Dee, When Your Allergies Act Up, Take Out Your Nose Ring.

Plague Baby

So first, Ike was all, like this:


And I was all, OMG! Look at my poor baby! He's got a rash! There's like, eight whole spots on his body and his cheeks are splotchy! Oh, for the love of WOE.

And then Ike was all, like this:



And I was all, uh, shit? 

Back in the day, when they used to give out antibiotics like Tylenol-laced Halloween candy, I had chronic ear infections (and later, tubes). So I took a LOT of antibiotics, And eventually developed allergies to just about every single one. The 'cillins, the 'miacins, the 'cyclines and the sulfas, and probably a bunch of others that I've now forgotten about, much to the frustration of EVERY DOCTOR EVER who has stared at that list and then back at me, like, "Yeah, you have a UTI, but what the fuck do you expect me to do about it? Go drink some cranberry juice, Time Bomb." 

But my allergic reactions were, you know, actual, straightforward reactions. Hives, usually cropping up after the first or second dose. I've always been pretty hive-y -- I still get them from stuff like mosquito bites, detergents, cosmetics, and from walking out of a warm building into the cold, which is apparently an Actual Thing

So I knew this was something different -- the rash was more like raised, pin-pointy measles than hives, and it did not appear to bother Ike in the slightest. He just looked, well, vaguely infectious. His doctor was like, oh, yeah, some kids get that after a few days on amoxicillin. It'll go away on its own, no biggie.

So then Ike was all, O RLY DOCTOR?



Happy Easter, everybody! I got you a baby. He's only slightly diseased. Arms and legs, mostly. 

The photos, of course, do not even come CLOSE to capturing how insane this rash was. It was everywhere, a mixture of horrible scattered spots and large patches of bright red where the individual spots had merged to form a singular Borg Of Rash.

Ezra took one look at it on Easter morning and recoiled in disgust. "We have to get a new baby," he informed me. "Dis one is all yucky."

So I had no idea that a person could have a rash THIS VICIOUS and still not actually be 1) allergic to anything, or 2) itchy. I kept wanting to smear him up in ointment and dose him with Benadryl on principle -- to feel like I was doing SOMETHING about his poor, pockmarked body. But there was really nothing to be done but continue with the final doses of the antibiotic and ignore the side-eye from other parents at the playground, who clearly thought we'd brought a kid with measles or chicken pox along and like, hadn't noticed it, maybe? Uhh, lady? Everything okay over there? Because dat baby is all yucky. 


Hello, laaaaadies.

It's much better today, though I've developed a very weird definition of what I now consider "better." Better is not "all gone," but more like "not quite so suggestive of a flesh-eating disease." Just a few bad patches here and there, while everything else is simply fading away. Ike is only annoyed by my continued obsession with it and the fact that I keep pulling his clothes off 20 times a day for a status update. 



And we all learned an important lesson about why it doesn't matter how many babies you have, they will continue to find new and interesting ways to freak your shit out. The end.



Gah. In that last photo, he kinda looks like the "after" picture when you accidentally put a white t-shirt in the wash along with a whole bunch of red stuff.

Maybe he's allergic to your nose ring.


One time a toddler (I was a newborn) bit me all over my bald head. The doctor told my mother it should be exposed to fresh air. You can imagine the judgement.

Mom In Two Cultures

It's so true. By the third one, you think you might actually know something about babies, and then they go and pull a bunch of crap you've never imagined possible! There should be some system by which memos can be passed from one child to the next to avoid this kind of thing!


Our daughter used to get this. Scary the first time. The red dots change shape and start connecting with each other to make bigger splotches.

Even now, age 38, she gets this when on an antibiotic. Or when she goes into cold water, like the lake in the spring, or a lake that's normally pretty cold, like Lake Superior.

It's the weirdest thing. The intense part last a few hours to a day, but there is residual for about a week.


Ezra's response was so cute.


A friend of mine recently discovered his penicillin allergy. He looks like the grown-up version of Ike's reaction. Apparently, yelling "OUT DAMN SPOT!" at the affected areas also does not make them better.


I am crying from Ezra's comment.

Lynda M O

They continue to amaze the woo outta me, these little ones who seem so oblivious to the yucky all over them. Glad he feels good anyway.

Happy April, mama.


Ike is your Jack-Jack. You will only find out the extent of his powers by accident.


