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Things That Have Been Dropped On My Foot Since Reuniting With My Children:

1) One National Geographic Kids United States Atlas

2) One vintage Fisher Price toy stove top

3) Ike

Spaceman noah

Things That Have Sat On My Foot Since Reuniting With My Children:

1) Noah

2) Ezra

3) Ike

4) The dog

5) The cat

6) Jason, almost, until I shrieked and recoiled just in time


Things That My Foot Has Tripped Over Since Reuniting With My Children:

1) Their shoes

2) My crutches, which Noah left lying right outside the bathroom door (In case I needed them, I guess?) 

3) The dog

4) The cat

5) Legos


It's so good to be back. I missed them all so much, even if they totally didn't follow my pre-trip orders to not get any bigger while I was away. 



Best wishes for a speedier recovery. Kids don't seem to register parental pain.


How in the absolute hell does Ezra look that big? It is so very wrong. Makes you not wanna go away and nearly break your foot ever agin, huh? Pity.


I'm very sorry but you shouldn't be so funny about it if you don't want us all giggling at your pain.


Man, they're cute.


I agree! Lookit Ezra just "mobbin' it" next to the chalkboard wall! So totally notalittlekidanymore- All your boys are beautiful m'dear
(I have no idea what mobbin means either, so I hope I used it right!)


I've noticed that in general, members of my household don't try to kill me, but the moment that I show weakness (hurt my foot, my leg, or at this moment, my shoulder), they start to sow the house with traps. Or begin to leap at me in ways that can only be stopped by inflicting great personal pain on myself. Or insisting that they should be carried up stairs that they have been walking up for months, just because it will HURT me to carry them.

I assume that this is because they are just a wee smidge demonic.

So you might want to dust off a crucifix or two to carry around to ward yours off. Just sayin'.


Oh my word - the Fisher Price stove top. My mom just pulled mine out of the basement for my 22 month old daughter to play with. My mom also has the toy plates, cups, and bowls that Tupperware used to make in the 70's. Looks just like the real stuff - only toy size.

Cheers to a speedy recovery....



But, hey!, considering Amazon's Frequently Bought Together re: the USA Atlas... good thing it was the States, not the World?... ;)


I love that you have a four year old named Ezra. It's obvious you have tremendously fabulous taste when it comes to naming your children. My four year old Ezra is also adept at deciding to not follow directions at the most opportune (or inopportune) moments. (Your blog is great - I happened upon it, loved it, saved it as a favorite a few weeks back). Get your foot healthy, and keep making me laugh.


Loving Ezra's "Waldo" shirt.

Lisa Newlin

This is hilarious! I don't have kids, but my friends do and these are the stories I hear from them all the time, albeit not as eloquently put as you do. :-)

I hope your foot is feeling better!

Baddest Mother Ever

I want that chalkboard wall in my office!!!


Hi Amy,

1. I am so, so sorry about your foot.
2. Your preshus BAY-BEES have gotten so big! It's sad and exciting.
3. You're awesome.


Corey Feldman

Hate traveling for work, sucks to be away from my kids...

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really cute children

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