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Kids Are Weird, But So Am I

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This post is sponsored by Chronicle Books. 


Here's a little bonus protip from me, professional blooper booger blogger, about the proper way to reply to a sponsored post proposal.

When asked if I'd be interested in writing a post about Jeffrey Brown's Kids Are Weird, I had some kind of weird initial fangirl brain moment and without thinking, responded with an all caps "NO WAY!"

Two minutes later I followed up with a clarification that I meant "NO WAY!" in like, an excited way? Like Elaine from Seinfeld screaming "GET OUT!" at people? I meant "yes, count me in" but for some reason decided to scream words that meant the exact opposite of that? 

Luckily, they were able to translate and understood that I would be thrilled to put my Clearly Excellent Writing Skills and Superior Way With Words to work on behalf of Kids Are Weird

We own a bunch of Brown's other books, for reasons that I'm sure will baffle and astound you: Darth Vader and Son, Vader's Little Princess and Star Wars Jedi Academy.

(cough NERDS cough)

I bought the last title for Noah in the San Diego airport after my recent trip there, and then worried the whole way home that he'd be bummed that I got him a book instead of a toy. (Ike got a Big Bird; Ezra got an Ugly Doll dressed as Superman.) It's a comic novel — his favorite — but still. Book. Looooong chapter book book booooook. 

I didn't need to worry. He loved it, stayed up all night to read it cover to cover, and spent the next few weeks furiously writing and drawing a sequel.

Noah's comic

(I will have to get back to you on what's going on here, exactly.)

So Kids Are Weird arrived a few days later, and while these semi-autobiographical comics about his son are aimed squarely at parents — or anyone who's ever had to deal with a small, newly verbal human — my kids immediately recognized the drawing style and claimed the book as their own.

"Why is it called Kids Are Weird?" Noah asked. "We're not weird."

"He means it in like, a nice way. A funny way." I explained. "Also, sorry, but you are pretty weird."

It was awhile before they actually let me read the book, which is very funny also (WAIT FOR IT) very weird (I WRITE REAL GUD), because several of the vignettes have played out almost word-for-word in our house, exactly.

In particular, has anyone else had to fight back an attack of the giggles while your 3-year-old rages over something completely ridiculous, which only further infuriates them, and then they yell, "DON'T FEEL HAPPY AT ME!" and it's all you can do to not completely crack up?

Feel happy at me


I have three Jeffrey Brown prize packs to give away. Each pack contains a copy of Darth Vader and Son, Vader's Little Princess and Kids Are Weird with a signed bookplate. Yay! Just comment on this post — tell me something weird! I'll go first! before my kids vomit they always yell "MOM I NEED TO GO BLEH" first! — and I'll randomly select three winners next week, on April 15th. Please use a valid email, it won't be displayed, just need a way to contact you directly, blah de blah, etc. 

That signed book, by the way, might be a bigger deal than you intially think. Noah is quite adamant that the little boy in Kids Are Weird is NOT really named Oscar, despite what the text says. He's Luke Skywalker, from the Jedi Academy book. It's like a prequel of his preschooler years, in real life. 

That means, according to Noah, that Oscar's real father — aka Jeffrey Brown — is actually Darth Vader. Think about it. BOOM. 



My suddenly highly verbal 2 year old (2 and 3 weeks) is negotiating with me. On Sunday, I asked what she wanted for breakfast. She said crackers. I said, we can't have crackers for breakfast. P: "Okay, how 'bout cheese?" Me: "How about croissants?" P: "No. How 'bout yogurt?"


My kids are teens now but when my second born was three he wore a superman shirt and cape EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. for a year.


My 2 year old has gotten over it, but at the beginning of her linguistic phase, she called yogurt "cock" and all eating utensils forks. She couldn't pronounce fork properly.

I teach at a Catholic high school, and it has a daycare for teacher's kids. She was up there one lunchtime announcing "I want cock! I need a fuck!"

Luckily, everyone thought it was funny.



My 3yo daughter has declared my fetus' name is 'Dunk' and a boy. We have no idea how she came up with the name. And unless she's friend with the ultrasound technician's kid, we have no idea why she is SO convinved we are having a boy. I hope she won't be dissapointed.


Last week my 3 year old daughter announced to us in the car that she picks her nose every day. Nice and thank you for letting us know.


