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She's Lump, Part Three

Seven? Seven. SEVEN.


He's a giant tall loud solid handsome boisterous talkative smart but complex confident yet anxious funny lovable loving affectionate impulsive but thoughtful excited opinionated independent Lego-obsessed sometimes fearless other times not so much future dolphin trainer. These days, anyway.

I still look at him and see the baby who changed everything for the better, including me. The baby I want to write thousands of lines of tortured flowery prose about in a futile attempt to capture every moment and milestone and the depth of the change, or at least find some tortured flowery song about once a year so I can jerk some tears out of myself.

"Use the Ninjago song this time," he ordered. "It's my favorite."

Yes sir. Happy birthday, you awesome kid, you. 

Noah's Seventh Birthday from amalah on Vimeo.



Very happy birthday to Noah!! I have been reading since before he was born and it has been great to watch him grow. In honor of Noah I think I will eat a cupcake today!


Dammit, Amy! That video made me cry because I feel like I've known you guys forever, and I just can't believe he's that huge. And awesome. <3


Happy birthday Noah! Amy, it's so much fun watching him grow and change and awww, everything. Thanks for sharing him with the internets.


Happy Birthday Noah!! I hope your day is as awesome as you are! =)


Love that kid. The music just about blew my eardrums out! Yikes! Suggest a warming? But love that kid and congratulations to you:).


Noah touches something so deep inside me. I guess I put my feelings for Noah in the same place as my feelings for my youngest son, who has a few challenges of his own.

I see him and I think May everyone see the beauty you are. May people see your gifts and talents and the totally awesomeness that is you. May you be supported and loved in your challenges and not ridiculed or made to feel one bit less than the amazing wonder that you are.

Happy birthday Noah. You are in my heart forever, right alongside my own boy. It will be my pleasure to see you BOTH grow up to be amazing, creative and wonderful men one day.


Happy Birthday, Noah! You are a rock star!


My eight-year-old approves of that music choice. Happy birthday Noah.


Amy, you always make such great videos. Thanks for sharing Noah with us.

Happy Birthday Noah!

(My 6 year old could watch the YouTube video of that song all day if I'd let him!)


Unpossible. Happy birthday, great kid.


Happy Birthday Noah!

I love how your husband looked at you after Noah jumped in the water. We do that too. When one of ours does something awesome we look at one another as if to say, "Did you get that? Did you see what our baby did?!?!?"

kacie mitchell

Oh what a SWEET dedication to the big boy! Happy Birthday Noah!!!! Congrats to you and Jason for raising such a sweet, cute, smart and loving boy. :)

Sue W.

I can't believe I've been reading you for over 7 years now! Happy, happy, HAPPY Birthday to Noah. I love how he looks over to make sure you're still filming! And just what do you do with all of his broken boards? Are you covering his bedroom walls with them?! Somehow I can't see him allowing you to ever throw one away!


I started reading your blog in 2005. A pregnant friend of mine recommended you, and it was love at first sight! I was pregnant with my second, and it was cool to feel connected with other pregnant ladies. My son Bryce turns 7 in December. :)

Happy birthday Noah!

Lisa @ Lisa the Vegetarian

Aww, happy birthday to Noah!


*sniffle* Happy Birthday :)


Happy, happy birthday Noah.


Happy Birthday, Noah!

I like that song, too. :)


Aww. Sniff. I began reading when you were struggling with fertility issues, and Noah's birthday always makes me a bit verklempt as I reflect on all the joy your 1, 2, 3 sons have brought your family. Noah rocks; thank you so much for sharing that video of him.


Happy birthday awesome dude!


Oh Noah! Happy birthday, handsome boy!! Ugh Amy always with the tear inducing videos.


Amy, I've been reading since before Noah's birth and cheering you guys along the whole way... as a lurker. But after watching that video I just wanted to say what I should've said a million times already: You're a really great Mom. Happiest of birthdays to Noah!


Happy Birthday, Noah!


I have to thank you for using the Ninjago theme song this year; it helped keep the embarrassing tears-at-the-desk thing to a minimum. For once.

Happy birthday, Noah!! You are totally amazing.


Happy birthday, Noah! You're awesome!!!


Happy birthday to the ninja!


Wow. I was not expecting to be brought to tears by a Ninjago song and a birthday video. Your family makes me see the world in a whole new light and seeing Noah grow and develop makes me feel incredibly privileged. You have a wonderful family and a wonderful 7 year old. Stay awesome!

Suzy Q

Happy Birthday, Noah! You're a great kid.


I can't believe that he's SEVEN. Happy Birthday!


Seven. Damn. Also, Libras ROCK (I should know; my birthday is Wednesday). How can you not shake your head after, "Seriously? Seven? Are you sure we're counting right?"


Happy Birthday Noah! You're a STAR!


Holy cow. That means I've been reading you for more than 7 years, because I was reading when you found out you were pregnant. YIPES where has time gone?

Happy birthday, Noah...


Happy 7th Birthday to Wonderful Noah!! :) I love reading about you and all of your triumphs, little dude :)


Happy Birthday, Cutie!


He is getting more awesome every day! Happy birthday Noah.



Happy birthday, Noah; you don't know me, either, but I think you're awesome.


Happy Birthday Noah! You are one awesome little man and I look up to you so much! I hope my son can be just like you someday! :)


Happy Birthday, Noah!!! You are awesome, and seven is one of the best ages.


Ah man, I hardly ever comment here, but that made me tear up x


Happy Birthday NOAH!

Corey Feldman

Happy Birthday to Noah and congrats to you. Time goes by just too darn fast!


Oh, Happiest of happy birthdays, Mr. Noah! This is an incredible recap of your amazing seventh year. What a big boy!


Wow I love your idea of the birthday video! Soo gonna do that!!


I've never heard that theme song before (my kid is 2.5), but it's amazing how perfect it felt. "They say, Go Slow. We say, Go Go!" That's how it is; we want them to grow up slower, they just don't stop growing...

Happy birthday Noah! Happy 7 years of parenting to mom and dad!


Happy Birthday, Noah! I've been reading about you since you were teeny tiny (found you about a year after my eldest was born, she was 7 in May) and I have loved being a part of your journey. You have awesome parents (fellow Star Trek and South Park fan here). Tell your mom to stop making me either cry or laugh out loud at work with every post. And thanks for letting us be a part of your lives, cuz you guys are so great!


That made me want to high 5 Noah..and I'm English; we don't do high 5s.

Happy Birthday Noah. You are fab.

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