An Ordinary Day Like Every Other
Better, I Think, She Says Suspiciously

Bleeeeeehhhhhhhhhhh etc.

Someday, if you find yourself tasked writing the inevitable "Top 27 Moments That Signaled the Death of Mommyblogging" listicle for BuzzFaceTwitBook, I would be greatly humbled if you considered this moment, November 19, 2013, When Amalah Finally Ran Out Of Original Ways To Talk About How Everybody In Her House Has A Stomach Virus For The 8th Or 9th Year In A Row. 

Ezra got it first, over the weekend. Seemed better. I started fantasizing of an alternate reality where no one else would get it, in time gone by, when life was kind and handwashing up to the elbows 20 times a day had meaning. Then Ezra got sick again last night around bedtime and Ike quickly followed, over and over and over, and then Noah burst out of his room in a frantic dash to the bathroom at the exact second it was dawning on me that I wasn't feeling so hot either.

(Jason, as of this writing, is still standing. And he deserves all the hookers and blow for his service last night, as the only person capable of handling the non-stop cycle of sheet changes, cleaning, wipedowns and comforting of disgusting little people.)

Today, Jason left for work but will hopefully be able to come home early and get more than a 20-minute stretch of sleep. I am writing this from bed and trying not to think about all the crusty crib sheets, towels and stuffed animals I have to wash. The boys are all gonna watch themselves a buttload of TV and that's about it. Maybe we'll all treat ourselves to some celebratory sips of water in a couple hours. 

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So we'll survive, obviously. It's good to have a plan. 



Awww, they look miserable! Get well, all of you!


Ugh! I hope you all feel better soon.

Heather B.

Yes they look miserable but I am more concerned about Ezra looking like a teenager.


oh, wising you HUGS. and SLEEP. and that all of you feel better soon.


Get well soon!


We just got over this and my husband never caught it. On the one hand, it's good because if a man cold causes that much misery I can only imagine a man stomach virus, but also, it seems a little unfair that I cleaned up all the toddler puke and also had it myself. Hope you're all feeling better soon. This virus is a doozy.


Man, I'm sorry. Someday they'll be able to make it to the toilet, so it gets easier. Hang in there.


Oh that is the saddest picture of them ever. Hope you all feel better soon!


Feel better soon

Lynda M Otvos

Oh my stars, I wish I were closer, I'd come do some laundry and dishes for you. Instead I hold all four of you up to the Universal Healing Power and hope for fast recoveries and no relapses.


Ugh. So sorry you're stuck in that blech. My youngest just got mostly over her cold, after giving to her sister of course. This morning on the way to school she listed 3 classmates that were out sick yesterday. I may have said STAY AWAY FROM THEM a little too strongly :)


Fuuuuuuuuck, man. Immune systems suck hairy dog balls. (Are dog balls hairy?) Anyway, boom shamalamaboom and a puff of smoke and that should get you all back to normal. IF MY FUCKING MAGIC WORKED. I'm sorry. I wish kids were less germy and that houses came with automatic sanitizing at teh door. Like, you have to go through a car wash kind of thing upon entry.

I left the teh for you. You're welcome.


Curses! My moment of smugness upon reading this entry ("Gosh, I'm sure glad my girls inherited my iron stomach. I can't remember the last time anyone threw up.") is bound to result in a very unpleasant weekend in my house.



Have you tried using stainless steel mixing bowls? Ike's probably still toO young, but Ezra and Noah can probably manage to use one. Unbreakable, do not hold any smells (the smell of Mr. Clean in a plastic bucket haunts me to this day) and once the plague is over, you can sterilize 'em by heating them up over 220F in the oven. Worked for my girls.



Holy crap, we were a house of plague this weekend too! It started with the 7 month-old yakking all over and me being confused why he was starting to spit up again. Oh. OH! Then the 2 1/2 year-old, who had never puked before (I know, right?) threw up in the night and just...went back to sleep. Husband was the last man standing too. He claims it's pure willpower.


Sorry you all feel like shit.

Laughing my ass off at getting Jason hookers and blow to make up for the pukeageggdon 2013


Aw, I hope you all feel better soon. Ike's hair is still so, so pretty, even when he's miserable.

Thank you SO MUCH for introducing me to the One Bad Mother podcast - I'm working my way through the season and laughing my ass off.


Good grief lady! I think you guys get sick more than we do. And that's saying something! Hope you feel better soon. Try not to hurl so much n stuff.


Noah looks the least disturbed out of the three. Ezra looks like he is going to freak out at any moment. And then there's Ike...Ike and his wonderful crazy hair and the sad eyes. I love the hair I do not however love how bummed they all look. Hope you are all feeling better ASAP!


See this is disturbing to me as we're heading to the East Coast tomorrow. We have managed to avoid this plague at all costs on the West Coast (was doing rounds about a month ago) so please just lock your doors and don't let it wander the streets. M'kay?

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