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A special guest post by Noah, age 8, who is sick for the second time this week with his second stomach-related ailment, oh my God, for freaking real, you have got to be kidding me with this.

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Once upon a time there was a little boy named Noah. And he was kinda sick today and couldn't go to school and stayed home on the couch. And he is with his mom right now, telling this story. Before he was telling this story he sort of all of a sudden fell asleep like this.

*falls dramatically on the couch and closes eyes*

While he was asleep he heard his alarm clock and thought it was time to get up for school. But then he woke up and he was still on the couch. He didn't have to go to school because he was still sick!

After that he had some magic medicine and felt better.

(That didn't actually happen okay so don't write that down.)

Soon Noah really will feel better.  

His mom said when he was done telling the story he could watch TV. 

He is now done telling the story. 



Hahaha! He's awesome. Get well soon Noah x


Get well soon, Noah! (Don't get sick again, too, Amy!)


Get well soon, Noah! (Don't get sick again, too, Amy!)


Child labor FTW!

Soon, you can have them each do a guest spot weekly, and then you just have to sit back and watch the money roll in.

Theoretically. This may be like the underpants gnomes. But I'm sure you'll figure out the nebulous middle step.


Your kids are too cute! Have fun watching TV Noah (remember the more pathetic you look the more likely you will get out of having to do things. Go for big eyes and thing pale thoughts)


well done, Noah! Now stop barfing so your mom can entertain me while I eat my fish and chips.


Oh no poor guy!! We just enjoyed our own bout of family-fun-stomach-ailments this weekend and are now on the mend. The thought of going through it again is terrifying. I thought there were laws against this kind of thing!

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