My grown-up skin does that whenever it encounters LOADS of things, but especially sunshine.

Since Ike's rash appears to be msotly arms and legs (i.e. sun exposed areas), it maybe might be worth keeping an eye out for it popping up again in case there's a sun exposure element to it too?

Just a thought! I have Industrial Strength Steriod Cream to deal with mine (my doctor advance prescribes me it :), but obvs that's not really baby friendly...

J Strizzy

Isn't the amoxicillin rash great? My daughter got it just before her first birthday. And first birthday party, with all the photos (taken by us and everyone else) that a first birthday party entails.


I had the same reaction to penicillin when I had a kid, and sometimes hives as well. The doc ruled it as an allergy so I avoid the penicillin family like the plague to this day. My grandma used to bathe me in Florida Water (wiki it) to stop the itching. It worked, but where the hell does one get Florida Water these days? Not in Florida!


My son got this a few days after taking an antibiotic for strep throat! Like Ike, it didn't seem to bother him in the least. I was convinced it was the sunscreen (outdated by a few months) that I had covered him head to toe in. The doctor disagreed. Apparently the doctor may have been right!


My son, when he was about six months old, developed a head-to-toe rash that freaked me out the same way. I went to get him out of his crib one morning and he looked like an extra for "Outbreak" or something. He's all sitting up and looking at me like "Wassup?" He wasn't bothered in the least by it.

I took him to the doctor that morning. Turns out he had a small bit of ringworm in his armpit. (Armpit ringworm? WTF?) The rash was his body's way of reacting to the ringworm, like an allergic reaction or something.

His pediatrician is young and has only been practicing for a few years. He looked at the rash, then said "Hey, it's nothing to freak out about, but would you mind if I brought somebody else in to see this? We've read about it but have never actually gotten to see it in person."

I sort of mumbled "Yeah, I guess" or something. Then he came back with another new pediatrician and they're all oohing and aahing over this rash, which apparently happens, like, NEVER.

Babies! Gotta love their weird little afflictions!


GAH!!! I only have one kid, and I've never seen anything like that. I would have FREAKED and been at the ER. Really. And it's just from the antibiotics?? Wow. Poor baby (and no, Ezra, no matter how yucky he is, you can't trade him in).


Yeah, my son (now 10) did the same thing on amoxi, and so he's on the no penicillin ever list! Now I wonder if that's even necessary. Also, at age 10, he developed a similar rash but purple on both thighs. I was about to run to the pediatrician fearing blood disease! when we figured out he'd been playing Big Booty (a clapping and *thigh-slapping* game - also Google-able) a bit more roughly than needed. All day.


we had to go through this 3 different time of amox- each time worse- before the doc officially called it a penicillin allergy. sheesh. it took my son weeks for it to go away.

Kim Q

You want to talk about a diseased baby, my baby had a rash called erythema multiforme. Luckily she had the "minor" version. The "major" version can actually be deadly. Way to freak a mom out, doctors! Say, "We THINK she has the minor version, but we are going to run a few tests to make sure bacteria isn't at the root of the problem. That would not be good." As virulent as the rash looked, it was gone in 4 days with only tylenol and benadryl (given in the hospital of course, because BACTERIA).

not supergirl

Wow, yeah, brings back memories. My daughter developed that exact rash (also not remotely represented in photos) on day 10 of her 10 day round of antibiotics at age 5. I got the funniest call from her kindergarten teacher at the time (also a friend). She swore that Nora looked just fine before lunch but was all spotty after recess. It came on fast! Like others, we were told to consider her allergic to the 'cillins. Wonder if that's accurate? Glad your babe is improving, it's so hard to see them look all yucky.


Well Baby Ike and I have something in common...I also spent Easter Sunday confined to the house with a rash. Mine looks very similar to his, however mine was VERY itchy and I was VERY with some steroids and rx benadryl I will stop being an itchy crazy person soon.


Well Baby Ike and I have something in common...I also spent Easter Sunday confined to the house with a rash. Mine looks very similar to his, however mine was VERY itchy and I was VERY with some steroids and rx benadryl I will stop being an itchy crazy person soon.


If a child (or adult) has mono, amoxicillin can cause an identical rash on the body (google for "mono antibiotics rash" if you like photos!). Mono is easily misdiagnosed as strep, for which doctors give....amoxicillin!

