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Unsung Milestones

Crawling, standing, walking, talking. All well and good.

But not nearly as delightful as the first time your baby picks up your hairbrush and starts dragging it across his downy-bald head.

Photo (26)

Bonus points if he's never actually had enough hair to merit brushing, but has simply gleaned the purpose of the weird, spikey thing by watching you futilely groom yourself. 

Or puts your phone up to his ear — or general ear-like area — and says, "abloooh?"

Photo (27)

"Ablooh? Sorry, I can't hear you. This hairbrush gets terrible reception. Lemme switch to the comb and call you back."

Or tries to make sense of a doorknob. He KNOWS what it does. He KNOWS it is the source of his confinement. And he KNOWS to grab it and...and...well. He'll get back to you once he figures out step two.

Photo (25)

Bonus points for...well. No. No bonus points awarded for this. HE'S JUST A BABY STOP PRESSURING HIM TO BE BRILLIANT ALREADY. 

(Step three, of course, is: PROFIT!)

(And head injuries, probably.)



I heart you even more than ever now for the Underpants Gnomes! That shit never gets old.

And speaking of old, when did Baby Ike start looking so...big? And Ezra-ish? And...and...NO BABY IKE! STOP WITH THE GROWING ALREADY.


That's adorable - I love the holding the brush up to his ear and trying to say hello! It's amazing how babies pick up on all the things we do regularly.


He is determined to keep up with the growing and the reaching the talking and walking and the figuring things out, huh? Bullshit.

Donna P

I'd give anything to be able to sit in that semi-lotus position he's in. He's adorable! But, you already know that. ;)


Oh yes! I love these little milestone! My favourite one was when my daughter put my purse strap over her shoulder, dug out the keys, and headed to the door where she diligently applied the keys with no success.

Our latest milestone is being able to open lids that screw off. At 14 months, this puts our diaper cream in jeopardy.


Better than swimming in the toilet. Cuter and less 'omg gross! Too!


Does anything smell better than the top of a baby's head? Pretty much no, unless it's their chubby little feet. My grandniece Lillie Grace is a year old now, and we have three more on the way, all girls. When my nephew marries this fall, we will be officially adding a little two year old Violet to the family. Five babies! Clearly, we need to space these out more so we always have a fresh baby to nom on!


How do you not eat him up?


Kids just insist on finding new ways to enchant us and make sure we don't leave them to the alligators. So far so good...

Korinthia Klein

I vote he totally gets the extra bonus points. Because look at him!


I LOVE that our boys are nearly the same age. As soon as my son figures something out, you're posting pictures of yours doing the exact same thing. Hairbrush, door knob, everything-as-a-phone... mine also loves to the flush the toilet now, so if Ike hasn't discovered that particular joy yet, more joy to you.


So love that you made an underpants knomes reference. My best friend and I still refer to all of our half- baked schemes in these terms. LOVE! And baby is cute too. :)

Melissa H

My baby has taken to wiping his lips with his napkin while eating which is SO CUTE. Useless, but cute, since he wipes when his mouth is clean and doesn't actually remove any food.

Becca Lynn

OHMAHGAWD!! He is delicious. Delectable. YUMMEH!

Becca Lynn

OHMAHGAWD!! He is delicious. Delectable. YUMMEH!


He is a total SUGAR BOOGER. Love Baby Ike.


I love it! (My son found a nailbrush and tried to brush his hair with it! I'd never brushed his hair OR used the nailbrush in front of him in any way!) My son also found some old headbands from before he was born, and immediately put them on his head. How did he know to do that???

Corey Feldman

very cute!


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actually those are very important developmental milestones too. You are watching his brain develop and your own heart grow outside of your body!


When my daughter seemed to show intent when sticking her slobbery finger in my BIL's ear, as opposed to just accidentally spreading baby spit on everyone, he wanted to put it in the baby book. He figured that first "Wet Willie" was just as noteworthy as first tooth or first steps.


And 3 gabazillion points for gorgeous blond curls. That boy is gonna break some hearts.


All I ever get out of these posts is how much I miss my boys being babies. Oh, well. It's fun anyway! And to the survey person up there? There hasn't been a "student" named "Cindy" since I was one. And that's a loooong time.


Thanks for sharing the little moments. Kids are like sponges and they watch everything we do. Sometimes it can be a little scary.

I have a little grand daughter that walks with me to the mail box and has to take an old set of keys with her to unlock the mail box. Got to love every minute of those little ones, they do grow fast.
thanks again for sharing these spacial moments,


My favourite little milestone is pointing. I love when that chubby finger comes out and starts stabbing at things, thus forcing you to name/explain them. So much power in one little finger.

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Milestones that will always be close to me would pointing and saying mum. :D

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