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Last night, we finally came home to a glorious sight:

Photo (11)

And it only took five days! 120 hours!  

We also came home to the glorious sounds of 1) both televisions merrily blasting away, having apparently been on at the initial moment of derecho-fueled KABOOM, 2) our security alarm screeching at top volume, helpfully alerting us to the fact that it had lost power so...I dunno...go down to the basement to check things out. I'm sure everything is fine and not at all full of murderous hobos.

I really need to publicly and slobberiffically thank Tracey and Charlie for taking us all in this week, providing food and shelter and coffee and showers that didn't feel like getting doused with ice-cold razorblades. Oh, and fireworks.  

Photo (12)

Photo (13)

Photo (15)

Photo (14)

(Please note the dead tree hovering over a power line in this photo. The composition suggests that the firework could be seen as a jubiliant celebration of the human spirit [love, friendship, childhood magic and new traditions, etc.] over both the thwarting efforts of nature and the failings of modern convenience...or simply a representation that we were really fucking stupid for sending explode-y type things up in the sky in the close vicinity of both.)

(Nah, it's the first thing. DEFINITELY THE FIRST THING.)



I love Ike's face while looking at fireworks.


Yay, power!

And in the post Debby and derecho madness, I scramble to get myself a damn generator this year, because, well, I'm thinking you have taken enough of the lost power karma for a lifetime.


Glad you are back home after such a freak storm. Very cool of Tracey to take you in. What a wonderful friend.


Glad to hear that the juice is back on! Wonderful friends aside, it's like Dorothy said: There's no place like home.

And with that bit of maudlin crap I'm tapped out for the week.

Life of a Doctor's Wife

Yay power! And hooray for good friends.


Yowza! Welcome home, Storches!


Power is good. I'm sure you all had fun in the land of OZ.

Sue C

How is Max?

Glad your power has returned your house to the land of the civilized. No plumbing, no power equals no civilization in my world!


I miss sparklers so much. They're illegal in my town. :(

shin ae

Finally! That storm was completely nuts.

Corey Feldman

Glad you got your power. we were only out for 4 days!

Jac Lynn



Glad you're finally back among the powah havahs. Ours continues to blink and the daycare still has no a/c, BUT we are better off than others, so I'ma shut up.


We were without power during the hurricane last fall, but it was for less than 24 hours and I thought I would go INSANE! There's only so long we can go depending on the kindness of friends. Which is probably longer than they want to have us around.


Having lived through a derecho and its ensuing power outagage in 1998 and the Snowtober 2011 storm and its ensuing 8-day power outage, I'm so glad you finally got your power back. You'll thank your lucky stars every time you hit a light switch and the light actually goes on for a while.

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