Stupid Medical Tricks


One year ago today, I took this picture.


And then a few hours after that, I took this one.


And probably a few hundred others, just like it. 

It's difficult to write about the day you were born without lapsing into lazy clichés. One of the best days of my life, one I'll never forget, like no other experience in the world, a day full of joy and love and endless promise and tinged with mystery. Who are you, little boy? What will you be like? How are you different? How are you the same? 

Everything stood still on the day you were born. We stayed locked together, even after you were so abruptly pulled from your cozy womby home, because I could not get enough of holding you, smelling you, kissing you. When others handed you back to me we'd both emit the same satisfied sigh as you settled back into my arms. Yes. That's better. That's right. 

At some point the fast-forward button gets hit, and the days and weeks and months hurtle by. Milestone after milestone, pound after chubby delicious satisfying pound. You're smiling, cooing, rolling, babbling, laughing, scooting, sitting, eating, crawling, standing, cruising. Doing everything a baby is supposed to do, when a baby is supposed to do it, yet it all still feels new and novel and unique because it's you.

Who are you, little boy? 

Ike bday4

You are our bright-eyed...

Ike bday3

Ball of quiet mischief...

Ike bday2

Who has everybody you know completely wrapped around your fingers and toes and swirly baby curls.

Ike bday1

You're Baby Ike, that's who, and you're amazing.

Happy birthday, Ikey. 

Baby Ike's First Birthday from amalah on Vimeo.

Music: Perpetuum Mobile by Penguin Cafe Orchestra



Happy birthday, Baby Ike!!! And holy guacamole, I can't believe it's been a whole year.


Amy, you brought me to tears as I sit here nursing my sweet 10-month old baby boy. You certainly have a beautiful gift for writing.

Happy Birthday Baby Ike!!


OOH! Happy Birthday!!! So lovely!


That is the sweetest video! Happy birthday, Baby Ike!!

Suzy Q

The cuteness! I die from it. I will never get tired of seeing Ike in the baby bukkit. Happy Day, Ike!

Siobhan Dobson

I so relate to this with my third, and last, baby who just turned two. I remember just holding him for hours in the hospital and smelling his delicious little baby head. My second was a girl and immediately felt and looked so different from my first. Having another boy I remember thinking so much about what he would be like and even though he looked so much like his big brother that he would be this totally different amazing little guy. And he is of course. I adore that newborn time but it's so much fun getting to watch the person they're turning into.


Happy birthday, Ike!


Happy Birthday Ike! Nice work Amalah.


Well, you totally debunked the whole "third babies have no pictures" myth because that was the best first birthday video ever! Oh how I wish I had videoed my sweet Henry more in his first year. I kept thinking he wasnt doing anything video worthy, so I took pictures instead, but now I realize that those videos of babies doing nothing are priceless.

Happy birthday, Baby Ike!


Happy Birthday, Ike! I love his big brown eyes! My 11.5 month old looooved the video and wants to be BFFs.


Dammit, bawling again... may have something to do with the fact that I'm about to pop out our first THIS MONTH OMG... It's getting more and more obvius, we have no clue what we got ourselves into. But I love your blog, it will always be my place to find sanity back.. and reason. Thanks!

Oh, and: HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY IKE!! (omg.. maybe we'll have to ditch the "baby" part soon?)


He's ONE?!? Wait. Wasn't EZRA just turning 1? I am confused. Time; it moves too quickly.


that was great!
Happy Birthday (again) Baby Ike!!
I hope I can make a birthday video for Avery that's half as good. :)


Sniffle-great video.he is amazing--as are all your boys, and you :)


Oh Amy, I just got that pop-up thingy that says amalah is conducting an online survey. Saw someone else commenting about that, I managed to get a screenshot of it if you want it? Just don't know how to get it to you...

Whitney Worthington

Awesome video. So so cute!


This video made me cry!!! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY IKE!!! You are so unbelievably loved by your family that your head would explode if you could comprehend it!

charlotte media

I can't even believe you are 9 months pregnant in that picture, you look so skinny! Happy birthday Ike!


Happy Birthday Ike!! Love the video. He is just so adorable =)


Happy Birthday Baby Ike!! Amazing video.

bad penguin

I very clearly remember you Tweeting about going in for your c-section while I was waiting to go in for my IVF egg retrieval. Happy Birthday to Ike and happy conception day to my very own little boy. :)


and now i'm trying desperately not to sob at my desk. At 7 months pregnant with my first boy i ask myself the same question over and over "who are you, little boy". I can't wait to find out. Happy Birthday Ike! (and Happy Ike's birthday to you beautiful mama.)


Happy Birthday Ike!


Happy birthday Baby Ike!


I can't believe he is already a year old! Happy birthday, Baby Ike!!!

Mom In Two Cultures

I feel like we might be on the same wavelength, though Ike's birthday is actually today and Stow's is not. I'm just slow. Happy Birthday, Ike!

Korinthia Klein

What an adorable boy! Makes me happy just knowing he's in the world.

Happy Birthday Ike!

Wendy is this kid 1 already?!?!


Love Love Love the video, Happy Birthday Big Guy!


So sweet! I actually had been going back yesterday and reading your late pregnancy posts/new baby posts because I'm due with my 2nd this month and I'm just feeling nostalgic reading about all my favorite bloggers and my friends' birth stories. I also remember reading all this because my DD is about 1.5 months older than Ike and I was going through PPD and so I didn't have all those schmoopy feelings you did and was feeling so weird's nice to be full circle and reading all this knowing what it's like to be so totally in love with a baby.

