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Photography. EVERY TIME.

(Noah and Jason continue to hold on and fight the good-immune-system fight. Ezra has moved on from Pedialyte to bananas and toast, with distinctively mixed results. I am fighting off an encroaching post-stomach-flu sinus infection, because why the hell not? And Ike thinks it's all a bunch of malingering bullshit and would like to go to the playground already, GOD.) (In other words, hav sum pitchers. Hork.) PHASE ONE: Behold, a photo opportunity! PHASE TWO: A CHALLENGER APPEARS. PHASE THREE: A pile-on quickly follows. PHASE FOUR: Poorly-focused and unsynchronized hamming, but still with some promise. PHASE FOUR AND A HALF:... Read more →

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Tuesday night, this post by Heather B got the two of us texting all nostalgically about Times My Kids Threw Up. (Yes, seriously. She managed to make my vomiting children sound endearing. Kind of.) And I helpfully tossed in a new anecdote: Ike was sick on Saturday night, alllll night, and around 4 am I basically let him barf directly into my hands because I was out of towels. (MY OVERSHARING KNOWS NO TECHNOLOGICAL BOUNDARIES OR LIMITS.) I washed my hands afterwards (promise), but it was all for naught. Just hours after our conversation I came down with the bug... Read more →

In Which I Spend an Awful Lot of Time Talking About Dishes

Hey! Remember when Thanksgiving happened? I do the same thing every year: I intend to ROCK OUT with a whole slew of Thanksgiving-related blog posts. I make such a big goddamn deal out of the holiday in real life that you'd think my blog would reflect that. Maybe take a yearly dive into recipe blogging and 500-word entries about napkins. Show you the real depths of my vintage glassware obsession. (It's deep, man. Like The Descent, only with more bowls.) Instead, I completely freak out over EVERYTHING that needs to be done... Read more →

My Two Disneys

Ahoy there! This post is sponsored by Disney's Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two the video game. So don't tell my children, but the Discussions Have Begun around here. The "okay, when do we bite the bullet and take this crew to Disney World" discussions. Do we wait until all three of them have hit the minimum height requirement for most of the rides? Or go sooner, while they're all younger and we might get more OMG AMAZEBALLS CHILDHOOD MEMORIES OMG bang for our bucks? Is Cinderella's castle still listing to the left like that? Where are my legs?... Read more →

Adventures in Family Photography (AKA HERDING CATS UPSTREAM BOTH WAYS)

OMG. So I have like, 40 million things to do today. And approximately 30 million of those things may or may not involve butter. (Plus I obviously need to go to the store and buy some more butter.) But I just got our photos from a photo shoot with Blue Lily Photography we did last month, for the second October in a row. (Once again: I have the best boss who gives out the best Christmas presents.) Last year, Ike was a four-month-old blobby of suspicion. This year, he proudly moved up the ranks to fully accredited goofball: He's in... Read more →

Vegas, Sans Babies

OH HI. I ran off to Vegas. I did not get married or remarried (though I did basically find the wedding chapel OF MAH DREAMS) or spend several days locked on a roof with a chain-smoking monkey. In fact, the biggest trouble I got myself into involved getting mildly scolded by a hotel employee for sneaking into the Microsoft SharePoint 2012 conference without a badge. (Okay, I didn't sneak into the conference itself. I just sat in the developer's lounge and used the wifi for a few hours to edit and post conference-related blog posts.) (I did steal a cup... Read more →

Deodorant Wars: Where Are They Now? Edition

Once upon a time, I noticed that deodorant labels had kind of lost their damn minds. It was no longer enough for a deodorant to promise you the basic trinity of Shit You Want It To Do — keep you dry, keep you non-smelly, keep your clothing not completely streaked in white chalky goo — because suddenly one single tube was promising at least seven different things. PH balance! Active Body Responsive! Moisturizing! Skin Nurturing! Smoothing! Hair Minimizing! Continually Renewing Fragrance! 24-hour wetness stank protection so yo ass don't even need to SHOWER with this shit, baby! And it needed... Read more →

AB Chao Design Camp DC: Hoarding, Crying & Other Assorted Awesomeness

So remind me to tell you about the time AB Chao bought me a shot of bourbon and drunk-dialed Heather Armstrong. And then promptly shoved the phone at my drunken ass while I shrieked in panic. I JUST WANTED A PICTURE. YOU CAN'T DISAPPOINT A PICTURE. Later, I burst into drunken tears at the table while explaining to all the other lovely DC Design Camp attendees how AB and I know each other because you guys. You guyyyyyyssss. This. This right here. This lady and you people and the Internet and blogging and the ENTIRE PATH OF MY LIFE, plus... Read more →

Mr. Independent

So I was going to post a video I took of Noah last night, when he wandered downstairs in his Muppet jammies and announced that he wanted to "vote." He went up to the TV and — amidst a sea of visual noise and percentages and red and blue— found a photo of President Obama, and touched it, iPad style. "Check! I voted!" he said. "Bock Obama is the President of the United States." And then he did a little happy dance. He also farted. I figured maybe I could edit that part out. But then I realized I'd probably... Read more →

Yo Voté & So Can You

Today is the day. The day when all bloggers, blobbers, bloogers, Facebookers, Instagrammers, Twitheads and other Professional Oversharers are legally required (BY INTERNET LAW) to post smug-looking selfies while wearing "I VOTED" stickers. Ta-da! My job here is done. Now it's time for some coffee to further amp up my nerves until results time tonight. (Dear Maryland: VOTE YES ON 6, YOU BEAUTIFUL BASTARDS.) Read more →