I wouldn't be surprised if this is what happened for Maggie, the commenter whose kiddo got a rash a few days after taking antibiotics for strep. Children generally have mild cases of mono, often mistaken for a cold or flu.

And maybe even dear little Ike had it on top of everything.


Both my boys got that rash after the amoxi from ear infections. Both things gotten a day apart. All the doctor told me was 'Oh it's a viral rash from the antibiotics it will go away.' Considering that both myself and my husband are allergic to penicillin (him extremely) I'm a bit concerned that they didn't think it was an allergy. I guess I'll have to keep a close watch on the both of them.


Like I said on Twitter, my Paul (3 weeks younger than Ike) got the same amoxicillin rash a couple days before Ike. The doctor wasn't sure if that's what it was, though - roseola? Different virus? Amox?

No that I wanted your baby to get this or anything, but it definitely made me feel better when I saw pictures of Ike and it was the exact same thing!


That's supposed to say "NOT that I wanted..."


I looove Ezra's take on it! And glad the rash is a bit less yucky :)

Amy in StL

My mom is also allergic to All The Antibiotics - except one, which I never remember which one (mycins maybe?). I took penicillin once and started breaking out in a pinpoint rash on my hands and feet... and then my wrists and ankles and I went back to the school doctor and demanded something else. They looked at me like I was crazy - I think they gave me a diff antibiotice to make me go away. But yea, I don't take any o' them cillins anymore.... just cuz the rash was weird.


A few months after he turned two my son developed a rash on his face. The doctor proclaimed chicken pox (and my son had been vaccinated). They said it would spread to the rest of his body but it never did. However it did get much much worse on his face and he contracted an infection on top of all that. Definitely looked like the plague. Oh, and he learned how to climb out of his crib during all this so we had to transition to the toddler at the same time. Wow that really sucked. I hope Baby Ike is better soon!


OMG Cold Urticaria!! I always got mega hives on my hands when walking to the school bus as a kid during winter. I always figured it was me freaking my body out because I didn't want to go to school. The doctor my mom took me to at the time was all like "well I can't see the hive because it isn't happening now. Oh wells!" Moron. Thanks for diagnosing my previously baffling and now non-existent disease Amy!

PS. Poor baby Ike! He has had it rough. Glad the borg of rash didn't bother him though. He still looks cute even when he is "all yucky".


An interesting point: some kids get that rash at the tail end of their first course of amox without it being considered an allergic reaction. (My son was one.) Given how late in the course it appeared, perhaps eight days after the first dose, it was not deemed an allergy. He has since had one more round of amox without the hint of a rash.

Regardless of Ezra's evaluation, Ike is a cutie.


C gets a rash after every virus, but dear Lord nothing like that! I would freak the hell out too.


My husband has urticaria. He has to wear gloves in his office if it gets too cold. If the water is even slightly chilly when he swims, he gets violently ill.


"We have to get a new baby" made me LOL for reals.


I can't stop laughing at Ezra's comment. So funny! Also: Love the nose piercing. Have been wanting to do that for years, and keep...forgetting? You wouldn't think you could forget to get your nose pierced, but there you have it.


Holy TISH I've been dealing with insane non-receptive rashes for the past two weeks. Its been in the diaper and back area but we're very good about keeping our baby girl dry and the cloth diapers prevent almost all diaper rashes. Turns out it was some odd fungal garbage called Candida that is entirely common and stubborn. But I hate it. Its clearing up now tho.

Pamela G

That happened with my son after he had an ear infection and was on amox! It showed up right after we'd spend a few long days with a couple of very pregnant friends and their kids. I was convinced that Monkey had a horrible something that was going to wreck havoc on all of them and the fetuses. Fetii? Inniebabies.

Anyway, since then, he hasn't been given amoxicillan because it freaked me the hell out.


My son busted out with something of that sort when he was 1 yr old -- we were sent to a pediatric dermatologist and told it was a virus. Of course. Mainly on arms and legs. Cortisone creams worked well for the most red, raises sections. Took 12ish days for it to all fade, it's never happened since.
Just in case it's helpful!!


Wow! Those look like what my kid got a few months back when she was on amoxicillian. We were told it was an allergic reaction, and that it was "spectacular." They pulled her off it and put her on omnicef instead.

