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Dinner in Real Life, v.2

So it's pretty clear to me that if I want to keep going with the Dinner in Real Life-type posts (in which I give y'all a THRILLING 1,000+ WORD RUNDOWN on what we fucking ate for dinner, because you care and you care deeply) I really need to remember to take some goddamn photos before all the food disappears into our face holes. Photographing the recipes for blogging usually occurs to me the day after, while I'm reheating the leftovers in the microwave, and I am sorry, but making leftovers look like anything other than a choppy mess of brownish... Read more →

Baby's First Swag Bag

Yesterday, Ezra went on a field trip with his YMCA camp. He had a ton of fun — even the camp director came over to comment on Ezra's super off-the-charts level of enthusiasm for the day's activities — however, I have honestly no idea where he went or what he did. According to the thing they sent home (you know, the thing, the scrunched-up paper thing you find in the bottom of your child's backback, underneath a soggy towel and dirty swimsuit, the thing that was likely due back with a signature and $2 that morning, uh, whoops), the field... Read more →

Mister Noah's Neighborhood

Okay, look. Nick Jr. is on right now. Nick Jr. has maybe been on for awhile now. Maybe. Possibly. I don't know my life. I put Nick Jr. on for Ike so I could shower, write a blog post and answer some emails. (My favorite being the one someone [HI LISA] sent me at 3 a.m. to ask about getting stains off a microfiber couch and repeatedly used the phrase "COUCH PENIS." Because RELEVANT. God, I love you people.) I put Nick Jr. on because attempts to let him free range around the house had already resulted in a pants-removal... Read more →


I still have one strong hold on babyhood: The crib. Ike still sleeps in the crib. Our pediatrician expressed surprise (as did some of you, in the comments on this post) that he hadn't climbed out yet, especially as our two-year appointment wore on and she witnessed his considerable climbing and furniture-scaling skills. I don't know. I'm sure he could if he tried. I once saw him get a leg up and a foot hooked over the railing. I told him to stop that. He listened. I think he just...likes the crib. Or he hasn't yet realized there might be... Read more →

The Name Game

(I would like to apologize in advance for how disjointed and all over the place the following entry is. I kept getting distracted so it was written in about 15 different stops and starts and "wait, what was I talking abouts?") (This is all Kate Middleton's fault, OBVIOUSLY.) Ike had one of those awesome little toddler language explosions on Friday. I mean, he literally woke up Friday morning and started stringing all sorts of new words together. Or maybe the words weren't new, but the fact that they sounded like actual words and not like, AGGLE GUH FUFFFUFF? MUH HUBLA?... Read more →


Are we still judging mommybloggers for posting photos of their kids crying and/or pissed off and/or covered in jam/unidentified schmutz? Probably. So go ahead and put on your best judgeypants because I will never apologize for how much I love this photo: OH I AM SO SORRY, CHILD OF MINE, CHILD WHO IS INEXPLICABLY HALF AWAKE AND STANDING UP AT MIDNIGHT AND APPEARS TO BE COMPLAINING ABOUT ABSOLUTELY NOTHING EXCEPT FOR THE FACT THAT YOU ARE STANDING UP? IS THE FLASH BOTHERING YOU? DO YOU FIND THAT ANNOYING? If it makes you feel any better, I showed it to Ike... Read more →

This Land

Back when I thought we "needed" to move, a bigger backyard was probably on the top of my list of "reasons." You know, for the kids. So they'd have room. To play. (Because....clearly. They don't have that. At all.) Our backyard isn't perfect. It's on the larger size for our townhouse community but still not what I considered ideal for three growing children, or for entertaining more than like, two additional people. We're not allowed to have swingsets or playsets that are taller than the fence. The drainage isn't great so the grass is perpetually dead on that one side... Read more →

The Space Between

It was a rough weekend, no? That wasn't just me? I feel like we need a redo. Or a complete planetary realignment. And some extra servings of the good stuff, and none of the other stuff. And by good stuff I mean this: And lots of this: And of course, finally, this: Okay. I'm feeling better now. Let's do this thang, Week. You are no match for those eyeballs. Read more →

A WAHM Liveblog of the Past 15 Minutes

And on the other side of the workplace universe, today I am working from home, and it's one of those days where the "home" part is completely overwhelming the "working" part. Noah is at camp, but the other two are home with me and only me. It's raining. Ezra and Ike are currently staging multiple picnic/restaurant/grocery store scenarios, so about every 10 seconds somebody is graciously attempting to serve me a can of soup or a lettuce leaf or some invisible juice. My in-laws are driving in later (and staying in this very room) so I will need to clean... Read more →

How to Adult Like a Boss

Yesterday, I got up early, got dressed (as in actual clothing, not workout clothing) (haaaaaaa "workout"), did mah hairs and face, and drove to an office. The office? My office? I still don't know what to call it. I've been consulting for this company for well over a year now but have shown up live and in person maybe a dozen times, if that. I still have to retrieve a restroom key from the reception area, and I still get kind of a sweaty panic about using it because the lock is jacked, and although I think I've figured out... Read more →