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A Very Important & Artistic Photo Exhibition

Sometimes, when I finally get around to clearing out the thousands of photos I've allowed to accumulate on my phone, I discover something special. Something mysterious, unique and bold. Photos taken by someone other than me, by someone with a keen visual perspective and something to say.

The latest are presented below, with comment and full artistic interpretation...

Photo 4

Through the Glass Coffee Table 

The exhibit is not afraid to start off challenging. What is this? Where was this taken? Why the hell is this on my phone?

Photo 4

Through the Glass Coffee Table, Revisited, With Legs

A blurry glimpse of a child's legs and sneaker gives the viewer some perspective, but still no answers. Much like there is a sleeve, but no hand.  There is a rug, but it is not our rug. 

Photo 1

Boy With Green Phone

At this point, viewers who are familiar with this particular artist's work (and his family's recent trip to West Elm for pillow shams) will start to make sense of the series. Here, a child remains oblivious to the carefully curated trappings of consumerism behind him, and perhaps even finds it a bit distasteful as he pinches his nose to ward off the scent of wood veneer and conformity.

And yet he is able to ignore it all only because he's engrossed with a portable glowing mobile device. A device that is presumably serving as both his friend, companion and a babysitter for his negligent, pillow-sham-crazy parents. 

Photo 3

40% Off This Weekend Only

A woozy, dystopian look at a suburban shopping mall, from the inside looking out. Or more accurately: from the inside looking in, since even if you leave the store, you're still inside the mall.

BOOM. Your mind has just been blown.

Moving on. 

Photo 3

Looking Up

The honeycomb shapes remind the viewer of their worker bee status, while the security cameras reinforce the modern day reality that we are all being watched, constantly. The disconcerting position of the exit sign poses the question: Is there any way out? Really? 

  Photo 5Photo 2

Store Plants, Versions 1 & 2

One can't help but sympathize with living plants trapped in an indoor home furnishings store. Does anybody remember to water them? Have they ever seen the sun? Why would anybody buy plants here when you can get the same kinds just about anywhere else for a fraction of the cost?

(Note the green as callback to the abandoned boy with his phone. Clearly a very thoughtful and deliberate metaphor on the part of the artist.)

Photo 1

Into Darkness

A chilling reminder that on the inside, all couch cushions are the same color. 

Photo 1Photo 2
Photo 3Photo 2

Self Portraits, With Bedhead, Versions A, B, C & D

No exhibit by this particular artist would be complete without a near-endless series of near-identical self-portraits (or "selfies," in the parlance of the times). His lack of facial expression is perfectly in line with the deceptively mundane subjects and themes of his other photographs, or perhaps merely indicative that he was actually holding the phone backwards and thought he was taking a picture of the floor. 

Signed prints are available at the gift shop. Four frillion dollars each, or best offer. 



Why does Ezra look so old in that photo!!?? Can you repost that Instagram photo of him when you thought he had strep? Looked much more baby-like in that one. Good selfies, though, kid. Mine only ever gets the top of her head in hers. I have 400 iphone photos of the top of her head, and feel like a monster every time I delete one.


I am convinced that my son has some kind of superhero strength and/or glue-like grip when it comes to letting go of my phone. I've doomed myself to forever hearing "Ding Ding Fox" requested ad nauseum. It's my own fault!!!

p.s. Nice artistic work, Ezra!


Ezra has perfectly round nostrils! Must go look at the nostrils of my children and see if they are so preshus. My youngest preshus is sleeping. Maybe I'll look later.


West Elm is taking over the world. If one more person says "mid-century modern," I shall hurl a wing chair at his head.

Ezra should get a Pulitzer for Boy with Green Phone.


I think I saw this exhibit when it traveled to the Walker Art Museum in Minneapolis.


You have yourself an artist!

Sue W.

It was just announced that some of Picasso's works will be coming to the Dali Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida in the fall. I think the works of Zah would be a suitable bridge til then. The fans would go wild!


Awesome! But why does it remind me of that series of artwork, some with shampoo bottles, some with deodorants, by that brilliant artist, you know ? one could even believe they are related. amazing !


Love. This. :D


When I got a new camera for my birthday a year and a half ago I gave our toddler (now preschoolerish) my old one. It doesn't have a memory card in it and I lost the adapter to download the photos but it holds about 12 pictures at a time and they are all AWESOME. This reminds me that I really need to find both an adapter and a memory card for that thing because I really want to make those available. There's one self portrait with thumb that is just great.


Can I order the coffee table book?


Wetting myself. This was every bit as good as the Deodorant Dramas.


I am anxiously awaiting the postcard editions, so as to hang them on the fridge and cubicle walls. Please advise when delivery is anticipated.

Jackie're take on the "looking up" was actually pretty deep hahaha it started making me get all think-y for a moment


I'm dead. You killed me.




I will pay $20 for The Honeycomb Junction™ photo.

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