My 2 year old still isnt saying words, but he knows letters. He'll run around the house carrying a foam 'W' while creating an entire conversation of "Doubleyou? Doubleyou! Dubdubdubdub. Doubleyouuu." He also likes to climb behind me on the couch and pull me backwards to squish him. If thats what makes you happy, kid. Sure. Ill squish you.


My kids are deliciously weird. My daughter called barbecue "body chew" and it took several weird conversations to figure that one out.


I woke up this morning face to face with my 2yr old whispering, "The scary ones are here." Good morning to you too darling. So creepy.

Jess W

My 14 month old's favorite thing on earth is the dishwasher. Clean, dirty, full, or empty he's right there trying to climb inside. He has a room full of toys but that's what he loves. If we close it or take him away from it he becomes quite distraught. It is the flame to his moth.


My son wants us to name his baby brother Necdecter. Maybe Neckdeckter? Not sure how to spell it. But he's very insistent.

Dr. Maureen

My two-year-old says "soft" instead of "pet," as in, "Mommy, I soft the cat?"


My then-three year old daughter stood next to her father listening to a couple of solicitors on our porch for several minutes, and then proclaimed "Stupid people who come to our house trying to sell us things are sociable to be fed to dogs."


My daughter, Hannah, is 18 months old.. So she's just starting to really be weird but my favorite so far is her randomly breaking into dance. One or two beats of music and she's swinging her hips like she's been studying Shakira's moves..


My daughter likes to smell things. Her blanket, her toy puppy, her skin. She says, "I like to smell." Yeah. She's weird.

Rachel C.

My 5 month old daughter starts fake coughing whenever she gets really upset. She interrupts her hysterical wails with delicate little coughs and practically chokes herself. She's weird!


So many stories, yet I can't think of any at this moment. OH! My 10 year old decided to finally read Harry Potter. And he read all 7 books, then reread them, and then read them a 3rd time. And now he's ready to move on to new books.


My 9-month-old was watching a Baby Einstein and there was a monkey-shaped bubble-blower machine on the screen. My 3-year-old looked up at the TV and yelled very excitedly, "Look, Mom! A monkey blower!" Uhhh.... yup. It sure is.


Re: Liv... my 3-year-old does that too but compares his poop to food. "That's a donut hole poop, Mom." or "Look, Mommy, I made a hot dog poop."


My two-year-old son seems to require a bedtime routine, but not the usual bath, books, etc. Currently, he has to "hide" behind his bedroom door and pop out repeatedly shouting "Boo!" after I ask where he is. Then he runs and crawls under his crib to hide again there. This is preferable to the previous routine, which was to hand me everything in his crib (blanket, teddy, various stuffed animals) and say "No". Then I would take those things, shut out the light, and close the door, whereupon he would pretend to cry and I'd come back in and hand everything back to him. Weird. I don't even know how these things get started.


My two-year-old son seems to require a bedtime routine, but not the usual bath, books, etc. Currently, he has to "hide" behind his bedroom door and pop out repeatedly shouting "Boo!" after I ask where he is. Then he runs and crawls under his crib to hide again there. This is preferable to the previous routine, which was to hand me everything in his crib (blanket, teddy, various stuffed animals) and say "No". Then I would take those things, shut out the light, and close the door, whereupon he would pretend to cry and I'd come back in and hand everything back to him. Weird. I don't even know how these things get started.


My son is ten months old, and my current favorite weirdness is the babbling-sentences. Like, "Ba BAbabba, babAH baba BA." It slays me. I am slain.


My 10 year old son has trained his lab puppy to play hide and go seek with him. And the puppy loves it!


My 19 month old calls all fish "cracker", I was stumped for a second since the two words are not at all similar but then realized it was because of goldfish crackers, with which he is obsessed.

La Keisha

My almost 1 year old daughter gets into everything and she doesn't really listen when you tell her "no" or "stop." But, the other day my husband discovered, while trying to stop her from grabbing the blinds, that if he clapped a rhythm, any rhythm, our daughter immediately stopped and started clapping too! Who knew clapping would be so effective.


My oldest son just turned 7 and he still feels the need to tell me every time he has to poop. Like, he'll find me in the house to tell me before he'll go. Weirdo.


My nearly 4 year old always pronounces "force" as "forest". For example, Darth Vadar turned to the dark side of the forest. The forest is strong with this one. Yeah, house full of nerds here, too.