Also, I got the survey thingy too the other day but forgot how to do a screen capture on a mac :-(


So, so sweet. Happy Birthday Baby Ike!


Happy birthday, Baby Ike!

My own baby is two months older than Ike. I remember showing my husband your write-up of your c-section experiences which proved so useful as I ended up with one too.

You also kindly responded to a question I asked about hospital food, and I can happily report for anyone in the DC area that INOVA Fairfax offered great food service--and my desire for meat returned immediately after giving birth, thank goodness!

Here's to more adventures with beautiful baby boys! :)


Jesus, that made me cry and I don't even know y'all.

Happy Birthday Baby Ike!


Ike looks like a combo of Noah and sweet..Happy Birthday Little Man !!!


Happy Birthday Ike! Wow that first year went fast!!!


Happy Birthday, Baby Ike!


Happy, Happy Birthday Ike! I can't believe his one, and I can't believe how long it has been since I have seen you all. I hope you have a wonderful celebration.


Ok, Amy, if you won't write a "grown-up" book for us (which I still think would be amazing), you should definitely write a children's book! Your writing is so amazing! Happy Birthday, Ike!!!


Yay! Happy birthday, littlest Storch!


You make THE most lovely videos!! I would be more than happy to cut you a check and send you heaps of photos and a few videos and just put you to work!!!!

Happy birthday Ike!!! *sniff* !!


Right now my husband is very happy I have Mirena. Becuase if I didn't I would be begging him to knock me up and we can't afford but I don't care because Ike is just so adorable!!! Happy birthday little guy! And thanks for sharing Amy!


Happy birthday baby Ike.

Sheesh, it goes by fast doesn't it?


If I'm sitting here reeling that Ike is 1, I can only imagine how much of a TIME STOP THAT SHIT whirlwind it's been for you. Happy birthday, Ikey; give 'em hell (it should be customary to say this to all toddlers because AS IF NOT).


Happy Birthday, Baby Ike. You have a whole lot of pseudo-momadmirers out here.

PS- Amy, you always always ALWAYS make me cry with these. In a good way.:)


Sobbing. Beautiful.


Happy birthday Baby Ike!


Happy Birthday Ike! I got my nephew a membership to a book of the month club for his 1st birthday last month and he LOVES it. He’s reminded that I’m the best aunt ever when he gets a new book every month! Max’s Book Club is the name of the site I used.


Seriously sobbing. At work. The Ugly Cry. Happy Birthday Ike!


oh man, that last shot in the's like you can almost see the man he'll become. i love that! he's so handsome!
I hope his first birthday is a great one!


I love all your boy's birthday videos. And awesome music.
How sweet, Ike's getting those wispy curls. Baaaaaaah! So cute I can't stand it.
Happy Birthday, Ike!


"Everything stood still on the day you were born." Oh, my heart. That is lovely.


Happy birthday Ike! I had to smile when you said hitting milestones like sitting... Remember when you posted about that? Ha ha :)


Yay! Happy Birthday, beautiful Baby Ike!! :)


He's pretty precious alright! Happy Birthday, Little Dude!


Yours is the only "mommyblog" I can read aloud to my boyfriend without him immediately rolling his eyes. I can't believe I've been reading aloud about Ike for a whole year :) Happy Birthday, Baby Ike!


Happy Baby Ike's birthday to all of you xx

Lynda M O

Happy Birthday Precious Ike, you changed the world when you showed up and I am enjoying watching you grow. Thanks.


Your birthday videos always make me cry...happy tears of course. Happy Birthday Ike!


Happy birthday Baby Ike! You rock. I hope your family has so much fun celebrating with you!


Wasn't he just BORN?! Happy Birthday Baby Ike!! And congrats to you all, you made it! One whole year as a family of FIVE! :)


Oh man. One ALREADY?? I have a feeling that in 20 years we're all going to be sitting here reading your blog on our super-duper amazing-whatever-replaces-the-ipad-thingies (I know, we'll have moved on from blogs by then) with our gray hairs and wrinkles saying, 'Oh my goodness! Look how big baby Ike is now! He must be shaving!" :-)


Omg I don't know if its my pregnancy hormones or what, but your video brought tears to my eyes. My baby boy will turn one at the end of August and I wish I was creative enough to make such an awesome video.

die Frau

My little man is three weeks younger--turns 1 in THREE WEEKS. So I watched your video and cried--he's changed so much and there's still so much more goodness to come.

Happy birthday, sweet Ike!


Yep. It's a good thing Baby Ike isn't mine. I'm afraid I'd let him get away with all sorts of naughty behavior simply because he's so darned cute. Happy birthday, sweet boy!


Time sure does fly. Happy Birthday, sweet boy.


I do not like other people's children. Except yours, for some reason. Stop making me want more babies! Happy Birthday, Mr. Ike.


You should just have ONE more. JUST ONE MORE!!!

Happy Birthday, IKE!!! You are the cutest!! Except for the other two, of course, but for today - you win!

Lauren @ Turquoise & Gold

Dude. You are so skinny in that picture, and I mean that in the best way possible! I also love baby ike and wish him a happy happy birthday!


So cute...Happy Birthday Ike:)


Well it may be because my first is 8 months old and I can totally identify, but that just made me bawl my friggen brains out.

Ok it also might be the fact that I'm 14 weeks pregnant again. Oops.

Either way, all the love to you and your wonderful family. :) Great job documenting it all, too!

Corey Feldman

Very sweet post. Happy birthday to you both!


Oh, Amy. Your birthday videos always slay me. Happy, happy ONE, Ike! Sniffle. Also, mah ovaries!

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