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What's Your (Kid's) Style

This post is sponsored by Wittlebee. So these "online style profiles" are quite a Thing now, aren't they? The days of just going to a website and typing "black t-shirt" into a search bar are over, like what are you, some kind of e-caveman or something? Now it's all about personalized profiles and recommendations and letting fashion algorithms pick out your outfit because GOD KNOWS what you'd pick out if left to your own unstylish devices. (Pajamajeans, probably.) The only problem with those personalized style profile things is...well, me. The personalized part. Because I managed to thoroughly overthink the process and second-guess myself. "Do I reach for Vogue or InStyle at the hair salon? I don't know! Which one has Adele on the cover? And is US Weekly an option? Perferably something in a TomKat divorce edition? Because I would read the hell out of that right now." And then I invariably try to impress the stupid thing and make it think I'm trendier than I actually am, and then my results are all, "CONGRATULATIONS, YOU ARE LADY GAGA." In other words, I still really need a nice plain black t-shirt. So it was with a small amount of trepidation... Read more →


Last night, we finally came home to a glorious sight: And it only took five days! 120 hours! We also came home to the glorious sounds of 1) both televisions merrily blasting away, having apparently been on at the initial moment of derecho-fueled KABOOM, 2) our security alarm screeching at top volume, helpfully alerting us to the fact that it had lost power so...I dunno...go down to the basement to check things out. I'm sure everything is fine and not at all full of murderous hobos. I really need to publicly and slobberiffically thank Tracey and Charlie for taking us all in this week, providing food and shelter and coffee and showers that didn't feel like getting doused with ice-cold razorblades. Oh, and fireworks. (Please note the dead tree hovering over a power line in this photo. The composition suggests that the firework could be seen as a jubiliant celebration of the human spirit [love, friendship, childhood magic and new traditions, etc.] over both the thwarting efforts of nature and the failings of modern convenience...or simply a representation that we were really fucking stupid for sending explode-y type things up in the sky in the close vicinity of both.) (Nah,... Read more →

Wifi Refugee Camp

So we (along with two million of our closest friends) lost power on Friday night during the storm LAND HURRICANE WHAT THE FREAKING HELL. We'll likely remain without power for several more days, because fuck us, that's why. (Also: massive trees and downed lines all over the place. That too.) It's been a long weekend of driving around in the car to keep our phones charged and our children entertained, which sounds easy until you suddenly realize oh hi empty gas tank and powerless gas stations as far as the non-functioning GPS can see because the cell towers are out and WHAT IS THIS LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE? I NEED INFORMATION ABOUT WHERE TO FIND COFFEE. But besides the fact that my children's bedroom is 90+ degrees and smells like the inside of a gym bag (and let's be honest, my children ain't much better), we are fortunate. We live pretty much in the dead honest center of where the storm touched down. The big trees that fell on our street missed cars and roofs and — oh jebus — people. I battled Wizard-of-Oz style mid-storm to get our wildly flapping screen doors shut and bolted but in the... Read more →