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Oh. Hey. 

We went away there, for a few days.

Ike aruba

It did not suck. No.

Babble and Westin hotels have been sending a few of us Babble Voices folk to various Westin resorts. They sent us to...Aruba.

What the hell, right? We're such assholes. I hate us too, it's okay. 

I'll be writing about the trip at my Babble blog, of course, but also here, all uncompensated-like, because we took approximately four hundred thousand photos and the campaign at Babble is only five posts, and that means I might not force quite enough of the Internet to stare at my vacation photos. And that just goes against everything I believe in, frankly. 

First, though, is this little problem:

Vaca laundry

That's roughly the amount of dirty laundry a family of five accumulates during a five-day vacation. 

That's also the amount of dirty laundry I would currently be tackling if the airline had not lost that particular black suitcase right there, which was our designated Dirty Gross Laundry suitcase.

I suppose I should be thankful for the temporary respite from the Dirty Gross Laundry...the suitcase HAS been located, after all, and is currently en route home from an extended layover in Atlanta...but I also really miss my toothbrush. 

Noah atlanta airport

(Noah, during our briefer-than-our-suitcase's time in Atlanta. We were totally able to watch it not get loaded on our plane outside that window right there! Super amazing and enriching. Also fun were the looks of terror on the faces of every other person in this waiting area as they silently prayed for seat assignments far, far away from us.)



When did Noah get so LONG?


I'm dying to know what you thought of the Westin in Aruba. I looked at that for spring break next year but instead booked the one in scotsdale. Maybe I'll will change my mind, again.

Mom In Two Cultures

Ah, traveling with children. I know it well...I'm always happy when a bag gets lost on the way home. One less thing to carry--especially nice if you have to go through customs.


We just returned from a vacay at a Westin in Cancun. That pile of laundry sure looks familiar....


Is he planking?


What happened to Noah? When did he get so tall? I thought that was Jason.


I can't even concentrate on my level of hate for you(and lo, is it extreme!) because WHYYYYYYYYYYY does Noah look so damn big? Long? Big!


OMG. A vacation to somewhere tropical where they send your dirty laundry to an abyss of sorts (albeit temporary)? Sign me up!

Abbie Nourmel

Uuuuugggghh... Losing luggage SUCKS. Nothing spells welcome back like being thrown into anxiety hell.

- Abbie Nourmel
Twitter: @abbienourmel


Well Baby Ike certainly had a good first birthday. However will you top it next year?

And second (third? fourth? eight-sixth?) that holy hell, when did he get so BIG?


Oooooh....we stayed at the Westin in Aruba for vacation about a year and a half ago...all-inclusive...we were fans...especially since we left the young one with his grandmother...I suggest that for next time...


Also...holy cow...that's Noah? he looks 14...


Aruba!! Awesome!!! But, dang....I'm glad you're back. I missed your posts. Can't wait to see the pictures and read about your adventures.

bad penguin

First, wow Noah looks like such a big kid! When did that happen?

Second, how do you travel to another country with a baby? My husband wants to take the baby to England this fall (most of his remaining family is there) and I'm terrified by the idea. Can we bring a stroller? What do we do about car seats? And OMG five hour time difference will the baby ever sleep or will he scream the whole time?


Noah went snorkling?? HE PUT ON A MASK!! Holy guacamole!!


I think I'm going to tell my wife that the cost of going on vacation now has to include the cost of all the clothes we bring with us, because it's just no vacation if you have to deal with all that crap when you get back. If there's ever a time to live like a celebrity and never wear a pair of socks twice, it's when you're sipping martinis on the beach. Or sipping chocolate milk with your kids, or whatever.

Corey Feldman

Sounds like a nice get away - minus the toothbrush


Good for you! I love that first picture of Ike, too cute.

Lauren @ Turquoise & Gold

Baby Ike is just so damn cute.


aw, my husband and I went to Aruba and stayed in that Westin when I was pregnant with my first. My main source of exercise on that trip was walking down the beach to the Dunkin Donuts...ahhhh, good times :-)

Glad you all had fun!


The pile of dirty clothes is impressive for 5 days ;-)


Totally stupid question: did you cloth diaper while you traveled? We went to Hawaii in February and I'm a new cloth-diaperer (hah!) and was too afraid of the stench and all that to take them with me.

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