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Wifi Refugee Camp

So we (along with two million of our closest friends) lost power on Friday night during the storm LAND HURRICANE WHAT THE FREAKING HELL. We'll likely remain without power for several more days, because fuck us, that's why. (Also: massive trees and downed lines all over the place. That too.)

It's been a long weekend of driving around in the car to keep our phones charged and our children entertained, which sounds easy until you suddenly realize oh hi empty gas tank and powerless gas stations as far as the non-functioning GPS can see because the cell towers are out and WHAT IS THIS LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE? I NEED INFORMATION ABOUT WHERE TO FIND COFFEE.

But besides the fact that my children's bedroom is 90+ degrees and smells like the inside of a gym bag (and let's be honest, my children ain't much better), we are fortunate. We live pretty much in the dead honest center of where the storm touched down. The big trees that fell on our street missed cars and roofs and — oh jebus — people. I battled Wizard-of-Oz style mid-storm to get our wildly flapping screen doors shut and bolted but in the end, we didn't even lose a single plant in the garden. Driving around is surreal and creepy because many, many people in our neighborhood clearly weren't as lucky. 

Sure is a pain in the privileged ass, though. 

We've taken refuge up at Tracey and Charlie's, greedily soaking up their wifi and outlets to charge our greedy electronics while our greedy children soak up television and non-spoiled milk. We brought Ceiba, wine and a casual attitude about day drinking. And a load of laundry. Cuz PRACTICAL. 

I have also claimed the best seat in the house as mah own:

Photo (10)

(No, not the preshus cuddly baby. Look behind me. Aw, yeah.)



Precisely. Thank you. And hahaha.


Ohh my, I was starting to wonder about the silence there! Good to know you are all okay, fingers crossed everything will be back to (kinda) normal soon.

Sue C

Bless you all! Having lived through hurricanes and the aftermath, I so understand what ya'll are going through. The still air, the humidity, the non-functioning electrical everything.......oh yeah. Bless your hearts.


Ouch! DO you have a restoration date yet? We were running our generator in 2 hour increments to save our fridge and freezer contents. We got ours back Sat after 21 hours. (DOM not PEPCO) I have never been so happy to hear my dishwasher beep done in my life! We have Sis and BIL camped out since they are still in the dark at their house.


Hugs to you. We lost power but had it restored on Sunday. I hope you get it back soon. We have a pool and AC and welcome you to come and hang out. You can email me if you want to take me up one it (oh, and a lure= I have a 17 year old daughter who is AMAZING with little kids!)


Sucks Amy! Glad that you have found a safe haven of electricity and mechanically cooled air. My mom is in the same boat as you all. No electricity since Friday. Hope they get everyone back up and running soon!


Uh ... what about Max?

Life of a Doctor's Wife

Yay for friends! But man, so sorry you (and so many) are struggling so much because this summer's AWFUL weather. Hoping things get better (and cooler, egads) for all soon.


we got hit pretty bad in Fairfax but only lost power until about 1-ish Saturday. Played host to some power-less family. Seems we were really lucky. Pepco fail again, huh? #1 reason I won't move to Maryland.


And a casual attitude about day drinking. Classic.


@Broad He's home, but in the basement, which is thankfully still pretty cool. (We've been sleeping down there with Ike...the boys will have NO PART of our air mattress offer.) He would sadly NOT do well with a car ride to Baltimore and a day with a bajillion dogs, unfortunately.


My Dad decided to get the hell out of Dodge and headed to a cruise ship while DC gets the power restored. Luckily he has a concrete basement so his 3 cats have a cool place to hang out. But my SIL...she flew in on Thurs to hang our for the summer. HAHAHAHA. She's at a hotel with her 3 kids.


Just once I would like us to not lose power at the exact same time, so we could help each other out. (Well, except for that time you stood up in my house and the power went out. That was fun.)
What is your ETR? Mine is FRIDAY AT 11. Making it a full week without power. Because that is sane.


We went through the same thing last year when Connecticut got hit by a freakish Halloween snow storm. Eight days of cold and darkness. But my "babies" were at college so my husband and I were able to manage. Thank God our hot water heater worked without power. Can you go visit your mother?


Ugh, PEPCO. Come over to the dark side, aka NOVA, where we have a functioning power company. Or would that be the light side?


We remain powered here in DC. My 37 week pregnant wife is very thankful for that. I was able to enjoy the first round of the storm out on the stoop (albeit pressed against the house in an effort to remain out of the sweeping rain fall). It was quite a show.


