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Ode to Fall Back Day

Because I am a responsible grown-up lady in America, I spent about two hours yesterday staring at the clock on my wall and wondering why it didn't match up with the clock on my phone. hmm. brain waves....thinking.... ....pondering.... ....ouch, this hurts.... A lightbulb did eventually flicker on — old dusty frontporch in a horror movie style — and I realized it was Fall Back Day, and that I should probably just ignore the clock on the wall until Jason got annoyed by it, because he's tall enough to change it without having to climb on a chair, a chair which is like, allllllll the way over there. (Always thinking, I am. Yes.) When I was a kid, I have vivid memories of Fall Back Day, because I thought it was the SHIT. Since we were regular church-and-Sunday-school goers and I was a serial hater-of-mornings, I am not exaggerating when I say that I looked forward to Fall Back Day all year long. An extra hour! To spend in bed! And usually on such a nice chilly fall morning when you could really appreciate burrowing back into your nest of blankets and Care Bears instead of getting up and putting... Read more →

Decorative Gourd Season*

Okay, so. First, as required by LOOKIT MAH OFFSPRING law...uh, LOOKIT MAH OFFSPRING: Anakin Skywalker Obi-Wan Kenobi (Captions provided because yeah, those Jedis all look alike. [SO RACIST.] Noah was also mistaken for a ninja and two people thought Ezra was dressed as a monk.) And of course, Baby Yoda, the pièce de résistance. Who was occasionally mis-identified as Shrek, but that's okay, because this poor kid had no idea what was going on. Your customs baffle him, earthlings, but your candy is pretty friggin' delicious. *** BONUS: *** And as if all the Halloween craziness wasn't enough, what with the class parties and trick-or-treating and staying-up-late-to-eat-your-children's-candy-while-watching-American-Horror-Story-and-then-Poltergeist (because anything seems like a good idea after enough Kit-Kats)...I had to go chaperone a first-grade field trip to a pumpkin patch yesterday. Cozied up on the bus together, when this still all seemed like a good idea. I am pretty sure, waaaay back when I signed the volunteer sheet, that I was wearing a tank top. The school sent a reminder to check the weather and dress children appropriately that morning, but I can say with confidence that 99% of us completely failed to do that. Kids showed up dressed for the... Read more →