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Ezra did a little redecorating in the Baby Jail this weekend. First he attempted to turn it into a ball pit, only with a knee-deep hoard of assorted toys and pointy-shaped plastic things instead of balls. When I protested that this maybe wasn't the coziest environment for the still fairly unstable Baby Ike, he helpfully added a layer of bubble wrap. 

When I also nixed that idea (SO LAME MOM), he went with option C and tossed in every single throw pillow and blanket he could find, officially turning Baby Jail in a groovy good-time laid-back Conversation Pit. 


All we need now is a lava lamp up in this bitch. 



(First rule of Conversation Pit is you do not talk about Conversation Pit.)



Okay, so it's crowded and awkward there's a lot more rolling and flailing going on than walking/cruising. But Baby Ike gets a very devoted playmate, Ezra gets his weird on (seriously, a deflated pool toy and smashed boxes of play cereal are among the valued treasures he specifically chose to transfer to the Pit), and Mama gets 18.5 SQUARE FEET OF LEGO-FREE REAL ESTATE



Lego free real estate - how much is that per square foot? I need to invest.


Just make sure the redecoration doesn't resemble steps to freedom! Otherwise you might have a little buddy standing behind you unexpectedly.

Corey Feldman

So cute. I love the name Ezra by the way. That is my oldest, Joshua's middle name.

Lisa Y

I'm so glad to see someone else using a Super Yard. We have gotten much judgment when we've posted pictures on Facebook of our daughters in what we lovingly refer to as The Pen. But that's what works for us and our open floor plan, tile everywhere house when we have toddlers. The Pen will soon be gone since our youngest is 18 months and a stable walker, but I will always be grateful to that monster that took up the entire living room for my three children making it through their first years with heads intact!

Laura in PA

Love that they're in there together--very sweet.


A bachelor pad!
Super cute though, especially the way they're playing together so well!

Amy Lewis

You are so damn funny! I love you and your boys... this post and the pro tips for managing a 3.5 year old made me and my husband laugh out loud. Thank you for being as talented as you are and sharing the little things that we can relate to!

Heather B.

Do you think they'll let me hang out in there? Actually my ass might crush them both so scratch that thought.


Totally off topic, have you seen the kidswoot item today? Is that Ninjago thing that Noah likes....


Lego free real estate???? Whhaaat??? I have not seen anything like that in 4 years. Enjoy.


Laughed out loud at the lava lamp caption. You rock.

Korinthia Klein

That is so adorable. Don't you love how Ike will never remember a time where he wasn't all in a fun tussle with his brothers?


I read your post yesterday about Ike falling off the changing table, then went over to read your post about Ezra burning himself on your curling iron (back in 2009.) At the end of that post you wrote; "I think I'll just wrap them up in some bubble wrap and keep them in a pen."
Sounds like Ezra has been reading your blog :)


Aww yeah, the brothers are chilling.

catering jacksonville

Just create sure the redecoration doesn't appear to be actions to freedom! Otherwise you might have a little good friend status behind you suddenly.


Ike's faces in the pictures are killing me! The second one, he's all 'See what I have to put up with'.....the third one is 'Uh, Mom....are you gonna save me or what?' Love it!


It just occurred to me that we should have another kid just so I could have some Lego-free space... brilliant!


i can't get enough of Ike's "uh, mom? little help?" faces!

we love our baby cage (pen, jail, etc). we let it swallow our living room for a bit, but now it encloses the bookcases and daddy's dangerous desk area so bebe sort of has the run of the living room now.


We have our Baby Jail in the attic, and every time I try to bring it down, my wife makes me put it back up. It's been eight months since our 28-month old was incarcerated, so the training may be ruined, but I'd figured that if we could train her young, we'd still be able to use the thing when she was 16. You know how they tie baby elephants to a stake in the ground, and then when the elephants are large enough to pick up a bus, they still don't pull the stake out? It could work for kids, right?

Also, people made fun of us for using old oatmeal containers (eight of them, before my mother-in-law recycled them) and the cardboard toilet-paper roll things for toys. We'd just toss 'em in there, and our Addison would gnaw on them the same as Boynton books or fisher price toys.

By the way, enjoying your blog.

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