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Red 40, Sugar, HFCS Everywhere, and Not a Drop to Drink

This post is sponsored by the Brita Bottle for Kids.

If I may be obnoxiously braggy for a second...

AUDIENCE: Oh, just for a "second?" Really? As opposed to...

Shut up! You all just shut up. Yes, for a second. Start the clock: None of my children drink soda. 

See? If you read that sentence fast enough, I am pretty sure you could get through it before the end of one-Mississippi. 

The thing is, none of my children drink soda because they don't like it. Noah and Ezra have both taken exactly one sip of soda in their entire lives, and to this day remember it as a horrible moment, a total betrayal of their faith in delicious, refreshing liquids. The second the carbonation touched their innocent tongues they shrieked and...well, I wouldn't say they spat it out as much as they simply opened their mouths wide and stared at me helplessly as the soda dribbled off their tongues and all over the table. 

They both refused to touch anything "bubbly" after that. Which is great. My soda = bubbly. My special wine-juice = oh, you know that's bubbly. 

Which is great. Soda is terrible for kids. Terrible for...well, everybody, really, and oh how I wish I could similarly recoil from a cold can of Coke, or at least be able to have it in my house without drinking it (followed by two more in rapid succession). I would be very, very happy if my children never picked up the habit and remained blissfully unaware that there are beverage choices beyond water, milk or watered-down juice. You know, for special occasions.

(God, doesn't our house sound like fun and a half.)

While I'm aware that eventually, it's all going to be out of my hands, I would very much like to live in my little dreamy-dream world of only healthy beverage options for at LEAST a little while longer. But it's already getting challenging. We went to a birthday picnic a couple weeks ago where the only drink choices for the kids (who were all in the toddler-to-age-six range) were red Kool-Aid pouches and cans of orange soda. 

Okay, health food snobbery aside, the fact is that Noah in particular CANNOT have that stuff. Artificial coloring and his little nervous system do not play nicely together. It makes him hyper, unfocused and incredibly anxious. But there we were, out on a playground on a hot humid day, and he was thirsty. The adults had already laid claim to a small stash of bottled water for themselves (or for their kids, since I swear I wasn't the only stick-in-the-mud who blanched at the idea of giving Kool-Aid to my child on top of the already endless cake and ice cream and candy). 

The only options I saw were giving in and letting him drink the red stuff and deal with the behaviorial consequences...or hoisting him up to take drinks some a somewhat suspect-looking water fountain near the park's bathrooms. 

Confession: I told Noah the juice pouches were bubbly and took him to the water fountain. 

So that's where I was, awkwardly holding up my 50+ pound child while still locked in a mental battle over which was worse: Red 40 or all of the GOD KNOWS WHAT in the water, when another mom came over to wait behind us. 

She had a water bottle with her. She unscrewed the cap and filled it up a the fountain, and I realized what it was. I realized what it was because I had JUST THAT WEEK agreed to write a sponsored post about one. (The post you are reading right now! So meta! So Neo-in-The-Matrix-saying-WHOA and stuff.)

It was a Brita Bottle for Kids, with a built-in water filter. You know, the exact sort of thing I would have killed to have in my bag that day. Mine was still in the mail.

It arrived a couple days later. Yay!

Photo (57)


(Both to the bottle and my fresh pedicure, yes.)

Photo (58)


(WHAT? It was my first pedicure since right before Ike's due date. I'm a little jazzed about my return to non-Hobbit-feet-ville, okay?)

Anyway, it's a brilliant little jobby thing. I love that I don't have to risk the contents of my bag getting soaked by hauling water around in "spill-proof" sippy cups (HA HAHAHAHAHA) and that I can fill it up anywhere, as many times as I need to (the filters last about two months). Since Ike isn't yet proficient with the sports-style spout, I bring a take-n-toss cup with a spout or straw for him then squirt filtered water into that. (Which isn't nearly as high-maintenance diva-ish as it sounds, since the water is filtered instantly and fills his cup up in a few seconds.)

