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What's Your (Kid's) Style

This post is sponsored by Wittlebee.

So these "online style profiles" are quite a Thing now, aren't they? The days of just going to a website and typing "black t-shirt" into a search bar are over, like what are you, some kind of e-caveman or something? Now it's all about personalized profiles and recommendations and letting fashion algorithms pick out your outfit because GOD KNOWS what you'd pick out if left to your own unstylish devices. 

(Pajamajeans, probably.)

The only problem with those personalized style profile things is...well, me. The personalized part. Because I managed to thoroughly overthink the process and second-guess myself.

"Do I reach for Vogue or InStyle at the hair salon? I don't know! Which one has Adele on the cover? And is US Weekly an option? Perferably something in a TomKat divorce edition? Because I would read the hell out of that right now."

And then I invariably try to impress the stupid thing and make it think I'm trendier than I actually am, and then my results are all, "CONGRATULATIONS, YOU ARE LADY GAGA."

In other words, I still really need a nice plain black t-shirt. 

So it was with a small amount of trepidation that I agreed to create a personalized online style profile on behalf of my children with Wittlebee (which is a kids' clothing club that sends you monthly boxes of fun and mystery), because what if I answered wrong? Is Ezra's favorite color blue or red these days? What's the difference between "sporty" and "casual" and if I say Ike is a "hipster" am I being too aspirational by suggesting that I actually put thought into his clothing beyond "OH HEY LOOK THIS HAND-ME-DOWN IS NOT TOO STAINED"? 

I mean, let's be honest here. This...


...is not a photo of two children tearing up a Fashion Week runway. 

See, if I was asked to write a style/personality quiz for my kids, it would probably be something like this:



a) Made of ham and eyelashes.


b) Loves dogs, hates pants.


c) Is Lady Gaga.

I feel like those are straightforward questions with straightforward answers.

Wittlebee sticks to asking if your kid likes plaid or race cars. How do they feel about green? And do you need some socks?

I guess that works too. And I guess I did pretty okay on the quiz because they sent Ezra a monkey shirt. And I don't think you can do any better than a monkey shirt for that one.



Leave a comment on this post and I'll pick someone at random to win a free Wittlebee box of kids' clothes, all picked out nice and personal for you (sizes are newborn to 5T). Comments will stay open for seven days and then I'll contact the winner so please leave a valid email address.

Can't wait that long? Already convinced you are doomed to never win anything (PS I NEVER WIN ANYTHING.) Just totally addicted to taking personalized online style profile quizzes? Visit Wittlebee and use coupon code am15 for $15 off your first purchase between now and August 1st, 2012.



This would be great to win!


Clothes that aren't hand me downs for my three year old--I'll throw my name in the hat for that one.


I would love this! I love filling out silly quizzes and I get all my kid's stuff at consignment sales. Having some nice new trendy stuff that he would love would be so much fun!


Interesting idea... With 4 boys it is nice to not drag them to the store. I, too, go with the "What fits out of the bin of hand-me downs" type of dressing for my kids.


Box of Mystery. Fun!


I was looking into Wittlebit just the other day. I'm intrigued but was a little intimidated by the style profile! I'd love to win so I could try it out.


Winning is fun!
Enjoying the pics here... "Noah is funny", according to my 3 year old...

Amanda Hill

Oh, yes please! I have a 13 month old in desperate need of clothes that haven't been stained by his big brother.


I'm with you, I always overthink those surveys, but cute boy clothes? Sign me up! (also I never win anything either, accept those contests that you didn't actually enter and give your computer a virus, those I win ALWAYS)


Great idea!


My daughter is growing so much and so fast (where oh where did my baby gooooooo?!?!) I'd love some new clothes for her!


I would love to see what it would pick for my little girly girl who doesn't wear pink.


My son is burning through my consignment buys, so some new clothes would be great.


Those kids could wear nothing but underwear and rainboots and be nothing but adorable!
Thanks for hosting this giveaway!


I never win anything either. But for free stuff I'll give it a shot!


