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Strepped Out

Containment, Continued


Bubby got a new hat. 



It's a Yoda hat.



As previously mentioned, Ezra has five different loveys that he requires in order to sleep. That checklist, however, is NOTHING compared to Ike's bedtime demands:

  • Little Elmo
  • Big Elmo
  • Little blanket
  • Big blanket
  • Big Bird
  • Mister Carrot
  • Super Broccoli
  • Super Grover
  • Regular Grover
  • Wreck-It Ralph
  • Da Hulk
  • Kitty Cat
  • Bunny Rabbit
  • Red Baby
  • Cookie Jamma (aka Cookie Monster)
  • Ogga Gwouch (aka Oscar the Grouch)
  • Ezra's Ball (aka Ike's Taggies Ball That Looks Just Like Ezra's Taggies Ball)
  • Mister Pee Potty (aka a Mr. Peabody Happy Meal toy)
  • Books
  • More books
  • Dat book
  • Also dat book
  • Nother book

Not surprisingly, this is what the floor looks like in his room most of the time.


And yes, posting this picture counts as my admission that yes, I still haven't moved Ike out of his crib yet. (Or gotten rid of the dust-gathering changing table and those bins full of retired diapering supplies, expired rash creams and broken Snappis.)

The last time I made this very same admission was in JULY, at which point I was like, yeah yeah, we'll move him soon, I swear.

LIES! Terrible, bald-faced lies. 

We sometimes let him sleep in his brother's room and I HATE our dumb permissive asses those nights, because he stays up for hours and hurls stuff around and pulls clothing out of drawers and comes out for 75 million drinks of water. And then he's up at the crack of dawn, wandering around the house and poking at my eyelids. "Mom? Mom? Guess what, Mom. I woke up, Mom."

And forget about naps in the regular bed. I've tried. No. There is no sleep, only Zuul. 

Meanwhile, in the crib, he goes right to sleep without protest or shenanigans, and stays quiet and content until we get him up. It's his safe, happy place. He's never climbed out or even really attempted to. He will also reliably take a four or five hour nap, my God it's the holy freaking grail of sleep.


(Once he's thrown everything overboard and cleared some space for himself, of course.)

I figured we'd be unable to justify keeping him in the crib after potty training, but at this point he still doesn't wake himself up to "go", even with bathroom access and sans diaper. (On that note: HEY SORRY ABOUT YOUR BED EZRA.) Soooo...continued justification is justified. 



Contained toddler is contained, seems pretty okay with it. Mother makes heroic decision to continue on the path of if it ain't broke, don't fix it, which is good because she's pretty terrible at fixing things anyway.




We left Dude in his until well past 3. No harm, no foul, I say.


No advice, judgement or anything else. But, MAD props for the Ghostbusters reference :)


I think my guy was in his until close to 4. He loved it, never tried to climb out and seemed to feel safe there and sleep best in his crib. Keep on keeping on mama! Whatever works for Ike and you. I promise he won't go to college needing a crib.


I left my youngest in his crib until around 3 1/2 and even then he just moved into a toddler bed with the crib mattress (the REAL real bed wasn't until 5ish). He never climbed out and he never complained about it. Plus, he happily stayed put. In a regular bed? Fuhgeddabahdit. When he was ready to stay put, that's when we made the switch. If it works well, why change? It's not going to cause him to need a therapist any more than anything else we do as parents.


I love this. I am due in July with #2 and we were going to give our oldest the boot to a bed, so the new baby could have the crib. I'm just buying another crib. No reason to upset something that is working!

Heather (Laptops to Lullabies)

Zuul remains the scariest frigging thing ever to me. I STILL get spooked when I'm walking up the basement stairs alone and think of the creepy way she said her name. THANKS FOR THE NIGHTMARE, AMALAH!


This is sooooo the three kid thing. Ha. My first had a toddler bed by two. My second was around two and a half. Yeah...the third was in it until he hit four.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Or something like that.


We just moved our 2.5 yr-old, but only because she bounced the springs out of her old crib, and we decided to just replace it. I was all for putting the new one into crib mode, but the husband prevailed, noting that this would be a natural time to change to toddler bed. It's mostly worked, but she seems to get up at 6 now instead of 6:30/7. Or maybe it's the earlier sunrise. Either way, I pine for those extra 30-60 minutes.


You don't have Mr. Strawberry??

My 3yo will NOT go to sleep without hers. Also, we took the side off just before her birthday. She's is ALWAYS up at the butt-crack of dawn, poking me in the eye, asking to snuggle. Keep him in as long as you can!


I don't know, I think you've made a compelling case for keeping the crib :D


That looks like the floor of our two year old's room.

This post makes me feel better about that, thank you! :)

Liz Tea Bee

My sister wanted to move her 3 year old to a "big boy bed" and he actively objected, "but Mama, I like to sleep trapped!"


My daughter was 3 on April 1st and still sleeps in her crib although she JUST started the potty training process last week. I told myself that once she was fully potty trained, I would convert the crib to a toddler bed....but I'm thinking she won't actually be a toddler by that point. Every person I know with more than one kid has told me to continue letting her sleep in her crib until she tries to get out. So I'm going to keep her in there a *little* while longer...


And this is why I was so annoyed when a friend "gave" me her old crib for our #3 when we had already rid ourselves of all baby stuff, and then called me when he was about 14 months old to say she was coming over to pick it up because she had just promised it to another friend and figured we were done with it. Ack!


