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Yoga, Ezra Style

I signed Ezra up for an afterschool yoga class. Because let us never forget how excited Ezra was about that afterschool soccer program he attended in the fall:

Yeeeah. Pumped to the max about that

But since Ez gets a little shy/standoffish about group activities (and he quit karate one white-hot minute after Noah quit), we've been trying to nudge him a bit into trying new things. Plus the yoga class was crazy cheap and buys me an extra hour and 15 minutes of childcare once a week. Selfless parenting! I am good at it.

Of course, Ezra had absolutely no earthly idea what "yoga" even was until yesterday afternoon. He thought I was sending him to "yogurt class."

"But I don't like yogurt!" he wailed.

This is true. Yogurt and mint-flavored things are literally the only two categories of food he won't eat. I have literally sent this child to school with leftover chimichurri hangar steak and brussels sprouts with blue cheese in his lunch, but a to-go tube of strawberry yogurt would be rejected with extreme prejudice because yuck.

(He also won't eat Thin Mints. He's such a disappointment in so many ways, you guys.)

But he LOVED the yoga class. I didn't get to observe him there because 1) ha ha no, my ass was at home, and 2) that's kind of the whole point, but he offered a full demonstration of his new skills afterwards.

(Please ignore the sad, drooping Christmas tree in the background. I will take it down soon. By Easter, at least, promise.)



He's already better at yoga than I am. 


Though to be fair, everybody's better at yoga than I am. That mat is better at yoga than I am. I am only good at the meditation part at the end, when I get to fall asleep.


(Seems legit.)


This one involved pretending to be a turtle curled into its shell, which naturally led to...



IMG_3960 IMG_3963



Inner peace to the exxxtreme, bitchez.


And this is when I put the camera down and tickled his bare feet. Because they were there. So zen. Much yoga. Wow. 


He's very excited for next week's class. I asked him what his favorite part was and he answered: "You get to take your socks off! And also there is no yogurt."



This kid is the cutest thing you have ever done in your entire life. Team Ezra, all the way!


Amy have you ever tried restorative yoga? It's basically mostly shavasana. At my studio we get into about 4 different seated/lying down poses for most of the hour then still do shavasana at the end. Also the first week of every month we do yoga nidra - it's a guided meditation you do in shavasana. I am VERY GOOD at this style of yoga.


i love this! my preschool teacher did yoga with us (NYC hippies FTW!). I could do a full Lotus pose at 5 years old. Not so much anymore.


I would be so motivated to go to that yoga class with Ezra-no yogurt ftw!

Thanks to Erica for the info about shavasana, I love yoga, but my body cannot do half the positions now...


He totally strikes me as a good-looking natural living dude who does or even teaches yoga, as an adult. Not sure why. My youngest does as well. I told his pre-k teacher that we expect his Birkenstock wearing self to be surfing the shores of Costa Rica when he is 22.


I love it! Too damn cute!

I also love that your tree is still up. Mine is also still up and now I don't feel so bad about that!


I love Ezra. I hope that someday (20+ years from now) he'll meet my charming daughter Charlotte and they'll fall in love. Except she loves yogurt and Thin Mints, so I'm afraid it may never work out.


Haha. I love him so much!


Every morning I look at the Christmas tree and mutter that it must come down. But my 20 yr old son just moved back home and he still turns it on every afternoon, making me all mommy-nostalgic and I can't bring myself to take it down yet.

Jessica V.

"Yogurt class" made me snort-laugh. I love Ezra.


When my nephew was about Ike's age he used to mimic my sister doing yoga. He had a pretty good downward facing dog, he called it 'dog yogurt' (ew!)


Too funny. He is adorable. I took a few years off from blog reading and now have maybe 5 that I follow. Logged on to see your page and your boys are just adorable and your writing is as witty and fun to read as ever. Having 3 little boys was some of the best times of my life. Mine are now 19, 16, 13 and my daughter is 9. Miss those times of Legos and Ninja Turtles! Enjoy the "little' years because it goes by in a blink of the eye!


Oh so cute and funny and precious and that video of soccer made me DIE.

But... no thin mints? No yogurt? Well. Huh. Can't blame you for being disappointed in him. Who wouldn't be?

(Kidding, obviously. More yogurt and thin mints for you! He is the perfect child.)


We just took our tree down. It was our first tree ever (we've always travelled for Christmas), and my daughter's first Christmas. And now I'm a little sad and sentimental and missing that tree quite a lot. Keep yours up! Also, Ezra is amazing.


Zen on, Ezra! That's so cool.
I'm completely ignoring the tree, but have to ask what you use to have such shiny hardwood floors? I've finally acknowledged that mine are so gross and dull I may as well have tamped-down dirt flooring...


love! also: recipe for the hangar steak, please!!


A child who doesn't eat Thin Mints = MOAR THIN MINTS FOR YOUUUUUU!


So cute. And seriously, why would you want your kid to eat Thin Mints? Then you have to share with the likes of a 9yo who can eat like a box and lose weight. Oh wait, that's me. But still.


Interesting. I told my 4 year old that this summer she can choose between dance, soccer, or karate (in addition to swimming, which is non-negotiable). She said she doesn't want to do any of it, she just wants to watch other kids do it! I am going to sign her up anyway, but if all those things are big fat failures (the other BFF), yoga, here we come!


I should have signed my 4yo up for yoga. He is in "winter baseball camp" with about 35 boys, many older, almost all of whom are about 350% better at it than him, and he gets easily bored & discouraged by it. Blarg.

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