I wonder if she had what Ike had/has, and may not be allergic after all?

Plano Mom

1) Never, never look up a rash on the Internet
2) Don't worry until the doc says to worry.
3) Don't you miss the days when parents would think your kid had chicken pox and would actually WANT your kid over for a playdate?


YIKES!! I'm going to file this one away under "Things to remember for baby #2". Of course, I won't remember and then when it comes up I will have to google the hell out of "amalah and weird rash" and hope for the best.


When my son got that rash, the doctor was all, "He's allergic to amoxycillin. We're not giving him cillins ever ever again."


weve had this! the viral-post- few-doses-amox rash! so horrible looking and yet...the kid seems FINE. (if you didnt know, is from a virus at the same time as a bacterial infection and the amox DOES NOT LIKE THAT VIRUS. not one bit)

Michelle Baum

Middle daughter did that to me two days before Christmas. One night in the hospital and we get told Henoch Schoenlein Purpura. Google it. Are you sure it was the abx? I thought the same because HSP is triggered after a fight with an infection. It's an immune system response. The rash is essentially bruises caused by bursting capillaries. It's not super common, our doctor only caught on because one of his daughters had it. It can reoccur. email me if you need/want more info.


Oh fuck. You made me laugh with your totally adorable and yucky baby. They do always find new ways, don't they?
Happy Easter!


So I am also allergic to damn near every antibiotic, also puzzling doctors, one of which finally asked me, "so what CAN you take?" And I was all, "Dude, you tell me." I have been lucky (OMG I NEED SOME WOOD TO KNOCK ON) to not need antibiotics in years and years, but one of these days I am not going to be so lucky. So, Amy, what CAN you take? Anything?

Michelle Baum

Oh, and it tends to be most prominent on the arms and legs.

Bryce Martin

OK the same thing happens to me if I take any type of cilin! And not to scare you - but when it happened to me like 6 years ago - it tooks weeks to finally go away! I would get hot - and then all the sudden this rash would appear on my arms and legs again! Didn't hurt or itch the slightest I just looked like a freak! haha. Atleast Baby Ike still looks cute! A grown human covered in that is scary!


This winter my little girl has had hives (due to penicillin allergy), roseola, and is just getting over hand-foot-mouth disease. I hear you; YUCK! Googling "rash" pictures is the worst.


We've just arrived back from a Easter weekend to the Belgium Ardennes. And came back with our youngest also covered in rash, but his arms and ankles. We thought that he reacted to mosquito's.....
As I am allergic to almost everything the alarm was ringing...But he'd forgotten to tell us that his football rolled into the nettles just before we went back home... It must've hurt like hell. I still can't understand the no crying or weeping


Hoss used to break out in a non-itchy, painless rash like that for no discernable reason. It would disappear within a couple days and usually confined itself to his back, arms and upper legs. We never figured out exactly what it was (it didn't coincide with illness/antibiotics, changes in diet, or changes in soap/detergent/other stuff that came in contact with skin).

Hope Ike gets over his ickiness quickly so that Ez doesn't have to get rid of his little brother.


I'm impressed at how measured this post is. If my kid looked like that I'd be way more freaked out than you seem to be. Glad it doesn't seem to be itchy for the poor kid.


My middle boy, and only the middle boy, gets that fun rash when he has Augmentin. But not when he has plain ol' Amoxicillin (though that stuff by itself doesn't ever seem to kick the infections he likes to fester).
All of it is better than how I get rashes: I get them from catching a cold. Yep...your garden-variety common cold will often leave a similar rash from my neckline to my bikini line.
Glad Ike is doing fine, though. :) And congrats...I fell off the blogosphere for 15mos and had no idea you had another baby...he's adorable!

Kate Sommers

could it have been fifth's disease? I know it's going around like crazy here (because I'm pregnant and apparently this rash can cause harm to 1st trimester pregnancies) because when my niece got it was alerted to call my Dr. IMMEDIATELY! Looks pretty similar to the google images of the icky thing

Michelle Baum

Crap, first post I sent didn't go. HSP? Henoch Shoenlein Pupura. My middle daughter did this to me after a cold/ear infection. I think Ike is a little young for it, but if this persists and comes with joint swelling/pain, suggest it to your doc. Or, email me if you want.