As a camp counselor, I had to convince a 6 year old that it was perfectly safe to go in the canoe because, No, actually, there are NO piranhas in Virginia. So, you know, get in the $%*#( canoe! Except, I didn't say that because I am RESPONSIBLE ADULT. But I sure as hell thought it. ~ L

Kaitlin P.

My 3-year old thinks penis is pronounced peanuts. I will be devastated when that is no longer the case!


My son is two months old and each time he cries and gets super upset it sounds like he's saying "owie". It's hard to not smile even though I'm trying to comfort him.


Something weird:I knew my husband was the man for me when I told him on our first date that as a child I would picture a busload of nuns going off a bridge whenever we crossed the bride to the beach and he laughed.


My 3 year old son loves to help with the cleaning (they say your kids mirror what you do right? guess I only clean...). So I took this an an opportunity to teach him how to make his bed. And while not weird, it's adorably cute that when he goes to pull up the comforter, he calls it his comfortable. As in "now we pull up the comfortable and the beds all done".

We have seen these books while perusing our local store and just have never purchased them. But I always pick them up and glance through them - they look adorable!


We have a small book on the bathroom counter(All My Friends are Dead) and anytime I go in there to use the toilet, my 19 month old grabs the book, then insists on sitting on my lap to read it while I use the restroom.


My almost three year old son would demand to be put into soccer so he could be like his sister. When we finally did he refuses to play with his own team frequently making a break for the big kids (and his sister) on the other side of the field. The upside? He's become a fantastic runner.


My two yr old girl has an obsession with pooping outside. I blame the dog.

Teresa scali

I could write a book on how weird my kids are! Just today my 4 year old wanted to throw me a surpise party. He ended the conversation by saying, "but don't tell yourself, it's a surprise. My 6 year old ran around our house screaming his head off, because the neighbor said "the walking dead". Nothing else, just those three words. My 1 1/2 year old uses her potty to store Easter eggs in, and demands we play the "Man or Muppet" song at least 5 times a day. Weird, but awesome. I love my kids.


As soon as I get home from work and open the door to walk inside, my 5 year old runs down the hall yelling, "Me hide, me hide!" thinking I can't hear him and that he will be hidden from me. Yeah, kids are weird!!


My kids invented superhero names for themselves on a long car ride once: Nosey Nose and Pee Cloud. Can't you just see the comic book franchise based on the names alone?

Lauren E.

My daughter got very upset the other day when I was explaining to her older brother about how humans are animals. She yelled, "Mommy! I AM NOT HUMAN!" Sometimes she's right about that.


I've always thought the food stage is the weirdest! My third who is 21 months has enjoyed dipping salad in whipped cream. This is the same kid who, when upset, and wants to kick and scream on the floor with dramatic flare, has to sit down carefully first.

The weirdest thing all 3 kids do is call 'gummy vitamins', 'gummy duhvitamins'. Not sure about that one!


My two year old loves to smell people's feet and then to loudly declare "EWWWWW!!". Super fun when we have guests :)


My little weirdos are always pretending to be some sort of animal, usually one that flies. Makes for some interesting looks as we go on walks with our eagles/dragons/peregrine falcons flapping along and screeching.


My girls both love to smell their own feet. Kids are seriously weird


My daughter is only 9 months, so she is only becoming weird, but she's a nut! She does this weird head tilt to the side every time she takes a bite of anything. And she blinks excessively if something is cold. Its funny.


Something weird? Where do I START? :) My son currently likes to wipe his nose on my shirt and then smile. I'm sure every parent has experienced that tho! Hoping to win some awesome books for my awesomely snotty kiddo!


My 4.5 year old is currently trying to color with a marker. But he's holding the marker in his mouth. Weird.

Laura 6

Our little guy thinks it's hilarious when our giant dog barks like a rabid animal at the UPS guy, but freaks out when my husband uses the coffee grinder. ;)


My 5 yr old doesn't understand how I get pants on the 8 month old. "His legs don't stop moving."
He watches every time, completely amazed his pants actually get on!


I've got two.
My daughter has always called goose bumps "goose breezes", now we do too.
One day, we are shopping and she asks to try a new kind of bread but she's not sure which. After a few minutes she yells, yells "PUMPERNIPPLE!PUMPERNIPPLE PLEASE!"


My kid is almost a year old, so I am only just now learning about the weirdness of children, but he is definitely a tiny weirdo. He is OSESSSED with the remote control, so we took the batteries out of an old one to give to him, but he knows the difference, and will refuse the (basically identical) one that he's allowed to have, but go to great lengths to find the other one.


