Holiday Preparations, Amalah Style

He's Not Stubborn, He's Street Styling


We had a wee bit of drama yesterday morning when I told Ezra that it was too cold to wear his dinosaur raincoat. He could wear his dinosaur rainboots, yes, but he really needed to wear his winter coat. 

"But I won't match!" he wailed, and then glared at me when I attempted to point out that look! Your winter coat has some blue on it! Your boots are blue! They totally match!

"Thats. The. WRONG. BLUE," he explained, through tiny clenched teeth, as patiently as he possibly could. 

He had a point. They were very different shades of blue. Also: NO DINOSAURS.

He eventually did agree to wear his winter coat — a change of heart that, in retrospect, should have tipped me off to a plot of some kind — and I got him to school on time and dressed appropriately. 

When I picked him up later, however, I noticed...something.

Photo 1 (5)

When I wasn't looking, he'd shoved the raincoat into his backpack. And was now rocking a jaunty layered look. 

You know what? It works. 

Photo 2 (5)

And he knows it. Very sassy move there, Zah. 



Oh, Zah. I love the way your mind works.


Well played Ezra. My children are a little older, but I have decided to quit fighting about which coat to wear. I tell them my opinion, and if they want to freeze that is their problem. It only took one time of my son freezing for him to start listening to me.

Sue W.

Layered for extra warmth there, ma! Way to go Zah!Possibly a fashion designer/chef in the future!

And totally off topic. Amy, they are building a new hotel at LegoLand Florida. Expected to be done sometime in 2015. Will look like Legos on the outside. They want to make LegoLand a "destination" vacation spot like Disney so people will spend more than the day there. Just a thought for a future vacay for all your Lego lovin boyz!




Oh, very clever!


The layered look TOTALLY works! But, on a sad note, what has happened to Ezra's little baby face? It's totally gone!


Said it before, will say it again: I love me some Zah.


This boy is too much! Love it!


I totally love this kid.

Lynda M Otvos

They will get what they want-one way or t'other.


I didn't sneak clothes until 4th grade! You have a little fashionista on your hands!


He's such a smartcutewonderfulcrazy kiddo!


I already commented but you must post something else besides that "looking VERY guilty" picture of Erza. You can see on his face he knows what's what!

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