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Have you ever had one of those weeks where you spent every waking moment working furiously at EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME GO GO GO...and yet when you stopped to catch your breath you realized you've actually accomplished nothing tangible whatsoever?

If so, happy Thursday, fellow whirling dervishes of futility! We still have one day to turn things around. Let's all not hold our breaths. 

I wrote three whole things that made it to the "publish" phase this week, which I guess is okay, but divided back into the number of hours I spent in front of the computer typing type type typing it's a tad...paltry.

It's been a week where 90% of the Very Important Do Not Fucking Ignore Me I Mean It emails I sent out were immediately returned with Ha Ha I'm On Vacation 'Til Next Tuesday Sucker auto-messages.

A week where I managed to "do" all the laundry in the sense that I carried it downstairs and did a bunch of loads, but then couldn't find time to actually FOLD any of it so it all basically went from sitting in heaps in the hampers to sitting in heaps on the floor.

A week where every time I glanced at the clock I was exactly five minutes late to call X, take someone to Y, or pick someone else up from Z. 

A week where the Legos have truly and finally grown sentient, built massive, sprawling settlements in various places around the house and begun reproducing at a Tribble-like pace, save yourselves, the entire first floor is theirs now. 

Oh, and after making dinner ahead of time one night in the slow cooker, I completely forgot to turn the slow cooker ON the next day. Which is a mildly important step. So we had no dinner and for the life of me I can't remember what I was even doing instead that was so unbelievably important that it monopolized my brain functions like that. Hopefully it wasn't just TMZ and/or Orange is the New Black recaps. (BUT IT PROBABLY WAS. Plus Candy Crush.)

Anyway, it's both the start of a new month and (almost) the end of this week, so I vote it's time for a massive downgrade in expectations. I will chill out about work and Legos. I will keep my children alive and fed. I will remember to turn the slow cooker on. I will retrieve all underwear from the laundry piles and put it away because that's just embarrassing. 

Then I will post a photo of Ike in a tiny bathrobe and call it day.





Those little bathrobes just tear me up.

Denice Johnson

yep. that exactly.


LOL. I'm having week like that too. Maybe it's the heat??

Just read the bit to my daughter in "Ramona and her Mother" where they forget to switch the slow cooker on. Classic kids' lit.


Is that...not what every week is SUPPOSED to be like? Well, I'm screwed then. Happy Friday Eve!

Brigid Keely

My week's been like that, but in my defense I'm sick so doing things like "unloading the dish washer" are enough to wear me out. Whoof. Phew.


Don't know if you want to share, but while I was not able to attend Blogher this year, a friend of mine went and sadly informed me there was no Sparklecorn. Why not?


Ike in a tiny bathrob brushing his teeth, (or chewing on a toothbrush, be that it may).


Oh my hell, I love everything you write but this: "If so, happy Thursday, fellow whirling dervishes of futility! We still have one day to turn things around. Let's all not hold our breaths." is *exactly* what I was thinking driving home from camp drop off. It's like you're psychic!


Solidarity on the Lego issue, man. I just can't seem to succeed at toy management. And, because toys lying around drives my husband bananas, I just shoved them all in laundry baskets today to at least get them up off the floor. Only, we don't have any place to put our dirty laundry so, that's an issue now.


When my kids were little, in the olden days of the 80's, I had a friend who said some days you just need to have Cheerios for dinner. Pass the milk ~


There was a Beezus and Ramona scene where their parents had a fight when they came home after a long day and each blamed the other for not turning on the slow cooker. They ended up having pancakes and carrot salad for supper. So you are in good literary company.


I feel so much better now. Thank you :)


Amy, that Advice Smackdown was one of your best, seriously, a stand up and applaud kind of piece. Give yourself credit for that achievement this week!

And for posting the adorable bathrobe!


What is going on in your slow cooker? I am looking for ideas. I love it when you share your recipes BTW.


Baby Hefner!

Suzy Q

The photo makes it all worthwhile.


Ike makes the world better.


YES. And, I love Ike :)

Wacky Mommy

You know that kid just always makes everything all better. xo nancy

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