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What's Your (Kid's) Style

This post is sponsored by Wittlebee.

So these "online style profiles" are quite a Thing now, aren't they? The days of just going to a website and typing "black t-shirt" into a search bar are over, like what are you, some kind of e-caveman or something? Now it's all about personalized profiles and recommendations and letting fashion algorithms pick out your outfit because GOD KNOWS what you'd pick out if left to your own unstylish devices. 

(Pajamajeans, probably.)

The only problem with those personalized style profile things is...well, me. The personalized part. Because I managed to thoroughly overthink the process and second-guess myself.

"Do I reach for Vogue or InStyle at the hair salon? I don't know! Which one has Adele on the cover? And is US Weekly an option? Perferably something in a TomKat divorce edition? Because I would read the hell out of that right now."

And then I invariably try to impress the stupid thing and make it think I'm trendier than I actually am, and then my results are all, "CONGRATULATIONS, YOU ARE LADY GAGA."

In other words, I still really need a nice plain black t-shirt. 

So it was with a small amount of trepidation that I agreed to create a personalized online style profile on behalf of my children with Wittlebee (which is a kids' clothing club that sends you monthly boxes of fun and mystery), because what if I answered wrong? Is Ezra's favorite color blue or red these days? What's the difference between "sporty" and "casual" and if I say Ike is a "hipster" am I being too aspirational by suggesting that I actually put thought into his clothing beyond "OH HEY LOOK THIS HAND-ME-DOWN IS NOT TOO STAINED"? 

I mean, let's be honest here. This...


...is not a photo of two children tearing up a Fashion Week runway. 

See, if I was asked to write a style/personality quiz for my kids, it would probably be something like this:



a) Made of ham and eyelashes.


b) Loves dogs, hates pants.


c) Is Lady Gaga.

I feel like those are straightforward questions with straightforward answers.

Wittlebee sticks to asking if your kid likes plaid or race cars. How do they feel about green? And do you need some socks?

I guess that works too. And I guess I did pretty okay on the quiz because they sent Ezra a monkey shirt. And I don't think you can do any better than a monkey shirt for that one.



Leave a comment on this post and I'll pick someone at random to win a free Wittlebee box of kids' clothes, all picked out nice and personal for you (sizes are newborn to 5T). Comments will stay open for seven days and then I'll contact the winner so please leave a valid email address.

Can't wait that long? Already convinced you are doomed to never win anything (PS I NEVER WIN ANYTHING.) Just totally addicted to taking personalized online style profile quizzes? Visit Wittlebee and use coupon code am15 for $15 off your first purchase between now and August 1st, 2012.


kari weber

I love the monkey shirt!!

Carrie H.

My son could certainly use a spruce-up! Wearing my daughter's hand-me-down princess shirts is probably going to bother him at some point.

Elizabeth V

My son could definitely use a fashionista upgrade.

Jen B

I think my daughter would get the monkey t-shirt too! I'd love to win this and see what they send


Me! Me! Choose me!


I have a style challenged boy who will be starting kindergarten this fall in high water jeans and popsicle stained t-shirts unless WE WIN!!


I have a style challenged boy who will be starting kindergarten this fall in high water jeans and popsicle stained t-shirts unless WE WIN!!


Something other than (mostly) unstained hand-me-downs? Sign me up!


I never win anything either. Here's my problem though...my kid is simultaneous made of ham & eyelashes, loves cats/hates pants, and is probably lady gaga too (but only if gaga wears every type of striped clothing she can find all at the same time & none of them match)


I never win anything either! Love the picture of Noah doing his Lady Gaga impression!


wahoo!! the possibility of free cute kids clothes--yay! I've looked @ Wittlebee before but have been on the fence about committing for pretty much the same reasons (uh...this *kind* of describes my kid. Sort of. Some of the time anyway). However, discount codes are almost as awesome as free, so even if I don't win, I think maybe I'll finally be brave enough to order it and see what they send.


OOH, pick me!


Oooh! I love Wittlebee! Come on Randomizer! Pick moi!


Wow, would love this!! My 4 year old still let's me dress him in whatever I want, thankfully!


Funny Post!


Do they do pink? Because we are totally rocking the pink - and animal themed t-shirts, and dresses....