Keep him contained as long as it works.


I think I need one of them there cribs for myself!

I moved my girls out of cribs fairly early on, the first because there was a new tenant coming, and the second because she really really really wanted a bed like her big sister. My son kept the crib until he was nearly four, despite being able to climb out from the age of 11 months. He just liked it, and I was okay with that. It didn't contain him, but hey, smaller sheets, no bed making, I was fine with that.


He sleeps all night? AND takes a nap? AND doesn't bother you??? I think he *might* not want to take the crib to college - but then again, he might, and I'd be fine with that. Or, you can do what I did, and let the Non-Sleeping Baby From Hell in your bed, and then she grows up to be the School-Aged Child From Hell Who Needs To Be In Bed With You Even Though There Is No Room And Your Back Permanently Hurts. Or something.


You just brought back memories for me of our youngest's crib..She always had at least two sippy cups, 4 or 5 books, ALL THE BABIES and a stuffed animal or two. All of that and five minutes fussing and she was out like a champ.

Then. She climbed out. And she's super clumsy so we had to move her- we went with a twin with a rail and its cool. So there is hope (and a lot less stuff in the bed lol)


At the time, my 27 month old was fully potty trained, yet I was NO WAY JOSE giving up the crib. So, every night before I went to sleep, I'd get her out to do a half-awake potty run. Once she hit about a week of not actually going when we put her butt on the toilet, I stopped waking her to go. So, potty training doesn't have to mean no more crib!


Oh man, mine will be 3 in June and I'm actively fighting my husband over keeping the crib. I keep telling him I LIKE HIM TRAPPED IN THERE! I'm terrified of the big boy bed transition and I'm digging my heels in until I absolutely can't wait anymore.


Cribs forever! We took our almost-three-year-old out of his before having another baby and it was a big mistake. No sleep.


A four hour nap and he still goes to sleep in the evening? I'm thinking he'll be sleeping all weekend when he's a teenager.


Totally with you on the "If it ain't broke don't fix it." Seriously. I can almost guarantee he will not taking a crib to college (and, if he does - maybe he'll start a new trend!). Use it as long as you can, no apologies.


Yeah, I kept my youngest in the crib until months past 3 as well. My excuse was we were getting him a new bed. Bonus was, once he DID get a new bed, it probably took him 2 months before he figured out he was allowed to get himself up without me. Total score there, while it lasted.


I did not cosleep with my first, and she stayed in the crib a decent amount of time, then was on the crib mattress on the floor for good long time. Hey, she never fell out. The second was a cosleeper and a nap-on-the-bedder, and she was out of the crib by 18 mos, because beds were better. OTOH, she only fell off once, because she had beds figured out.


LOL, my two year old was more than happy to stay put in the crib, but I had to move him out of it and into a bed because I needed it for the arrival of #2... but he would have stayed very happily in there for ages longer. So I plan to keep #2 in the crib for as looooong as possible! (3 or 4yrs if I can get away with it, hehe!) Love the crib! :-)


Yeah, no more babies on the way and he sleeps like that? The crib is fine. Keep the crib.

Lynda M Otvos

Oh hell to the Yes. Why would you want to rock that sleeping dog, or kick that boat or something ?~! (It's the wee hours here and pain awakened me, pardon mixed metaphors and typoes)

Cribs provide for lots of Ike's needs that would have to be filled By. You. Instead. No, thanks, I'd keep him where he is happiest and you are too...


Hey, I didn't move my first out of the crib until she was 3, too. She's almost 5 now and sleeps in her big girl bed. Leaving her in the crib longer than necessary did absolutely zero damage. It's fine!


If it helps at all, Caleb is a month younger than Ike and still in his crib. He's never tried to climb out either. He'll nap on mats at day care, but putting him in a bed at our house = PLAYTIME FOR EVERYBODY! As far as I'm concerned he can stay in the crib till he's 17 and about ready to move out. He should probably do a few months in a real bed before he leaves, though, just to avoid embarrassment in his dorm room.


Also, our pediatrician said if they're not climbing out, there's no need to move them before age three. Yay, validation!

Type (little) a

Your son is one week shy of a year younger than mine and we just bought him a big boy bed, oh, 6 weeks ago.

He has a small room, and also napped for 4 hrs too.

Now he doesn't nap (sob) and needs me to lay down with him until he falls asleep (double sob)

Keep him in the crib until he's 18!

Heather M

We left my daughter in her crib until one month before she turned three. Like Ike, she never once climbed out or tried (ie. fell out of it). Mother's day weekend, she and I took the one rail off and added the half rail for the day bed. We did, however, convince her that it was not safe to climb out of her bed, even with the half rail. That she still needed to call us when she wanted up and to go to the bathroom. Considering her bedroom is upstairs and ours is downstairs, it was a bit of a sacrifice for this lazy momma, but on the other hand, it was great because I never had to worry what she was getting into, where she was, etc. She will be 4 next month and is in a twin size bed, but still calls us in the morning and to go to the bathroom. She can open the baby gate at the top of the stairs, but only does so if we call from the bottom telling her to get herself out of bed and come on down. So far, it's worked out great. Let's hope it works for her sister, due 8/4! :-)

Prof. Kitty

"There is no sleep, only Zuul." That one made me laugh, thank you!

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