly after moving, I began dying my hair scandelous colors for the same reasons - why not? I am an adult! Rock your new hardware!


*sigh*...I was sitting here thinking: Andy is dreamy/hot in a "tattoo parlor in a sketchy part of town" kind of way..but then you mentioned a wife and baby and it ruined my fantasy..dammit...
Cute piercing though!

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