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And I Was Like, Fine, You Can Stay Home But I'm Putting You To Work

Better, I Think, She Says Suspiciously

Hello! Hi! We're all fine, thank you. Feeling much better, yes. Look at me, not talking about barfing.

(I am maybe a little bit talking about barfing.)

The latest round of pestilence was swift and mighty, yet mercifully brief. I took a nap in the afternoon and woke up to find that Ezra had raided the pantry in a post-viral snack attack and had put together a disgusting, non-BRAT-diet approved buffet of just about everything that didn't require a can opener. Noah took a little longer to recover, but still took one sad look at the bowl of white rice I made him for dinner and requested a pizza instead. 

Ike, on the other hand, went down for his nap around 2 p.m. and stayed soundly asleep until 7 a.m. this morning. I officially think he's part hibernating bear. Today he likewise seems just fine, other than the fact that he's been eating lunch now for two and a half solid hours.


I still haven't committed to actually tucking anyone's sheets around the mattress corners, though. Or removed the strategically-placed plastic wastebaskets from their rooms. That feels like an invitation for a second wave, if you ask me. 

There are two Worst Parts about a baby or toddler with a stomach virus, by the way. One, they don't know what's happening to them. Or that it's going to happen again, and again, and it would really help you out a lot if they gave you some warning or stuck their head over the crib railing or...or did ANYTHING other than sit there and throw up on themselves. 

The second Worst Part is...well, they don't know what's happening to them. Or why it keeps happening again and again. Or if it's ever going to stop happening. For all they know, this is Life Now. This is How It Is. Maybe from now on, forever. You try to sleep and then something massively unpleasant happens and you cry and Mom or Dad come in and seem kind of annoyed but creeply nonchalant about it, like when they're confronted with a particularly messy diaper or that time they caught you pulling 200 plastic sandwich bags out of the box one by one. Is this normal to them? Is this no big deal? Because this feels like a pretty big deal, especially since they took your Elmo away because the unpleasantness got all over him. Oh God, Elmo! Where are you? Where did they take you? WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO MEEEEE.

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On the plus side, toddlers have the memory of a goldfish. Elmo's still down in the laundry room and Ike's been talking about nothing but Cookie Monster ever since. 






Yeah, I have girls. With long hair. Even tiny, they had lots of hair. One must wash the unpleasantness out of their hair, while they are very angry, and also wash sheets and clean up mess and do it alllll by herself because husband is a sympathetic puker.

I am always so glad when they realize what is going on and what to do about it (aim!)


He looks much happier today. I hope for your sake (and Elmo's) that it's all over.


The day my then-three-year-old marched into the bathroom, threw up, flushed, and THEN told me about it was one of the most magical days of my life.

Lynda M Otvos

Oh dear pandechion, what a wondrous day that must have been !~!

Puking is the worst for anyone ever. I hate it and have a bad gut too-just a ducky combo sometimes. Thank heaven for good husband. Will not trade him in ever-one doesn't get two in a row that good. Happy you are on the mend. I'll have a side of beef and a deep freeze delivered if you think it'll help...


I love your blog. So glad you are all on the mend. I'm not one to usually comment but thought I might actually have something to contribute. I work in the pediatric medical research field. According to studies from the Institute of Medicine it takes about 17 years for evidence based clinical guidelines to make it into practice. I've heard the BRAT diet used to highlight that statement; the diet still extensively recommended (my doctor recommended it to me) but clinical research, published years ago and confirmed by subsequent studies, shows no benefit to the restricted diet. So your kids were right on. Probably way more information than you wanted on a Wednesday……


Abby, that's great to hear because I am terrible about making my kids or even myself follow the BRAT diet.

I have lived in fear of stomach viruses since having children because I hate dealing with vomit. Knock wood, my oldest who is 4 and a half has only thrown up on three occasions and she's only done it in the bed once. She is remarkably capable of telling us she doesn't feel good and making it to the bathroom. I really hope my son is able to do that.


Ok I'm laughing and laughing because yes. And then the whole memory of a goldfish. I just died.


Sounds like a little Storch family pre-holiday diet! (Of course, I kid--glad you're all feeling better, knock wood.)

I'm also relieved that mine isn't the only two-year-old who can pull marathon sleep sessions. Yesterday it was a 3-hour afternoon nap, then 13 hours overnight. I think she's still making up for the first 6 months...


Oh hi. I'm 38 and every time I get sick, all memory of me being well vanishes completely and I am positive I will be sick forever.


LMAO! best post sickness post ever


Oh man, we're barfing family twinsies! So sorry to hear your house got hit too. I did read that the BRAT diet is maybe not as helpful as previously thought and so this time around (that is, TODAY) when the three year old wanted real food I gave it to him. So far, so good. We'll see what the baby does tomorrow whenever he's done barfing....blurgh.


It always seemed to me that the popularity of the BRAT diet was its "neutralness" for clean up if you were wrong about ready for solid food consumption.


This morning I had to give my son (almost 1) a suppository after he threw up all over me again, and then started chewing on my toothbrush. I now require wine and a new toothbrush.


Oh, you are lucky to have a forgetful toddler. Mine would wake up 15 minutes into the nap crying, "Ellllmmooooooo" all day and night long.


THe other WORST thing is that they don't understand that they can't eat or drink anything for a while. I remember a time my little one was crying to me over and over, "I am so thirsty!", but every drop came right back out. I was on the phone with my friend and she was like, "This is breaking my heart, I am going to go now".


My son just turned 4 this month, and like a week ago he woke up with the pukes. He still pretty much has no idea what the hell is happening - except that he thinks he's exploding. Like literally. And he firmly believes that at any second it could get a whole lot worse. So there is a lot of panic and weeping and wild declaring of things like, "I don't wanna s'plode anymore, I could disappear!" and, "Why won't you make it stop, don't you want me to feel better?!"

Because what's more awesome than being covered in someone else's puke at 430 in the morning? Them yelling at you about it. Kids are so cool.


I just wanted to mention that last time my kids had a stomach thing, I was told by the nurse at our pediatrician, "The BRAT diet is passe." Apparently they now think it's too low nutrition for kids. They recommend a low sugar, not too fatty regular diet. Good luck-- stomach bug is the bane of my mommy existence!

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