I never comment usually but have been a reader for 2+ years! Would love to win :)

Sue C

WooHoo! Chance for clothes! Thanks!


Yeahhhhhhh, clothes! :-)


I never win anything but here I am giving it a go...whee!

I like their business model too.


What a great contest, thank you for the chance to win! Sarah. Want. Wittlebee.


LOVE this giveaway. Now if I win, do I give it to my daughter or son. I hope I have to to make that tough decision.

Jessica R.

My fast growing 15-month-old just sort of skipped wearing 18 month clothes and I need to stock up lots of size 2T. Pick me!


B. All the way.

Although lately they just don't wear pants because of the God forsaken heat. But aminals in general are a plus.


Oh ME! ME! ME! ME!
I have a girl in the 4t range, though. My boys are bigger than 5t now. *Sob!*

I did one of those style questionnaires. I could feel the judgment of my closet coming through the questions. I am more afraid of buying clothes now more than ever!!


Yay!! Free stuff and coupons! btw...love the monkey shirt.


Pick me, pick me, pick me!


yes, please!

Suzy Q

There will be LOT of newborns in my life soon, so this would be great!


I am intrigued by the idea of a mystery box of clothes for my little boy.

Amy J

Wittlebee: Box 1: How great! They nailed it, can't wait for next month. Box 2: WTH, these are the wrong sizes and didn't I say no tank tops? Well I'll have to get next month's for the replacements. Repeat 1&2 over and over.

charlotte media

Who needs pants anyway? I am in love with that Pomeranian!


Leaving a comment in the hopes I get lucky!

Jamie B.

Ooooh! We'd like this! My two little guys wear mostly thrift-store and garage-sale finds...

Emu Stu

I want that monkey shirt for my son! (And I never win anything!)


I want to win this - I am 23 days away from having my first baby and I have no idea what to dress her in. Something like this that takes the guess work out it and just like, sends me the stuff to dress her in would be perfect for me and my overthinkyness on baby clothes.


Fun! Fun! Fun!

Sarah Burton

I would love to give this a try! I hope i win :)


Please pick me because this sounds super cool and, of course, I never win anything either!


I need all the help I can get with teh style. Loved your Quiz!


My little one will be a year old at the end of this month and also loves not wearing pants. He also loves not wearing a bib, so we could use some new shirts without raspberry stains! And pants for the Fall when I'm sure he'll realize it's too chilly to be that naked (or so I hope).


I won a whole lot of hair products once. That was pretty nice. It would be cool to win something else though.


My three month old is wearing 9m and 12m clothes regularly, and the t-shirts I got him at Goodwill yesterday were labeled 2T and fit perfectly...I think he's been swapped with a bear cub!


I'm due in 5 weeks with my first boy after having two girls. Totally need clothes! :)

Julianne Johnson

I'm entering because boys go through clothes fast and my four year old is no exception. lol

Julianne Johnson

I'm entering because boys go through clothes fast and my four year old is no exception. lol


This sounds awesome! Feel free to let me win!!


I hope I win, I never win these things!

Tracy Fisher-Kava

The quiz scares me a little but free clothes are free clothes and my little guy needs some.


I've wanted to try Wittlebee for awhile! Pick me so I can convince my husband it's worth it :)


wow, single mom here with TWO little girls that love to wear clothes (lol). Would love to win!


wow, single mom here with TWO little girls that love to wear clothes (lol). Would love to win!


Third child: hand-me-downs!
Stains, holes, and nothing matches.
Lil' boy needs some style!


My kid's style is "gee thanks for the hand me downs". Pick me so he can wear some new clothes!


As a fellow over-thinker, as well as a control freak, I'm both fascinated and terrified by what I might receive. Sign me up.


Baby could use some new digs!


a style profile for my kids?! genius. i spend way more time (and money) choosing their wardrobes than my own, so i have a good shot at getting the profile "right" :-)


Once I won some frozen potatoes, but it turned out to be a coupon for frozen potatoes (instead of a truck dropping off a year's supply, which I actually imagined as a remote possibility). In any case, this would be much more useful and cute.