No more over-priced, wasteful bottled water from vending machines, no more lamenting over non-healthy sugary beverage options, and no more babbling like a crazy person to other moms at the water fountain over their brilliant cup solution and that MINE'S IN THE MAIL MINE'S IN THE MAIL WAIT WHERE ARE YOU GOING I JUST THOUGHT IT WAS AN AWESOME COINCIDENCE IS ALL. 

P.S. Ezra got his hands on a Kool-Aid pouch at the party and proceeded to drink at least three of them. He was a PEACH and a HALF the rest of the day. A hyper, shrieky, radioactive peach. OMG. 

Brita has offered me five additional bottles to give away to you guys. Leave a comment on this post between now and next Friday and I will randomly select five comments (via the robot at and then you, too, can be the weirdo on the playground shrieking about your magic filter cup being in the mail. Or, you know, you can be cool about it. Totally your call. 

This post is sponsored by the Brita Bottle for Kids. Learn more at Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Brita is teaming up with non-profit Alliance for a Healthier Generation to encourage kids to swap out sugary beverages and drink more water. As part of their partnership with the Alliance, Brita will donate more than 4,000 Brita Bottles for Kids to schools across the country to encourage healthy habits in their students.



Capri Suns aren't as bad as Kool-aid, right? Right? *hides head in shame*


My 4yo loves water & milk - who wouldn't love a filter in the diaper bag!

Jenn C

As someone whose entire bag is now wet b/c of one of those "leakproof" straw cups, I would love to have this.


Ooh, this is perfect. As a new mom I need all the tricks and tools I can get!


Oh how I want to win! (and oh how I wish I hated soda; I drink it like its my job, but my four year old hasn't had a drop . . . )


Fabulous! This will be nice to have in the rotation with our Klean Kanteens (oh, doesn't being smug taste good... ;D).


Fabulous! This will be nice to have in the rotation with our Klean Kanteens (oh, doesn't being smug taste good... ;D).


This is perfect for my son who takes a dirty, gross water bottle with him to school every day!


My daughter could totally use that at school!!


What a great idea!


Ooh, would love one--for my daughter and for myself!


I'm a diet coke addict who hates drinking water, but I've convinced my kid that water is the best. I totally need one of those bottles for her.


Sounds awesome!


Too bad they don't have a filter that somehow deposits magic drugs that make kids behave well when it 2ky342q852y5 degrees out and all you want to do is sit in the shade while they run around like insane people on the playground.


Great post! I'd love one.


How perfect! My 4 year old also doesn't drink pop, he hates the bubbles. He's very sensitive to sugars as well. How awesome is this. Perfect solution!!


We need one of these!!! What a great idea!


That looks cool! I'm totally up for one of those.


Very cool!


We totally had the "open mouth, let the soda dribble all over the front of shirt" moment when both my kids tasted soda for the first time. Thank goodness they are water lovers like me! This water bottle looks awesome!

Sarah A

Heck yes - this bottle is awesome!


Yes! I need this! My diaper bag is consistently a soppy mess from leaky sippy cups and my husband chastises me regularly for my last-minute "mommy goes nowhere without a cup of water" dashes back in the house.


Henry's favorite drink is water! We would love this!


We are CONSTANTLY toting around cups for our two (soon to be three) kids. Would LOVE to have this handy in the car for those iffy-water source moments.


I LOL'd at the timing of this post because I hardly ever drink soda anymore. But I had a craving this afternoon and literally just finished up a nice cold can of Coke.


Very cool, I'd love to have one.


Love it! My son always takes a water bottle to school and fills it up several times at the water fountain there. This is the perfect solution for this situation!


This is awesome - would love one for my 6 year old son.

Melanie Collins

Pick me! I need a reason to throw away all of our crappy water bottles!


would LOVE to have one of these! my 5 year old NEEDS a water bottle, even if we're only driving 15 minutes down the road for a 5 minute errand. this would be great!

barbara goutelon

An alternative to the leaky sippy cups... I'm sold!