Wait, why am I entering this, my LO already has a better wardrobe than I do!


Love free clothing since he out grows them so fast!


I have the luck of the Irish...meaning no luck at all. Would love to win this so my poor baby is not so naked all the time! =)


This is a neat idea. Who wouldn't love a box of clothes showing up every month?


My kids would love to get a box of clothes!! Well, I would love the clothes for them and they would love the box!!


I love the "lady gaga" pic, too cute.


Hubby lost his job. PLEASE pick us! ( I totally know this is random but am speaking more to the universe.)


OMG! Do they do that monkey in PINK??? Teagan LOVES that monkey!!!


This whole having two boys thing worked better when they were wearing the same size each season. The baby has been in 6-12 month clothes for 8 months now and my oldest was in 12 - 18 or 18-24 at a year. The baby is going to be naked this winter if I don't start stocking up!


Cool! I'm totally checking this out, but I hope I win!


AHHH, my stash of hand-me-downs run out at 4T, which my son is currently occupying. I need me some custom 5T!

Elsa Meyer

I could always use some new clothes for the kids. Hand-me-downs are never so exciting as new.


They had me at "monkey shirt".


Sounds good.


Worth a shot. :)


Throwing my hat in the ring.


I love your blog. I stumbled upon it a few months back when I was doing a search for cloth diapering and then proceeded to read A LOT of your prior post. They are always interesting and always humorous to me! Now I usually check daily to see if there is a new post. Thanks for being an awesome writer and posting!

amy butler

take pity on me!

I have a 25 month old girl, an 8 month old baby boy


i need to win this.

and my name is Amy!


Wait - pajama jeans are a fashion fail?? Help!


I never win anything! This would be great!


Wonder what the profile would say for my kid who refuses to wear sandals but reaches everyday for the still-wet-from-yesterday's-pee-accident gym shoes?


I have the female version of "Ham and Eyelashes" known as "Sparkle and Eyelashes" or maybe "Drama and eyelashes...."


Pick me...pick me!


So funny...my 2 year old is oddly aware when he is without pants and immediately needs them on (dress me properly mom!!). A box of cute clothes would help me be a better and more appropriate mother in his eyes!


We could really use more toddler clothing


I am one of four girls, so I know all about hand-me-downs! LOVE that monkey shirt.


I love any service which helps me avoid going out in public!


I would love to win a box for my girl. Her grandma sends boxes, but there is no mystery, it will be full of lace. And ruffles. And lacy ruffles.


Our first is on his or her way soon, it would be soooo perfect to win this giveaway!!!


I very rarely win anything! And I'd love to win this, as I am way too cheap to buy my children nice clothes when they outgrow them so fast, but my son is 4 now so the sizes are beginning to last long enough to be reasonable.


Would love to try this!


oh hai, my son NEEDS this so bad! my husband has to re-dress him sometimes after i do because i am that challenged!


Ooh, pick me, pick me! My poor 2 year old doesn't have a stitch of clothing not worn by his 3 year old brother. Poor guy :(

Carolyn A.

Oh, oh, pick me! We (meaning my 14 month old and my belly fruit on the way) would love to win this. :)


I want!


My daughter has a more impressive wardrobe than me. Which means, of course, duh!, she needs even more clothes.


Box of kids stuff sounds awesome:)


Pick me. My youngest (of 3) has never worn non-hand-me-downs!


I've read about wittlebee so much lately - way to use social networking to get your business going - And Amy will sure help. Us mom's love her!


I want want want!! Thank you :)

Jennifer Fox

YAY! What a fun giveaway! I've got a 2 year old and a 3-month old and the poor 3-month old wears nothing but hand-me-downs! I'd love to win her some "new" digs :)

Jennifer Fox

YAY! What a fun giveaway! I've got a 2 year old and a 3-month old and the poor 3-month old wears nothing but hand-me-downs! I'd love to win her some "new" digs :)


How fun! Pick me! I have followed Zero to Forty for thirty weeks now and would love to have an Amalah-inspired wardrobe awaiting the baby boy when he arrives.


I am commenting. I have already heard great things about this company and would love to try it.