My son is only 2.5 months, so nothing too weird yet. He doesn't laugh after having his nose "booped" though, which people tell me is weird. Apparently it makes all THEIR babies smile or laugh.


My daughter likes to scoot around in a full circle while she tantrums. Also, if you leave the room she likes to follow you then fall to the floor and do her tantrum circle again.


My son, went through a weird phase of that he would not eat anything brown. He thought everything was right in the world then, until I told him I wasn't going to eat anything brown as well. Then he said, the cat poop is brown, hence the reasoning behind the no brown stuff. He thought he was eating cat poop. And since the dog enjoyed the tootsie rolls the cat produced, my son was having none of it. All the while, I am wondering if he did in fact try a cat terd...


I feel as if he has written this book for me to describe everything that is insane with my children at this very moment! Kids ARE weird.


My 22 month old son Harris yells "TIMEOUT BOOGERS" when he has a runny nose.


My child has lately been asking for proof that I love him. Not because he doesn't think/feel that I do, but because, "How can I -know-?" Challenging conversation.


My 2 year old likes to pretend that she is a kitty. The night before last she was saying goodnight and instead of kisses licked each of us. Sweet but a little gross at the same time.

Alexia C

So many to pick from 'cause my kid is weird!

When he was just under two he took to asking me where Daddy was. One day, Daddy was riding in the passenger seat in the car right in front of him. He repeatedly asked me where Daddy was. Daddy looked at me and asked me if I had anything to tell him. :)

We are, also, in the potty training stage right now and I took him with me to the potty at a restaurant recently. He used the potty and then I had to as well. When I was done he VERY loudly said, 'Mommy you went pee! YAY!' for the whole restroom to hear. We waited a bit before emerging.


My one year old eats some crazy gourmet things like asparagus, morrels, brussel sprouts and ohers but absolutely refuses to even taste strawberry...weirdo child :)


My son, who is now 6, has always said that carbonated drinks are spicy.


OMG! How have I never heard of this author????

My son loves to dance. LOVES. TO. DANCE. Will dance in public, will dance at home, will dance AT THE MOVIES. But will not go to the school dance because he "doesn't want people watching me dance".


Amy M.

After I told her I needed to use the bathroom, my 5-year-old daughter said, "Just pee your pants, Mom, then you'll be warm!"

Abby Marschke

My son has developed a weird, yet adorable speech pattern. "Get your coat because bus." Translation - get your coat on because the bus is coming. Other examples: "had to go through the kitchen because bucket" (was in the way). "Had to change my pants because spilled."


When my now 10 year old daughter was smaller, she had a little Honda 4wheeler. We would go round and round because no matter how many times she was told she had to wear her full gear and helmet, she thought she could ride in full Princess regalia - costume dress, fake plastic high heels, and dripping with costume jewelry. Not gonna happen kid.


When my son was in 1st grade he told me his teacher tried to "pop" his brain. It's great we have books to relax with. Count me in!


My three year old was watching her little brother run around half naked. She turns to her daddy (who was lying on the floor next to her), crouches by his pelvis, and asks "Can I see your penis daddy???" LOL. I have a feeling she wanted to compare to little brother's! Kids are weird!!! (FYI we did not let her have a peek. LOL)


This morning, I had this conversation with my 18 month old daughter:
"What should we have for breakfast today?"
"We're out of bagels. We can get more later today, and have them tomorrow. Should we have oatmeal instead?"
"Ok... But what should we have today?"
"We have... spoon!"

Laura B.

My almost four-year-old insists on pulling her socks up over her pants, all the way to her knees. It's no good trying shorter socks, she won't wear them. I choose my battles, and knee socks (over jeans! over splash pants!) is not one of them. She also loses her mind if there are wrinkles in her socks. The baby is a breath of fresh air after dealing with her older sister!


As boys do my son turns everything into a weapon. When we moved he found a crucifix in a box and I found myself saying "Jonah, Jesus is not a sword" far more than I thought I ever would!
The other day my 9 year old daughter decided to tell the girl who was spending the night that since her stepdad's car was there but they couldn't find him he must have gone out to get drunk.(Even I have never seen him drunk! Plus it was 9 in the morning. Poor man was just in the shower!)

