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What's Your (Kid's) Style

This post is sponsored by Wittlebee.

So these "online style profiles" are quite a Thing now, aren't they? The days of just going to a website and typing "black t-shirt" into a search bar are over, like what are you, some kind of e-caveman or something? Now it's all about personalized profiles and recommendations and letting fashion algorithms pick out your outfit because GOD KNOWS what you'd pick out if left to your own unstylish devices. 

(Pajamajeans, probably.)

The only problem with those personalized style profile things is...well, me. The personalized part. Because I managed to thoroughly overthink the process and second-guess myself.

"Do I reach for Vogue or InStyle at the hair salon? I don't know! Which one has Adele on the cover? And is US Weekly an option? Perferably something in a TomKat divorce edition? Because I would read the hell out of that right now."

And then I invariably try to impress the stupid thing and make it think I'm trendier than I actually am, and then my results are all, "CONGRATULATIONS, YOU ARE LADY GAGA."

In other words, I still really need a nice plain black t-shirt. 

So it was with a small amount of trepidation that I agreed to create a personalized online style profile on behalf of my children with Wittlebee (which is a kids' clothing club that sends you monthly boxes of fun and mystery), because what if I answered wrong? Is Ezra's favorite color blue or red these days? What's the difference between "sporty" and "casual" and if I say Ike is a "hipster" am I being too aspirational by suggesting that I actually put thought into his clothing beyond "OH HEY LOOK THIS HAND-ME-DOWN IS NOT TOO STAINED"? 

I mean, let's be honest here. This...


...is not a photo of two children tearing up a Fashion Week runway. 

See, if I was asked to write a style/personality quiz for my kids, it would probably be something like this:



a) Made of ham and eyelashes.


b) Loves dogs, hates pants.


c) Is Lady Gaga.

I feel like those are straightforward questions with straightforward answers.

Wittlebee sticks to asking if your kid likes plaid or race cars. How do they feel about green? And do you need some socks?

I guess that works too. And I guess I did pretty okay on the quiz because they sent Ezra a monkey shirt. And I don't think you can do any better than a monkey shirt for that one.



Leave a comment on this post and I'll pick someone at random to win a free Wittlebee box of kids' clothes, all picked out nice and personal for you (sizes are newborn to 5T). Comments will stay open for seven days and then I'll contact the winner so please leave a valid email address.

Can't wait that long? Already convinced you are doomed to never win anything (PS I NEVER WIN ANYTHING.) Just totally addicted to taking personalized online style profile quizzes? Visit Wittlebee and use coupon code am15 for $15 off your first purchase between now and August 1st, 2012.



SO need this! My son's style ranges from totally cute and preppy/trendy, if I've just done laundry, to just put something on that matches...sort of...and is clean, if we're in a hurry and/or it's approaching laundry day!


I like the idea, but I don't like that I can't add multiple children and have a mix/match box for them to share, or at least the option to get a box for each of them each month. Or maybe I'm just blind and missed that on their website.


I'd love to win a box of 4T boys stuff!


While my kid prefers to just run around naked, I like him to look cute. So this would be perfect!


The pajama jeans thing was hilarious. I was giggling the entire time. Also, I'm about to head over to Wittlebee to see what my 3 year old's style is. If they can do an entire Buzz Lightyear themed wardrobe, he'll be happy :-)


Oh, my son would go bananas for that monkey tee! And your kids look adorable no matter what they're wearing!


Oh, my son would go bananas for that monkey tee! And your kids look adorable no matter what they're wearing!

Diana O'Toole

Crossing my fingers!


I just cannot get over how cute your munchkins are!!! Ike could be my boy's twin, with the round blonde baby boyish look he's rocking...btw, I want to win that box of clothes. Please. With sugar and wine.


My friend just gave birth to her first child (June 27, boy). I would love to win this for her.


Box o clothes for me, please.


I have three daughters with three totally unique ways of dressing. Free clothes are ALWAYS welcome!


We could totally use a box of clothes! Thanks for the chance to win. :)


I've never won anything! And I'd like to win this for my friend Cara, who is aboutsta have a bebe. :)


Ooh ooh, pick me!!!


I'm in! It would be a two-fer since I have two boys and am all about hand-me-downs...


Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win! Such a neat idea!


I wanna win...me, me, me!!


I would LOVE to win! Dressing 3 boys is quite time consuming as you know and it would be so, so great to just open a box and poof! new clothes. Awesome!

Teresa scali

My little one also loves dogs, and hates pants. Life is so simple when you're young. I would like some free stuff please. :)


Well hello. This would be neat! I took the style profile and was a little blown with the questions! lol Neat idea!


Love the monkey tee. Fingers crossed it comes smaller!


Oh yes please! I hope they have something for the kid who like to eat fistfuls of cat hair, fresh from the cat. (He's like a farm kid over here!)


Ooh, fun! (And I never win anything either. Such a bummer.)


I never win anything but hey, it's worth a try. There's always a first time, right?


My 5 month old has grown weary of wearing his big sister's hand-me-down pink striped leggings. Pick us!


Cool! Pick me, pick me!


I want to win!


I want to win!

Lais Washington

Fingers crossed!


Yes please thank you. I have one lady gaga (aka captainpiratecowboyamerica), one quesadilla & eyelashes, and one bundle of drooly cuteness who has yet to wear anything not previously worn by an older brother.


My three and a half week old needs to be more trendy.


I am entering this for my nephew... he is just over 3 months old and is nearly too big for his 3-6 month clothing. My sister (a brand new mommy) is going INSANE trying to keep him semi-decent so this would be amazing!


I like Ezra's monkey shirt. You did well :)

Alaina  Post

Wow! Wittlebee is such a cool idea! With two boys (a 1 year old and a 3 year old) I feel like I am constantly buying clothes to keep up with their growing!