Thank you!!! And if I win, I'm going to do something extra crazy and get it for the younger child, instead of the older, then having hand-me-downs for the younger. Oh the insanity!!!


I never win anything either, except for that one time when I did, so now I'm compelled to enter things, in case lightning strikes twice.


That's so fun! I thought I wanted girls...ruffled bloomers and hair bows! But I have a boy. And he's awesome and he has definite opinions on what he wants to wear!


My daughter's style is PINK. My son's style is THOMAS THE TRAIN. Deviations are met with screams and anger.

Also, I would love to win some clothes for them. Sign me up, please.


Actual cute clothes for boys?! I'm in.


Actual cute clothes for boys?! I'm in.




My Soren (who was born a day after Ike, btw)is in need of clothes that have not been heavily used by his two brothers.:)


Ph please pick me. I could use a pick-me-up right about now. :)


i don't have the actual pajamajeanas but i have something awfully similar from oldnavy and by god, i love them. love them.


I would LOVE to win this! I have a baby that needs to be styled!!!


I filled out the wittlebee profile just cuz I wanted to take the quiz. My 13 month old is def. into the mix and match plaids and stripes look. haha -- or is he? Or am I the only one that's into his fashion choices? Who knows?


My baby is negative 7 (or so) weeks old. I wonder how I'd fill out a style profile for her... Do I count as a meat dress? If so, I guess she's Lady Gaga. :p


I never win either, but can't resist the thought of a cute box of clothes for the little one - who definitely needs socks!


Made of ham and eyelashes pretty much describes my kid, too. He could use a monkey shirt or two!


Pick me pick me!! My boy needs more clothes! Always!


Someone else just told me about this site and I admit that I am intrigued. So I hope I win.

Jennifer Collver

I'd love to win this. I'd most likely choose a box for my younger son as he mostly just gets hand me downs from his older brother - He deserves some new clothes of his own!

Erin Munk

Mine is definitely a Loves dogs hates pants (and diapers) kind a kid. Wow, such cool stuff on this internet thing I wasn't even aware of. A box of clothes, pretty cool!

Erin Munk

Mine is definitely a Loves dogs hates pants (and diapers) kind a kid. Wow, such cool stuff on this internet thing I wasn't even aware of. A box of clothes, pretty cool!


This is such a great idea! I would love to win this!

Cheri sells

Single momma to 4.5 year old sweetie pie. She would Love some new clothes for preschool in the fall.
Pick us!!!


I'd love to win some free clothes for my new kiddo! She needs all the style help she can get.


Hmm...well, the profile is ok, but how do you tell it, "well, she likes butterflies, but also monkeys and polka dots, but not pink, and today she's waging a war against pants." Otherwise, fantastic idea!


um, yes to free kids clothes.

PS. I never win anything either.


Children style. I'm afraid i'm dressing her too nerdy and not girly enough. Maybe now that her hair is long enough for pig-tails, she won't get mistaken for a boy in her starwars shirt.

Jess F.

That Pa'jeans post is one of my favorites. Love it!


My oldest daughter just confided that she is (finally! blessedly!) pregnant! I would love to win this for her.


I love this idea. Also, I love that monkey shirt Ezra is wearing.

Amanda Uher

NEW clothes!? Yes please! We are wearing through our stained hand-me-downs at warp speed.


this sounds like fun! your boys are the sweetest.


Kid is all about dresses these days. Which is fine because it has been a million degrees.


Treasure! What a great idea -- they outgrow it so fast. (And then you save boy clothes for 8 years and they are all the wrong size/season.)


Whoo hoo - I am always up for signing up to never win. I could totally use a box of kids clothing however!


I never win but maybe my baby will? Hoping for a monkey shirt for him!

Heather R.


allison hirschmann

Awesome! Ashton always needs new stuff!

Amelia Sprout

Love the one I've gotten so far! Very nice basics to go with the fun stuff I like sewing.


So this year, my daughter decided it would be oh so much fun to have a growth spurt the week AFTER I bought her summer wardrobe. All those 2T shirts are now bare midriff shirts.

But I already know her style: anything with an animal (I get mommy bonus points if it has googly eyes).


Cool contest! Could always use a box of free clothes for my three kids!


My kids need clothes!

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