Emily in IL

I've had to tell my 3yr old daughter not to put her finger/nose/that spoon on the cat's butt many times.


So, my 6 yr-old having a down-&-out tantrum over going to bowling, suddenly stops, turns to me, gently touches my face, and procedes to discuss the merits of the "Red" MineCraft book for the next 60 seconds, with a complete 180-degree change in demeanor. He then stops, snorts loudly, and picks right up where the tantrum ended. All, in the middle of the bowling alley.


We have Jedi Academy, the 6.5 year old loves it. His 4 year old sister is the weirder one. When she gets overtired we call her drunk girl because she acts like a sorority girl who has been over served but maintains she is "FINE". Christmas when she was 3 and obsessed with SuperWhy we tried to get her to stop crying by suggesting she try on one of the (several) Princess Presto costumes she received. She declared she "Hated SuperWhy! Because their smiles are too smiley!"


Things my darling 5 year old said to my sister during a sleepover: "If you're the little sister why are you so much bigger?", "will you always have tiny boobs?","when are you going to start having babies? I want 100 like the woman with her big shoe"


If I speak to anyone in a stern voice my almost two year old will pat my arm and say "No, NO Mommy. Everybody Hug!"


My youngest (age 4) always says "Carry you" instead of "Carry me". And if you stare at him for a moment, waiting for him to self-correct, he says "Carry you PLEASE".


I asked my three-year-old son if I could sit next to him on the couch and he said, "Zero plus zero equals NO."

Also, despite the fact that he lives in a house with a daddy and mommy, he recently declared that he only likes families with two mommies. He was either really mad at his dad or he is really progressive.


it's a little gross, but it's the most recent weirdness i can think of. A was having tummy probs last weekend and every time she went to the bathroom she announced "my butt hurts!"


My son just turned 19 months, and the list of weird is just getting started. 1) I have a freckle on my chest that he has been intent on removing for weeks. Not sure what he thinks it is. 2)we got him a toy piano but he prefers to play it with his butt. God I love him


when teaching my daughter about the proper terms for boy & girl genitalia, she said one of my favorite things that she will EVER say.
she was relaying a story to me about how, in kid-care, some boys had found where someone had written something like "boys have balls" in marker on some playground structure., and she was especially giggly when telling me. i asked her if she knew what that meant, and she shyly and hesitantly told me that she thought so...that it was part of the boy's parts they use to go potty, just like she has her "susu".
now, "susu" was the name my bff grew up with for her "privates" and had passed on to her kids and mine. it drove me crazy, but at this point i hadn't pushed the point of using the correct wording to my daughter due to her young age.
so, i saw this as a prime opportunity to get into the proper terms for "privates" to be used going forward. we first went through the boy's parts...what they were really called, their usage (high-level), and the slang she might hear each part called. it was fairly hilarious, and we each were cracking up throughout. :)
then we got to the girl parts. i asked her what "privates" were called on girls. of course, she responded with "susu". i explained that no, that was balls were for boy's testicles. i told her the proper name she should use was/is vagina.
her eyes got big, but she was silent...obviously now contemplating the ramifications of this new discovery. she actually looked happy about it, but she still didn't say a word. finally i couldn't take it anymore and asked for her thoughts. she flashed a HUGE smile and replied "oh, mommy, I LOVE IT SO MUCH! it sounds french!!!"

as you can imagine, from them on, french vaginas are a big hit w/ us! :)


My almost 3 year old comes up to my husband randomly and goes, "Daddy you have big fingers, big fingers don't fit in noses, little fingers fit in noses"


Nerd mom of a nine month old here. Nothing weird to report (YET!) but we are totally setting our little man up for success, what with all of the Star Wars/Doctor Who/Harry Potter/Lord of the Rings decor in his bedroom. :)


Last night, my hubby was brushing his teeth while sitting on the bed. Our daughter climbed up behind him, up his back, onto his shoulders, and just sat there, legs dangling, while he finished brushing his teeth. No explanation. Just because he was there. KIDS ARE WEIRD. Hubby said that he thought about it this morning at his desk and one of his sailors came in as he sat there, giggling at nothing, which is a great way to demonstrate leadership skillz, eh?


My 3 year old son would sing to us and we were not allowed to make any facial expressions at all. If we so much as smiled (because who can't smile at a 3 year old butchering a song?) he would stop, yell "DON'T GET PROUD ON ME!!" and then stomp off.