Haaaaa, this post is so great because it is so true. I'm a member of all the mints, Jewelmint, Stylemint, etc and I must be some kind of style enigma because my quiz does not predict what I like at all and I find it really annoying. And by "style enigma" I mean "magpie who mostly discovered her style shopping at thrift stores, so it is really random". We spend no money on our 2.5 year old--all his clothes come from Grandma shopping at the thrift store, for which I am insanely grateful!


Interesting idea- I'd love to try it for my daughter. She's so "mix & match"..

Nina Nuernberger

This sounds so awesome! I would love to win!

Nina Nuernberger

This sounds so awesome! I would love to win!

Nina Nuernberger

This sounds so awesome! I would love to win!


Gimme clothes!


My kids would love that monkey shirt.

Amy R

I never win anything! (Did all 546789 other commenters also say that??)

Christy M.

I SO never win stuffs. I don't even know why I bother anymore, but you know... I just do. :)


Sounds fun - count me in!

Kim W.

We could sure use a Monkey shirt of our own over here. New clothes are incredible! Of course, hand-me-downs are pretty awesome, except when you're dressing your 3-year-old (the third boy) in clothes that are much too large because where DID all those size 3 clothes that I was saving go?


oh! pick me please! My daughter has grown taller than the kids we get hand me downs from (2 years older!) so we need some new togs!


Count me in please!


Monkey shirts are awesome. I would love the chance to see what was picked for my youngest.


Eek! I'm about to have a baby and someone just told me you have to put clothes on it. I want to win!


yay! thanks amalah! fingers crossed... :)


Heh, I love the vacation style. Mine, oddly, prefers polo shirts and adidas shorts, but knows they don't go together. See, I can totally fill out HIS style quiz. Mine? HAH. (although, at 39 weeks: anything that shows minimal pale stomach flesh, aka "Mind the Gap")

Staci C

My 2 year old lives in her older sister's hand me downs so this would be cool!


I have a bazillion children, though only 3 are in the sizes valid. BUT THAT IS OKAY BECAUSE THEY WEAR EVERYTHING OUT!


clothes with no stains? Sure!!

Lauren E. E.

I love surprise boxes filled with clothing!


Sounds fun :) i can always use free clothes with 3 kiddos


I love free stuff and non hand-me-down baby clothes.

Jennifer B

Would love some free kids clothes. Too bad my son just aged out of 5T. BUT my daughter is still rocking the 3-4Ts!


I have 2 boys and have never heard of this website! Sounds great! (Can I win now?) :-)

Emily Terrell

Fingers crossed!




this reminds me of the 7pm that happens around the world. chasing the toddler around with pajama bottoms while he screams NOOOOOOO and the nearly 6 year old whines i can'tttt remember how to put on pajaammmaaaassss can you he-he-helppppp meeeeeee. i can't doooooo ittttt.


Pick me! My kid has approximately 3 outfits that are so far unstained!


Yay free stuff!




Cute clothes are always fun! :)


Gah. I never win, but it's worth a shot! I love this idea!


Free stuff whee!


My little boy pretty much only wears hand me downs - it'd be an awfully nice change of pace to give him something new to wear ;)


Please pick me!

Katie R

We're working on collecting clothes for our first little one and I couldn't believe how expensive cute baby clothes are! I feel like Wittlebee would make it a brain free task!


yay! i want to win some free clothes for my girls!


Pick me, pick me!


Umm.. new baby in October. Possibly different gender than current child? Might need newborn clothes for her... if it's not a him :)


Should I be ashamed that I secretly covet Pajamajeans? My girl and boy both get saddled in hand me downs from the cousins. It's awesome on one hand but it would also be nice to have them in something shiny and new. We would wove some Wittlebee!


Would love to win this...assuming that a Canadian (with a US postal box!!) is eligible to win...


I'm with you -I always over think my answer or make it too aspirational so then the profile that comes back doesn't really fit my every day life.
P.S. I love those small Paul shirts.

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