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Fun With Hand-Me-Downs

Ezra at 10 months, waiting for pizza:



Ike at 10 months, waiting for pizza:



In summary, GOD, do we ever go out for pizza a whole lot, but at least we figured out that if we eat dinner at like, 4 pm in an empty restaurant, we can avoid lifetime bans because of ALL THAT SCREAMING. 




Holy cow do they ever look alike! Fun:-)

Amy K

They're so adorable. Noah looks like a Jason clone, Ezra is a total mom clone, and Ike looks about 75% mom, 25% dad to me.

Amy K

P.S. I know Noah wasn't in these pictures.

Deborah Vallet

Man, I don't even know you (or have small children, anymore), but you are truly enjoyable. Those kids are the cutest. Really.


I love how it looks like Ezra is flexing so he's ready to eat the whole pizza when it gets there.


I love Ezra's FEED ME NOW baby bird mouth.


Again, just bukkits of cute to be found here!


Hi! I just nominated you for The Liebster Award. Congrats! For details, visit my page :)


Wow. That 2nd picture of Ezra looks just like your picture on your blog, but with short hair. Yowza, the cuteness, it burns....!


I remember those days. Once we actually rented a cabin at Disney because I thought our baby and kids would make too much noise at a hotel. Yes, who would ever think there would be a screaming baby at a hotel at Disney World?

Susan in Maryland

All I can think about is how on earth you managed to clean the pizza stains off of that shirt!


In that first pic I was like WTF is wrong with baby Ike's face! lol They do look a good bit alike. Yay for hand me downs. I remember wearing a bunch of my brother's clothes when I was younger.


No picture of eating the pizza?


Yeah we either do dinner at 4pm or lunch at 11am because of the screaming. Sweet lord the screaming. Tired children are not fun to eat with. At.all.


At first I thought that the second picture of Ezra was supposed to be Ike and I was like holy shit! You guys even sat at the same table!
But no. You didn't. Try a little harder next time with the matchy photos please Amy!


Genetics are awesome. It's so great how brothers can clearly look like brothers, but that 10-month-old Ezra looks more like 3-year-old Ezra than he looks like 10-month-old Ike.


The second picture is the best. GIVE ME ALL OF THE PIZZA NOW PLEASE.

Your boys are the cutest.

Maricris @ SittingAround

Ezra is so cute! I can imagine the screaming on the second photo, haha

Sue C

Boy, do I ever remember those days! Having the server give me that wild-eyed sideways look as I scrambled desperately to gather up and horde all the silverware, napkins and condiments before my three kids could get to them. Working like a mad woman to keep them semi-occupied and quiet before the meal came so our fellow dinners did not lynch us. I remember looking around us as we were finishing up and noticing the ring of empty tables and chairs that always surrounded our table! I can laugh about it now, but oh how it stung at the time!! All three of them are now adults and eating out with them is much more peaceful!

Sue C

.......And yes, they are all SO ADHD it is not even funny! Makes them delightfully interesting people as adults!


OMG. I feel for you. My boys are the same age as Ezra and Ike, and eating out is downright PAINFUL!


Dude, that's Comet pizza, we were just there. Are you doing some kind of crazy reverse stalking?


dude i love that! so cool when u do that. do it again and again and again!!!


Isn't it funny how Ezra still looks basically the same as his 10 month old self? So cute, all 3 of those boys!


I love your kids... but Ezra is definitely my favorite. He is just so adorable... :-)


I always loved being the oldest girl because then it was my poor sisters that got all the hand-me-downs. Muahahahaahhaah!


We have lookalike kids too! Two matching sets, actually -- #1, #3, and #5 look alike, and #2 and #4 also look alike. So much alike that we had to label the baby pix.

4pm is an excellent time to visit a restaurant with a toddler. Although we have never been OFFICIALLY banned from a restaurant ... there are a few places to which I am embarrassed to return.


I just had the same pictures in the same clothes on my blog too, but my two girls don't look that alike (the older one is a mini me and the younger one is a mini-dad. His and hers children are so trendy, you know?).

My brother and I look terrifyingly alike, though, and my mom submitted one of his baby pictures to my senior yearbook photo. I was an editor, and noticed that the linoleum was the wrong color under "me." But one of my baby pictures made it into my niece's graduation collage. I begin to feel my family needs to get better at labels.

Also, whatever baby it is, they're all super cute! Hope the dinner went quietly.


I was thinking that Ike looks very much like his own little person.

And it's gotta be hard to pull your own weight among all that other cuteness. Well played, Ike.


The real question is, what if I was wearing that exact same tank top as I was reading this post? Yea that'd be trippy.



I love how Ezra looks like....Ezra! His face is just the same then as it is now. It's amazing.


Hey Amy, what about the kitten?? If you didn't adopt it I'm gonna be so disappointed!


I have decided. Ezra is the cutest child ever born. Bar none.


The real question is, what if I was wearing that exact same tank top as I was reading this post?

Korinthia Klein

Lordy you make cute kids. That is all.

Brandy K

Since I'm not their mom, I'm just gonna say it: Ez is the first one I'd steal from you if I were a nutso criminal preschooler-stealer. But, I'm just a regular nutso, promise.

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