We tried to do a short family walk around the block last week, and 1/4 of the way in, my 4yo decided he was D-O-N-E with walking, and started throwing a fit. He then took his brand new (brought back from Korea by his awesome aunt) helicopter, and spiked it to the ground as a sign that he really did not want to walk. The toy shattered. In what weird world is destroying your new, most favorite toy better than walking for 5mins?


Hmm, the baby is only 8mo so his true weirdness hasn't fully shone through yet (though I'm eagerly awaiting the day.) I think his goofiest trait to date is his pre-crawling practice which is basically getting up on all fours, rocking back and forth, and then faceplanting on to the carpet. Lather rinse repeat, the poor kid's going to have rugburns on his chin if he doesn't figure this out soon. :-)


This past weekend, I caught my son crying in his room, looking through his "keepsake" drawer. He was sobbing into his 1st birthday party t-shirt, saying "Mommy, I'm just so sad I'm growing up so fast." Weirdo. :)


My five year old is so weird! She won't wear socks. Like ever.


My now ten year called his dad "Arah" until he was 3 or 4. We never could figure out why, and we aren't really certain when it stopped. We think back on it now, and it was so cute but definitely weird.


hmmm, so much weird to choose from.

my 7 year old will not eat tomatoes in their natural state. Loves, loves, loves ketchup, pizza sauce, spaghetti, any tomato based sauce or soup but will not touch an actual tomato.

ps. we're all totally psyched for Jedi Academy 2 this summer!


hmmm, so much weird to choose from.

my 7 year old will not eat tomatoes in their natural state. Loves, loves, loves ketchup, pizza sauce, spaghetti, any tomato based sauce or soup but will not touch an actual tomato.

ps. we're all totally psyched for Jedi Academy 2 this summer!

Mom in Two Cultures

Love Jeffrey Brown books. Yay!

Me: S did you potty on the floor in your brother's room?

S (age 2): Yes. potty brother's room. TV room.

Me: Wait? What? Did you potty in your brother's room or not.

S: Noooo?


My three year old daughter refers to her throat as her "choke". She'll say, "Mommy don't brush my choke! [when teeth brushing].
Aren't kids great?


Weird kid fact: (brace yourself)...your kids will still drive you crazy when they are in their THIRTIES!!!


My (almost) 2 year old always wants to sit on the couch when I give him a snack. In case of a drink, he will demand me to put his drink back on the coffee table after he took a sip, just to demand the cup back as soon as it touches the table...


My kid practically pees and flushes at the same time, he's so anxious not to have to witness/interact with anything in the toilet.


Today we went to the park and my 2 1/2 year old freaked out over a patch of daffodils. He was completely and abjectly afraid of them and quivered with fear when I walked up to them and motioned him to take a look. NO. DAFFODILS ARE SERVANTS OF SARUMAN. DANGER WILL ROBINSON.

This the same child who will observe a slavering, growling dog barking ferociously and giggle, "Silly doggie!"


I have two boys, 12 and 8. Somewhere (don't look at me!) they picked up on the idea of adding "that's what she said" to almost anything to get a laugh. They do it a lot. I'm only sort of horrified. Because it's also usually awesome!


my almost 5 year old daughter built a castle, guarded by lego zoo animals, so the witch with her walking broom - the broom couldn't fly - wouldn't walk in. the little people princesses were sitting on the towers talking to each other while waiting to see if the witch would give them bananas. Weird kid.

Annie Pinyard

When my daughter was two she would lick everything. I never thought I would say the sentences "Don't lick cars" or "Don't lick the side of the pool"

Holly W.

I'm having trouble picking just one Kids are Weird quote from my 3-year-old. How about that when we're driving, he randomly whispers things from the backseat and we can't hear what he's saying, just the ghostly whisper. He sounds like such a creeper and thinks its hilarious that it freaks us out.


When my (now 19-year old) son was ready to move beyond diapers, he was very aware of his....bodily systems but wanted to make sure that everyone was distracted and not paying attention to what he was doing in his diaper. I remember being with him at a lovely Napa winery. We had brought along Curious George Books for his entertainment. Suddenly, the urge to poop struck. My son hollered to the ENTIRE assembled group "Quick! Everyone read Monkey George! (his name for Curious George)!" Now, with everyone's attention clearly focused on HIM, he proceeded to bear down and grunt and get red-faced! Nice diversion there, buddy!

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