I have cold urticaria, as well. The allergist was like, "the cure is... don't jump in cold water." I didn't develop this lovely condition until I was around 35, and it started showing up when I would blast the AC in my car on hot days, causing me to first believe that my car was infested with fleas. Nice. Anyway, poor Ike -- I am glad whatever this is doesn't itch or hurt!

Maricris @ SittingAround

Feel sorry for Ike. Well, at least it's not itchy. I hope he gets better really soon.


hey, just as a little something to think about...are you 100% convinced that's an allergic reaction? i just got home a few hours ago from the pediatrician with my son Jax (10 months) and he has the EXACT same rash. My doc said its roseola virus. It can come with other symptoms(mine did, and OMG i KNEW something was UP) or it can just present with that rash. Once the rash shows up, the virus is gone. Typically, there is a fever for 3 to 5 days, then within 12 to 24 hours the rash breaks out. Nothing to do but wait...sorry if you knew this already but i swear I want to post a picture of the exact SAME BLANKET OF BUMPS!!!
ps - he's my fourth, and i've never, ever experienced such a thing.....


Same thing happened to me as a child. Bad ear infection, tubes in ears than allergic to all antibiotics. Happy you little man is better;)

Thrift Store Mama

Yep. Ramona got that once after an antibiotic. I think she only got it a little bit a second time and never again since then.


My daughter had the same rash after taking amoxi antibiotics. We had to take her into the ER because I noticed the rash all over her chest and back and then she spiked a fever and passed out in my arms. It freaked me the f' out. I thought she had ebola or something. The ER docs ran tests and said no more cillin drugs.


My 6 month old had this rash a few weeks ago (it was worse on her trunk). When we took her to the doctor the nurse asked if she has recently been on the floor. It was funny because the baby spends A LOT of time on the floor but we had just bought her a new mat to lay on. We assumed it was because of that (since she's not on antibiotics and is EBF).
One warning - don't put a baby in a warm bath when they have that rash, it goes NUTS and spreads.


That looks like erythema multiforme to me (am a family doc). Sometimes due to drugs, often just happens, and goes away on its own. Those "target lesions" on his legs look pretty classic for it. Awesome pictures, and yes, incredibly impressive rash.


Holy crap I thought he had roseola! But then again, I've had reactions like that to antibiotics (but mine itched like hell BTW-some puffed the size of freaking quarters). They aren't saying he's allergic and shouldn't take it again???? Crazy! Glad he doesn't feel as miserable as it looks!


My daycare lady's daughter just went through the same thing.


I know this whole post is supposed to be about baby Ike but you'll have to forgive me: the part that made my day is the proof that I am not the only person who gets hives from every little random thing.. but only if the moon is full and I'm not scheduled for a doctor's appointment!

I can never quite reproduce exactly what it is that causes them except that I am quite definitely allergic to cold!

I tell that to people when they see the hives on my arms when we go to air conditioned restaurants on hot days and the AC is blowing directly on my skin and I'm only wearing little tank tops and they look at me like I'm crazy :(


Hey, I have one of those babies! He's 11 months old and just finished a round of amoxicillin and tada! Our doctor is marking him allergic...maybe he gives up too easily?


Florida Water is still available! You can get it on or from Lanman and Kemp in New Jersey. (See for some of the ways you can use Florida Water.)

My daughter is 30 now and had this rash when she was little. No penicillin for her, if I can help it -- that rash was scary-looking!


ooooooh man. He is still cute as ever. Keep up the good work mama.


Oh, bless his little heart. I hope he's better.

This happened to my husband a few months ago. Totally randomly and we all thought he was going to die. (Okay, not really. But it was pretty bad.) He didn't dare leave the house for over a week. It was insane!


My 3 year old just had this same thing on day 9 of antibiotics. It was mind bending to see him covered in giant red spots, blotches and patches and it mean ... nothing. Glad you didn't trade Ike in for a spot free model.

Mrs. Q.

Oh, I'm so glad he's OK!!! My daughter had an amox reaction when 9 months old. She was my second baby, so I was all, meh, just a rash... until my pediatrician calmly asked if I could drive directly to the children's hospital ER and if not, an ambulance was coming. Er, what? My daughter was not bothered at all-- until her eyes started to swell shut. I totally agree-- WTF with these babies and their new ways to make us gray?!

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