I just signed up to try a month! I am VERY excited, thank you for the idea!!


I would love to win. I actually saw this site a while back and the pressure of profiling my kids style made me turn off the computer to think! and, then I forgot to go back! So, this would be excellent incentive...


Ive resisted filling these out for myself because I have no style. My kids, though? Look pretty darn cute when I dress them, if I do say so myself.


I'm part of the mama-of-boys-who-wear-hand-me-down-hand-me-downs club!


Fingers crossed! Soon I will no longer have any children small enough to fit in 5T! And after checking out the website that makes me very sad.

Sarah Abbott

Oh fun, I would love to try this with my 2yr old


"Made of ham and eyelashes" is my favorite line ever. I know we're not supposed to have favorites, but The Mighty Ez is mine.

Rebecca D.

This sounds awesome.


Oh, this would be awesome. I think I'm in denial over how many clothes a new baby needs. I'm due in 3 weeks and my best friends are giving me looks over how many clothes I have accumulated!


My 20-month-old son who was previously the same size for about, oh, 6 or 7 months has decided to up and outgrow EVERYTHING at the SAME TIME. I'm recently out of a job and all, and... I could, like, REALLY use this. Please pick me. Pretty please. With a cherry on top. Thanks! (P.S. love you, your kids and your blogs)


I could manage it for my kids. Myself, I fail on the personalization attempt. Off to check out Wittlebee.


Super fun! I want to win!


Would love to win this for my daughter


Ham! Eyelashes! Monkey shirts! I'll take it all, please. Love this idea.


Love the monkey shirt and baby is growing faster than I ever thought possible.


Mmmmm...thinking this would be perfect for the person that doesn't want to shop. I'll keep my fingers crossed while I go peruse their site.


This might be the best sponsored post ever. I snort-laughed at work. My kid aged out of the size range, but I'm entering on behalf of my bestie, who has a 10-month-old little boy.


Would love to win this!

Ruth aka Salty Mama

This sounds like a great idea, though I hope if I win, my daughter's box has more colors than pink and purple in it.


I would love to win this! Although if I'm honest about my toddler's clothing preferences, they'd just send me an empty box, or possibly one full of stuffed animals (which she likes to wear on her head.) But I could totally do with some cute new baby clothes that aren't third gen hand-me-downs!


I just like saying the name Wittlebee. HeHehe.


I have 3 crazy boys too and would love to win! Thanks!


I have a new baby boy and he's in desperate need of non-gender neutral clothes passed down from his big sister!


love it!


I never win anything...but I did manage to turn a pregnancy test positive. So...enter me please for the boy child who will be born in October.


My second born daughter needs some cute stuff that didn't belong to her sister. Otherwise she is going to end up with second born child syndrome ;)


Yay contests! Pick me :) I'm newly pregnant and want a surprise box of little baby clothes.


Do younger sibs of the same gender *ever* get non-hand-me-downs? I hope this baby decides that he is also a Lightening McQueen fan, or all the money I saved not buying new clothes will go to therapy sessions.

Emily B

Sign me up for free, cute clothes!

Jenny H.

I think this ROCKS! Poor Branny has endured a crap ton of his big brother's hand-me-downs. To be fair, they were/are in great shape...but still! He loves monkeys, btw. He carries a Curious George monkey around with him every day. 24/7. Even to the grocery store!

Bridget Sitkoff

Monkey shirt should be a style category all on its own!


Oh cool! My kiddo could use new clothes. He grows like a weed on steroids.


Ham and eyelashes! Bwahahahaha!


I love this idea!

Melissa C

How fun - a giveaway! I'd love to try Wittlebee.


I must hurry and win this before my ginormous 3 year old is no longer a 5T. I have like, 20 minutes. Let's do this thing.


Zomg need monkey shirt.


Free box of clothes?! I'm in!


Cool! Thanks for the chance to win!


My 5 month old's style is somewhere between Mommy bought this because it doesn't have annoying cutesy sayings on it and oh this is kind of ugly but it was a free handmedown and you are just going to spit up/pee etc on it anyway....


I'm in, and I love dressing my little boy. This sounds fun. I'm so totally not a winner, but it would be a blast to win this!


Love the idea, but I'm not sure how well it would go over here at my house. My boy (who is 3) has very strong opinions on clothes and insists on picking out all of his own outfits.


I'm intrigued. Thanks!


mmmmfreethings! I like free things. And have a rapidly growing 2.5 year old just dying for new clothes! (Ok, that's more me too. Oh well.)


Ooh, very cool! My little guy is due in a month so this would be great!


Do they have anything in Knights fighting dinosaurs? My 4yr old would be all over that.


The only thing I ever won was a second grade spelling bee! Maybe I'm due?!


I would love free clothes! Plus you just make me laugh!


I would love to win this.

Amanda Rinehart


Amanda Rinehart



My son currently wears his sister's hand me downs. New clothes for both would rock!

mommy to 2 blessings

Ooooooh! Me, me, me please!!!!!!


Would loooove to win!!


Please pick me as I am highly allergic to shopping and my Little Girl Number 2 is growing her way into sizes of hand me downs that are all stained.
PS I love you.


Randomly select meeeeeeee!

Amber P.

I never win anything (and won't likely win this either) but who can resist entering a giveaway for cute kids clothes??


We would love a box o'clothes!

kathy Neve

Mystery boxes are the absolute best!!

Steph Starner

Between water from the kiddie pool and mud, we go through like 5 changes of clothes a day! Help me save the earth by doing less laundry-toss me some duds :)


Pick me please!! :)

Kristi A.

Doomed...but I have a 4yo girl so have to try!


Pick me! Pick me!


Free clothes? Yes please!

Squishy's Mom


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