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Cuisine de Zah

If there was ONE THING we had — had Had HAD! — to pack for Jamaica (besides the obvious stuff like underwear, bathing suits, Bloon, Bubby, LEGO, blinky screens, etc.) was Ezra's chef outfit. Because we told him there was a chef here, therefore, Ezra had to come prepared for maximum helping potential.

And no, MOM, the jacket and hat weren't enough. Ezra pointedly added the potholders, a spoon, spatula and a "pie serving thing, for pie."


Can I note that there is not, in fact, any kind of official Hey Kids Let's Crash The Kitchen And Chef It Up activity at Bluefields? Because there is not. 


Ezra was not about to let that stop him from rolling up those Melissa-and-Doug-costumed sleeves, however, and getting to work. 

(Also, turns out that if your kid shows up fully dressed for an activity, most grown-ups will be like, "WELL, HE'S GOT THE HAT." and help make it happen.)

The lovely and talented Chef Rose taught him how to make Jamaican pepper pot soup, starting with how to prepare callaloo. 


The idea that we can't get callaloo in the U.S. kind of blew her mind (it's like turnip or collard greens, only...tenderer? delicious-y-er? I food-write real good n' stuffs, y'all), and when Ezra later volunteered that oh, we grow onions and thyme in our garden, she asked if we were farmers.




Not going to lie, I'm pretty sure 99% of their conversation was centered less around cooking and more about all the different kinds of pie Ezra likes. She asked if he ever had coconut pie and he answered, "No, but it's my favorite!"

Guess what we're getting for dessert tomorrow. GUESS.


The soup was ridiculously amazing, BTW.


Ezra said he preferred the pumpkin soup from last night, but okay, let's not get overly impressed by his chef threads, he's FIVE AND A HALF. What does he know?


Well, besides everything about being insanely adorable, that is. Holy cats, right? That face! STOPIT.

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Forget the soup, I want to gnaw on those cheeks! NOMNOMNOM!!


Five and a half? How did that happen??


You can get callaloo in the DC area: http://www.yelp.com/biz/the-caribbean-market-takoma-park

Wish I was in Jamaica right now!


I couldn't help but think of Jabberwocky during this post: "Calloo Callay!"

Enjoy your vacay with those adorbs boys. Living vicariously through you! :)

Jessica V.

I love everything about this post (and that boy of yours - well, all of them really). So awesome!


These posts are killing me. This place sounds too good to be true.


Has Ezra read Harold and the Purple Crayon?
"There was nothing but pie. But there were all nine kinds of pie Harold liked best."

Suzy Q

Cuteness. Overload. This kid, man, what a sweetie!

Sue W.

Callaloo is the bomb diggity! I would say mustard greens are a better substitute for them though. You can sometimes find callaloo at Caribbean markets. I want to come tomorrow for coconut pie. My grandmother made a coconut custard pie that I dearly loved. Sadly, the recipe died with her and i've not been able to duplicate it.

Eve I ate your damn Apple

"The idea that we can't get callaloo in the U.S. kind of blew her mind"

I read this as can't get Caillou in the US and my brain was like YES, FINALLY A BAN I CAN GET BEHIND!!!


Oh, I love me some ZAH!


I think we can all agree that any kid who understands the epic importance of pie in this universe is destined for greatness. And great pie. Which is pretty much the same thing.


I remember when my son was younger and we went on trips all over Europe with him. The people always took an extra moment to spend time with him and make him feel at home. I enjoyed that part of traveling the most. Now, I notice that people are busy, sometimes too busy to take an extra moment for a child. It warms my heart to see such a great interaction, as well as ponder booking a trip with the grandkids there. Have a wonderful week!


'Ol Hermy the house.


I'm growing callaloo from seed here in NC because of Bluefields/Rose. De-freaking-licious.


We get callaloo from our CSA. What's the soup recipe?

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