Couple of tips I've learned the hard way in your situation: when you throw out the stuff from the fridge/freezer, itemize (take a photo of everything don't bother with a list till you decide to file or not) that counts as a loss towards yer insurance deductible....horizon organic milk is shelf stable in those little containers...yes fedex and UPS will still be delivering....


Your hair looks cute like that.


we had a land hurricane in Chicago five years ago- same situation, I think. I almost didnt' make it the one mile to work, because every single street was either flooded or blocked with trees. Our power was only out for three days, my parents for five, so hopefully you don't have too much longer? Fingers crossed. we didn't have kids at the time so it was kind of an adventure, I would imagine it is not so much with the wee ones.


Sorry you're still out of power. We losr ours at 11 pm Friday and just got it back this morning. Amazing how disruptive it is.


Everybody needs friends like that! Sometimes I am the friend like that.

The storm whacked a lot of power around here too.. or rather.. really near here but it was crazy eerie because my friends and family not an hour south got WHOLLOPED and were calling me mid-storm to get status updates and it didn't even get cloudy here.

Korinthia Klein

Hope you get your power back soon!


Glad you are all safe. Do some casual day drinking for me!


Oh, hai, fellow derecho survivor! My saving grace this weekend was that my husband landed at National at 9 PM--just in time to get home to his feverish wife before the storm hit and the power went out. Nothing like driving 30 miles to get to an urgent care with power the next morning! But the baby was fine and we got a hotel room and now our power is back and our fridge is scrubbed clean....

I hope your power is back, like, now and good for you for not letting your wine spoil in the heat! (My husband grabbed our beer on the way out the door.) Now that would be a travesty.


I've been informed by the husband that our power in south NJ just came back late last night (ahead of the ETR thank heavens). I fled the scene with children and dog for NOVA and the inlaws and left him to do cleanup. May the electricity be with you-soon.


After 17 days with no power in Houston in September (after Hurricane Ike) I can feel your pain. And let me tell you that our hurricane supplies now include lots of bottled water AND margarita mix and tequila AND Ding Dongs. My hubby isn't an Eagle Scout for nothing - Be Prepared. We live it. Hope you get power soon!


We usually always lose power because Verizon hates us and Pepco wants to butt fu...never mind. We are thankful to have the juice as the people on the street behind us are still running their generator. We don't have central air, just a few window units but, um, we don't use them. Even now when it's 92 in the house we just eh. Turn on the fans. We usually just suck off the city's supply of free a/c in summer but many of the pools and rec centers and grocery stores and restaurants were closed so dammit. And you're right; just driving the neighborhood has been surreal. I mean, yes, at one point I thought there was a howling wolf at the window when the wind would blow and yes, we did wake the kids and hide in the basement until it stopped. Our neighbor two doors down has a tree on her roof just hangin' out. The hell?

Please throw away the milk.


And wait, wait, wait THE BASEMENT? *cough* snakes

Erika Mitchell

Power outages never happen when the weather is temperate, they always happen when it's below freezing or blazes hot outside.

We lost power this winter and, after burying our frozen comestibles in the snow and then storing our refrigerated food in the frigid garage, hightailed it to my in-law's house. Their dual gas fireplaces kept their house cozy while our house's temperature dropped into the fifties.

Stupid power outages.


Sheesh...didn't know there was a new word for a windstorm. Last year we had a severe wind/thunder/lightening/rain storm in Indiana. It blew down huge trees, roofs off houses, and blew apart mobile homes (God hates those, doesn't he?). It was a huge swath (well, multiple swaths) of devastation. They only called it 'wind'. Wasn't a tornado because it was straight line wind.

Wine would be good, though.


Sheesh...didn't know there was a new word for a windstorm. Last year we had a severe wind/thunder/lightening/rain storm in Indiana. It blew down huge trees, roofs off houses, and blew apart mobile homes (God hates those, doesn't he?). It was a huge swath (well, multiple swaths) of devastation. They only called it 'wind'. Wasn't a tornado because it was straight line wind.

Wine would be good, though.


You all don't have the luck with power outages. I assume pepco? We were back up and running around 2 on Saturday (thank goodness). No basement to sleep in so we would never have lasted beyond Sunday in the house with this heat. Here's to friends with power and A/C!!


Oh and ps - that storm was CRAZY! My kids were up forever Friday night.


While hurricanes are not fun, the after effects can be bonding. After Hurricane Ike in 2008 (Houston), I got to really know my friends and neighbors over "daytime drinking." Your excuse? It's a hurricane!

Corey Feldman

Hope you got power back. Our came on Tuesday night.

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