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Our Thanksgiving kicked off in the traditional fashion, with a 2-year-old who decided to change his own diaper. Helpful! We found him up on his changing table, completely naked...and completely covered in a greasy coat of pine-scented diaper ointment. His hair (ohgodhishair), his face, his butt, his feet. Like he was preparing to go wrestle a live turkey in the backyard later, or something.

(I mean, I know our Thanksgivings might get a little weird, but definitely not slicked-up toddler/farm animal wrestling weird. YET, anyway.)


Ike was able to accomplish this feat of strength because we've been letting him bunk with his brothers most nights now. This has downsides, obviously, like a non-confined toddler running around the house pre-sunrise and a sharp increase in the levels of post-sunset mayhem. But it also allows us to pretty much ignore the whole three kids/two rooms situation.

Noah sort of wants his own room, but only if nothing changes, like...new furniture or paint. Or getting rid of any of the nursery furniture. And he doesn't really want to sleep in different bed, even if it's another loft/bunk situation. And Ezra and Ike should be there too, because he might get lonely. On second thought, never mind. 


Ike definitely doesn't want his own room anymore, because he knows full well where the party's at and he wants to be where the party's at. The problem is that the "party" is really about 90% Ezra. (They all have a favorite brother, by the way, although none of the favoritism is reciprocal. Ike worships Ezra but Ezra prefers Noah but Noah adores Ike. Basically they're all playing hard-to-get with the wrong sibling, all the time.) 


So moving EZRA into his own room probably wouldn't keep Ike from tagging along, and then Noah would be all, "HEY WAIT ME TOO" and then I'll have three kids still crammed into one room, albeit in an even smaller room and on a smaller bed. 

Not that having the twin-over-full bunk bed stops stuff like this from happening:


(There were not that many toys in the bed when I tucked them in. There were not that many toys in the entire room.) 


But I guess we're just going to stick with this plan for now — bonus points for not having to repaint the nursery or get rid of any nursery-related furniture or accessories and thus I can preserve the room Miss Havisham style for completely not-crazy reasons shut up shut up SHUT UP I CAN'T HEAR THE SOUNDS OF YOUR GROWTH SPURTS LA LA LAAAA — and reassess when someone actually starts complaining. 


Oh, and Thanksgiving ended on a pretty good note, too. After three baths to un-greasify, zero naps and way, way too much fun and excitement with best friends and family:




I really appreciate the photos of post-bedtime destruction because sometimes I feel like I'm the only one who lives in a nonstop frat party. We've considered putting everyone in together. Interesting.


OMG your beautiful sleeping babies. Adorbs.


OHMYGOD the cuteness is KILLING ME! I am dead now, from the cute.


Ike sleeping soundly on the floor summarizes toddler sleeping situations in the funniest way possible. Why... *Why* will small people not sleep in the comfortable beds with matching sheets we painstakingly launder for them? At night? With quietness and conducive environments?


I love all of this, every single bit. Man I wish we could have a play date.


Oh the cuteness - the first paragraph had me snort giggling.

But but but - your toddler has glassware. Glassware! How on earth did that happen? I barely trust mine with plastic, this shit bounces higher than your head when dropped, crockery. Ceramic? He can take that stuff with him when he moves out!


Hey there!!! Whatever works for them is key. I am sure they are having a blast with the one room. Soon they will be bickering about wanting to be left alone and not want to share with their brothers. You have an amazing family and I really missed reading about you and your adventures.


Ahh yes I see that Ike got the memo about sideways only sleeping in the big bed. My 6 year old still sleeps sideways given a chance. Which is typically when we stay in a hotel and he bunks with me. Sigh.

Chi Sherman

Oh man. That picture of Ike sleeping next to Elmo... heart melter. <3 :)


omg sleeping little boys... so cute


Swear: you gots TONS of time to await complaints about the nursery-ness of it all. Case in point: my 13 year-old JUST decided last month to upgrade to teen central from Buzz Lightyear. I got 10 years out of that little boy room, and I'm so happy with that.
(I like colons.)


Triple bunks...they make 'em...just for folks like you!


My 2 year old daughter likes to play diapering with her stuffed animals. She doesn't understand that pink bear has fur so he doesn't need butt stick when he gets changed.

And I love the Grovia magic stick, just not on stuffed animals.

Mom in Two Cultures

So weird! Our Thanksgiving also started with a certain 2 y.o. slathering himself (and the table and the window) with diaper cream. The uninitiated adult in charge of watching him for the 7 minutes it took me to change clothes and wash my face didn't know that quiet=bad. Said 2 y.o. smelled like diaper cream for a good three days.


Sleeping babies do me in every time. My one year old ate her weight in pumpkin pie. I'm pretty sure that overrided (overrid?) the tryptophan.

dawny dee

is ike being served his turkey on a crystal platter in that last photo? i get to the point sometimes when i cant find one more clean dish and resort to all sorts of things but i dont think i have ever been brave enough for crystal.
btw those boys are just the best.


oh my goodness. sleeping babies. how sweet is little ike on the floor. We are expecting boy #2 in the spring! boys are crazy. kinda scared, not gonna lie.


10 BONUS POINTS for the Great Expectations reference!


Some mom-writer in some book I read once (very helpful, I know!) said that a good thing to do with three boys and two bedrooms is to have one for a sleeping/clothing storage room and the other for an extra play/homework-doing space. Just an idea! At least Ike didn't lather himself up with butter and go sliding across the dining room floor, Honey BooBoo Style!


Is Ike eating off Manhattan Ware Depression Glass???????


Every time I see Ike sleeping, my ovaries start clacking together like one of those plastic noise maker party favor things with the balls on each side that you have to whacka-whacka-whacka back and forth to get the balls to swing around and hit each other.


I'm not the only one who calls Grovia "butt stick"! Yesssssss!


You make me laugh out loud. And maybe cause me to choke on BBQ potato chips. Seriously. Laugh riot.


You make me laugh out loud. And maybe cause me to choke on BBQ potato chips. Seriously. Laugh riot.

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