This would be really useful at our house as well. How easy is it to clean the spout, etc. properly?


I would LOVE one of these. As opposed to the bajillion spill proof my @$$ sippy cups I've tried over the years!


my kid doesn't even drink juice, how's that for bragging?

we'd love one of these bottles!

Jenny L

My two-year-old would love this! And so would I.

Catherine S

Ooh, I would love one of those. There. Commented:)


I would use the HELL out of that.


It isn't impossible for your kids to grow up without developing a taste for soda. I am 31 and I still haven't had more than a sip of any bubbly beverage. And yes, I know that makes me absurd because I won't drink beer or champagne either. But bubbles are gross! (My siblings feel the same way and we were all raised in a soda-free house. Hoping my kids develop this trait!) I never leave the house without my water bottle. This Brita version is awesome!


My kids think soda is too "spicy."


no soda for kids in this house either (ok-- they have has a few sips of all natural Italian soda, which they liked...) They drink lots of water and milk and a little juice. I hate kids birthday parties with the fruit punch and soda options only--- grrrrr. (here's where I am a bit of a hypocrite though-- i really love Coke-- i try to limit it to a can a day at lunch, but i love the taste and I need the caffeine most days as i don't drink coffee-- so i am not thrilled when i go to a BBQ lunch thing and there is ONLY water... hanging head in shame a little


I would totally love one of those! I'm pretty good about remembering to bring a big bottle of water when we go out, but not about bringing a sippy cup to pour it into. Which inevitably results in one of the boys getting a hold of the bottle of water with a giant mouthfull of graham crackers, and then... ew. So yeah, a sports spout and the ability to just fill it when we're out if needed would be great!


Love it! We def. need one of these in our house! Actually, two. I see one causing Lord of the Flie-esqu savagery ... so, maybe the just one bottle will wind up in mommy's purse instead? I think so.


I'm already a playground weirdo and a pro-tap water snob, so this would just take the cake! :)


bravo for a great product, Brita.
(Dear robot, please pick me)


I would love one of those for my son!! Pick me, pick me, pretty please, random computer!!


Pick me, please! We live in Serbia where they tell us the tap water is safe -- but it also clogs up the workings of the coffeepot in about a week. One of these would be awesome especially when we're on the road.


this sounds amazing and exactly what would make our park trips the most amazing and fun thing ever. really. so cool.
thanks for the contest!

Joy Strain

I was a water freak when water wasn't cool - it used to mortify my husband when I would ask servers at restaurants to refill my big plastic zoo cup with ice and water when we were traveling back in the 80s - now he still refuses to admit I was ahead of the times. I'd love to have a filtered water bottle to send with my (teen aged now) kids when they go on field trips.


I'd love one of those! Our local water smells like fish. Yum.

Heather P

I'd love to try one of these!

Kristin C

Sweet I would love to try one of these for my child. :)


Can moms use them too? I'm super picky about my water.


I have been in this situation so many times. Save me from skeevy water fountain water!


Pick me to be the weirdo at the playground! Puh-lease! :) I don't know why I am begging a random # generator...

Liz K

Yep, I need it. pick me!


My kids won't touch carbonated beverages either, which is awesome! Except, like you experienced, when there's no other options offered. Then it's very much a case of "*sigh* Let's go see if we can find a drinking fountain." While I do keep (usually filled) stainless steel water bottles in the car, sometimes they run out... or the kids forget to bring them in the house to fill them up, so this would be an awesome option!


File this is in the 'why didn't I think of that' category. Nice work Brita! All of the stick in the mud moms who actually want to be around our children after they've consumed a meal will thank you for evah.


My daughter is in Kindergarten this year and the snacks are provided on a rotating basis by the families. About 50% of the time the beverage provided is some kind of colored sugar water(!!!). Kills me!

At least I could send this bottle along with my daughter as another option.


I SO want one of those. Pick me, pick me! Genius idea. :)


I LOVE that idea!! I'm totally heading over to Amazon right now.


Would love one for my little guy! Thanks!


