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Four Going On Awesome

Today is Ezra's fourth birthday. Happy birthday, my funny little wonderful Zahbaby, and thanks for still letting me call you that.

He woke up insisting that no, he is NOT four. He is six and a half. He has been waiting his whole life to be six and a half, like Noah was. Apparently he thought once Noah turned seven, he could move into the six and a half spot, like claiming an older sibling's room once they head off to college. 

Photo (69)

He's still a little grumpy about the whole topic. 

Which means it's time for me to queue up his favorite song in the whole word and dance with him around the kitchen to it, and then swing him around in circles until we're both dizzy. Then he'll wrap his body around my legs like a baby monkey and hug me as hard as he can, and I'll fall over, and the song will end and he'll leap on top of me and say, "AGAIN, MOMMY! I LOVE YOUR SHIRT AND THE GREEN NINJA AND NOAH AND I HAVE ON MY FAST SHOES. AGAIN!"

Works every time. 

Ezra's Fourth Birthday from amalah on Vimeo.
Ezra's Favorite Song in the Whole Word: "So Long" by Zooey Deschanel & M. Ward (from Winnie the Pooh


Heather (Laptops to Lullabies)

Happy Birthday, Ezra! You are so sweet!


Hurray for the Mighty Zah!


Four! Four is cool, Ezra!

Also, you have stellar taste in music.

Happy Birthday, dude.


Happy cake day, mighty Zah!

the bee

He is just adorable but you knew that.


Happy Birthday Ezra!


Four? Four!

Happy birthday, Ezra!


Happy Birthday Zah!


happy birthday zah! he loves noah so much, it's adorable...and i think ike is going to love ezra that way too. :)


You. Must. Make. More. Babies.

I have decided, and thus it must be so. Because lady? Those boys are Some. Damn. Cute. And it's killing me. Go now, shoo! *waves hands* make babies.


And btw, Happy Birthday Ezra.


Happy Birthday Ezra! He is the coolest 4 year old EVAH!!


Bless his beautiful little grumpy self! Happy happy birthday to your sweet Ezra!


Happy Birthday Zah! Four is awesome and you are going to rock it.


Happy Birthday, Ezra. Geez, seems like yesterday you were announcing your pregnancy with him.

And....Sock Zombies!! Yay for them.


Happy Birthday sweet Zah.
What a good and balanced eater, lets see there was:
cake, parshnips, squash(?), ice cream, watermelon with a side of cookie, sleepy mac and cheese, banana, apple, corn on the cob.

I do not know you, however dreamed Ike had a baby brother named Daniel....just sayin.


Happy birthday to Ezra!


Happy birthday, Ezra!


Four looks good on you, Zah! And at least three times I thought it was Noah in the vid/pic before I realized that no, Ezra is just that big already. Hope he has a great day, and to his Momma, too.


Happy Birthday Ezra! You can be 6 1/2 if you want to, after all age is just a number. Plus, I'd like to be 40 again, which means I'm taking 2 1/2 years off my age, so you can add them to yours. I'm sure you won't understand that now, but your mom will. =)


Thanks for all the Ezra. He's always been my favorite.


Omg I love that little scrunchy face :-) I think that maybe, my little boy might almost become as cute as that one you got there haha! Happy Birthday Mighty Zah!


Happy Birthday Ezra! You're so awesome you brightened up an already awesome day of a girl on the other side of the country! You rock!

Suzy Q

Happy Birthday, Might Zah!

I love your vimeos, Amy.


Happy birthday, sunshine!

Oh, Amy, what a wonderful video. Thank you for sharing the love - and truly, I was looking at his face in the video, and that is a little boy who is loved so much. It's so good to see that, with so much going on.


Amy, I found your blog thanks to the pregnancy calendar on Alphamom. I wasn't pregnant (yet) but obsessively followed your weekly updates and I've been a fan ever since. Happy happy happy birthday to your Ezra! He's come a long way from that small, round ham of a baby. :)


Unbearable cuteness of being Ezra. How can you even stand it?!

Nicole P.

Love the video. Mr. Zah cracks me up. It's locked!


1) Happy Birthday Zah!
2) I am an adult without children and that might be MY new favorite song :)
3) Your pics and videos make me want to start trying again (in my 40's even!!!) to have the chance at something so smile inducing.


Happy Birthday Zah! The world is very lucky to have you in it.


My older son, now 12, never wanted to be 4. He insisted that he was 5 on his 4th birthday and for that entire year. He was so sincere about I sometimes forgot how old he actually was!
He was happy to stay 5 the next year fortunately or we might still be off by a year.
When his youngerbrother turned 4, I was happy to finally have a 4 year old in the house!


Libras are some of the best people in the world. Good timing, you!

Happy belated birthday, Zah. Six and a half ain't got nothin' on 4.


So much supurbness all at once! Thank you for sharing your babies with us. All kinds of awesome.

Elizabeth @ Table for Five

Happy Birthday, Ezra! Kaitlyn hates it when I say she's "almost 7", she is quite happy being 6, thankyouverymuch.

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