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Eight. Eight. EIGHT. That baby. Is now this kid. I sat down on Friday to cull through the year's photos and video haul — that's probably my favorite part of the yearly montage tradition, looking back on the year and trying to pinpoint when their faces changed and their limbs stretched out — and after a few hours of half-hearted editing I realized that there was just no way; that eight might be the year to stop and figure out something else. All my video of Noah has its own soundtrack now — there's no little pop song that's going... Read more →

Danger Zone

(So as per usual, I managed to trip on mah high heels and fall face first into unexpected drama. I very honestly [ZING!] was completely unaware that there was any controversy and such strong feelings about The Honest Company until the comments started rolling in — yesterday's post was my third sponsored post with them, and each time I've been treated with nothing but the utmost respect/kindness/bloggeriffic freedom, and literally knew NOTHING about the other blogger's experiences or the trademark dispute. Because I live in a hobbit hole, apparently. Anyway, as my intentions are always to merely amuse, never offend,... Read more →

Cleanliness Is Next to Nerdiness

This post is sponsored by The Honest Company. (So, yes. Me and Honest. Again! Sitting in a tree. All BFF-y and stuff. This is how these deals should work, I think. They pay me for posts and then I turn around and give all the money right back to them because I can't stop buying All Of The Things. Yep, that's me, straight-up winning at being a business person. And math.) ANYWAY. I finally caved and signed up for a subscription bundle for household/bath/body stuff. Not surprisingly, we go through a fairly ridiculous amount of cleaning products in our house.... Read more →

Underpants Are the New Legos

I suspect that the Superman underpants are reproducing. It's like the opposite of the underpants gnomes up in here. There is no way I actually purchased THIS MANY pairs of Superman underpants. (I mean, they came in a variety pack! And possibly got me on some NSA Internet watchlist.) And yet we are disportionately overrun with JUST the Superman variety. They are everywhere. They are legion. There's a pair in the bottom of most of my handbags and there's at least one pair turning up in every load of my own laundry and no lie, there is seriously a pair... Read more →

Looks Like Ike

Ike is many many things. Ike is very cute, very funny, very smart, very passionate about getting the specific kind of liquid he requested in a very specific cup. (I mean, the boy asked for mulk in a plain red cup and you tried to give him joos in a Go Diego Go cup. You sir, do not deserve your nice eardrums, and shall be punished accordingly.) Ike is also a tiny bit sassy. Ike is NOT, however, a performing monkey, and lately seems to get real and actual delight from thwarting my attempts to document the cute/funny/smart things he... Read more →

The Notebook (No Not That One)

So I was sitting in a work meeting this morning, scribbling notes on a very old notebook that is branded with a very old logo of a Giant Multinational Corporation's Website For Laaaaaadies that courted my blogging services, once upon a time. (I just checked and the site still exists, albeit with a different logo, so presumably they were able to find some bloggers who were willing to work in exchange for free notebooks.) Only about six pages of the notebook have anything written on them, which is about my going attention span for every notebook or journal I have... Read more →

Storches On Safari

I have written (many, many times) already about my love/hate relationship with the zoo. Here's the Tl;dr summary... THINGS I LOVE ABOUT GOING TO THE ZOO: 1) The idea of going to the zoo. THINGS I HATE ABOUT GOING TO THE ZOO: 2) Everything else. But today I am happy to report that I have done it. I have SOLVED THE ZOO. I solved the zoo by not actually going to the zoo, but instead getting my hair cut (and various patches of body hair forcibly yanked out, because TREAT YO SELF) while my crazy husband took our children to... Read more →

Baby's First Act of Wanton Destruction

"Do you hear water running?" "I do...wait, is it the dishwasher?" "..." "Yeah, probably just the dishwasher." "Yeah." (NOTE TO SELVES OF OH, 18 OR SO HOURS AGO: It's never just the dishwasher. Fool-ass fools.) Some time after this conversation (which was mostly fueled by our joint desire to not get up off the couch), Ezra entered the room. "Some water spilled on the floor in the basement." Jason and I raised our eyebrows at him, not because we wanted further explanation — oh no, that might result in us hearing something that required our presence or supervision — but... Read more →


It's been a tough couple months for Noah. I've been tangled up over what to say or what to post — the fist-pump GO NOAH! entries are so much easier for me to write; going back to the days of routinely wringing out every tiny neurotic emotion via the keyboard isn't something that interests me much. Because even during the tough periods, we're still moving forward. Backwards isn't an option. But I guess lately we've been moving more sideways. Summers are always tough; the back-to-school transition is even tougher. The same old issues are there: anxiety, rigidity, social and attention/impulse... Read more →

At Least It Wasn't Fruit Stickers

Amy: Hey guys, everybody getting their pajamas on in he... Amy: ... Amy: Ez? Ezra: What? Amy: Why do you have band-aids on your chest? Ezra: I have a boo-boo here. And over here. Two boo-boos. Amy: Ezra, those aren't boo-boos. Those are your... Ezra: No, I have boo-boos ON TOP OF DEM. Amy: On top? Noah: OH NO EZRA HAS BOO-BOOS ON HIS NIMPLES. Ezra: Yeah, on top of my nickels. *** (Please note the semi-relevant point that the band-aids in question were Muppets, with Gonzo on one ...uh, side and Statler & Waldorf on the other.) *** AND... Read more →