Yes! My kid doesn't like juice, either (yay!), so it's milk or water. Need to get one of these bottles. And I think the adults in the house need some too.


How fantastic is that?? Goodbye, $1.99 bottled water!


Oh, I want that so badly! Please?


I too am blessed with a child who loves nothing more than to drink cold, delicious water! I'd love one of these!


My kids all take refillable water bottles to school every day - these would be terrific!!

whitney petch

That's the coolest thing ever! I'd love one!

Cherish Keller

Love your blog - one of my absolute favorites. And, I would love one of those kiddo water bottles. BTW, for a little hope on the soda front - I had the same experience as a child, and at 35 I still don't drink soda. :) It's... well... too bubbly!


Ooooooooh! This is genius!!!


My son keeps losing his water bottle or leaving it at school. Would love another!

Christy M.

Yes, need this! Me, please!


That sounds pretty cool! Would love a shot at one.


Pick me! I like clean water!


Sounds perfect for kids!

Denice Johnson

oh a public water fountain is the PEFECT place to be in possession of a built in water filter bottle! gah!


Ooh I want one of those!!! We use a Brita at home because, I'll let you in on a secret, LA tap water SUCKS. It's really gross. My son has some sensory issues and getting a new bottle with things like a different spout and condensation is a disaster every time, so this would be brilliant...


We did the tourist thing in DC this summer and instead of taking/buying bottled water we used the Bobble bottles with the built in filters. Genius, I tell you! We filled those babies everywhere and our bag wasn't weighed down by 50 disposable bottles of water just so we'd have enough for the day.


Looks perfect! Our Sigg bottles are all bashed in and the paint is chipping.


Free shit. HURRAH!!!


A brilliant idea!


Good for you for taking the water option. I would too! I just started a job as a kindergarten aid and I'm amazed at the crap that most parents send to school daily with their kids. One kid's 'healthy' food is a honey sandwich on white bread which he washes down with bright pink yogurt that he fills with M&Ms and then has a pudding cup and candy for dessert. Seriously. I am far from being a food snob or anything but I do try to keep my kids away from soda/sweet drinks and total garbage food as much as possible- we never have it in our home.


Just leaving a comment:)


Saw these advertised just the other day and made a mental note to look for them. Said note then promptly fell out of my brain unil just this moment when reading this and oh yeah! I should totally get one of those!

Laura S.

Ooo! We are always looking for good water bottles that will actually close, and this would be perfect for car trips - no more scary rest stop water!


Awesome! Would love one of these for my girls.

you're not alone in the soda /koolaid snobbery! I hope I win so I'm not alone in the cool sports bottle water filtery goodness!


OOh, I'd love one of these for my kids. I have one and I love it!


I would love this water bottle for my 2 year old! She loves water & specifically asks for it. :-)


I'd love a filtered water bottle sounds like a great idea.


Pick me,!! (waves hand enthusiastically)

Maura K


That is cute! We are fearless water fountain drinkers here. I think bottled water tastes funny.


My son (8) goes to an after school program at our karate dojo. They are required to keep a water bottle in their "classrooms" because they aren't allowed to run back and forth down the hall to the (potentially germy) water fountains. Having one of those filter bottles would be really cool. If I'm not lucky enough to win one of yours, I may have to go out and buy one anyway.


Ooh! Want!


So it really doesn't spill in your purse? Jacob is 4 and I know, (I know!) I need to take away the sippy cups. I do like that it filters and it lasts two months. :)


You are not the only mom who keeps to water, milk, or diluted juice. I so could use 2 of those for my boys. If I don't win one, I will have to get 2!


What a great idea. I'd love to have one to give to my friend's grandson. I don't know why someone else hasn't had that idea.


Great idea and cute design. I'd love one of these for my son.


I would love to win this! Nothing but water, milk, herbal tea & occasional watered-down juice for my little one as least when she's in my care.


Thanks for the chance to win!

Amy in CO

I would love to have one of those. I'm not particular about what my kids drink but my daughter actually prefers water over most anything else.

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