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Having a Great Time, Wish You (and Everybody Else in the World) Were Here

We're here

I am more than a little concerned that this place is far too good to be true, and that it is all a dream, perhaps some kind of hallucination after I had a psychotic break in the hallway outside customs in the Montego Bay airport, because our flight ran out of immigration forms at row 27, and all five us were in row 31, and thus had to fill out all five forms while sitting on the floor of a long narrow hallway, loose passports and children and backpacks spread all over the place, trying to fill in the correct information but we were rushing too much and kept making mistakes, like putting Ezra's passport number on Ike's custom form because the baby photos on their passports look too much alike. And then everybody had to go pee at different times and Jason kept missing signature fields and like, three extra flights arrived and lined up while we were still stuck in that hallway and ARGLE BLARGLE GAH GAH GAH WE ARE NEVER GETTING OUT OF HERE EEEEEEEEEEEEE.

Of course, we did get out of there, eventually. We emerged exhausted and frustrated and annoyed at everything and remained that way for all of 30 seconds after spotting our Bluefields driver, who came and welcomed us and did not seem weirded out by how I promptly exploded into a melty little puff of happiness and butterflies. Because it was all going to be okay now.

Hermitage 2014 02

Hermitage 2014 01

Hermitage 2014 03


Maybe even a little more than "okay." 


Hermitage 2014 08

Hermitage 2014 09

(The nanny braids Ike's hair to keep it out of his eyes at the beach, which yeah, el-oh-el, fine, we'll trim it up when we get home, promise. But eventually the braid slides out and he's left with pretty much the greatest head of humidity-fueled ringlets you've ever seen.)



Hermitage 2014 07


(Look at that giant teenager. Who's he here with?)

Hermitage 2014 10

Hermitage 2014 06

(Our villa has a very spoiled little cat, so we have happily adopted a Free Bonus Vacation Kitten [FBVK]. The boys call her Puss [as in Boots] and she sits on our laps and purrs for hours and Ilovehersomuch and oh God, nobody tell Max.)



I could sit here posting photos all day, but Ike is yanking on my elbow right now because it's time to get into the pool. It's ALWAYS time to into the pool, by the way. I don't think they understand why we ever get out. (Duh, because our cups are empty and the bar is over that way.)

Tomorrow I have allowed my husband to convince me to 1) voluntarily wake up at the crack of dawn, 2) get on a boat at 5:30 a.m. and 3) go fishing for our actual dinner. That's going to be...yeah. STAY TUNED. 

If anyone is currently looking to book themselves a for-real, amazeballs, not-messing-around Vacation (with a capital V), Bluefields gave me a promo code thingie:

Code is: jamalah,mon

Code is good for 7 nights off-peak rentals in the 2014 season.

Bookings from NOW until Saturday the 21st of June: First 5 bookings pay for 6 nights and get one night free, plus an overnight nanny for one night of your choice.

Bookings from the 21st of June to the 12th of July: Overnight nanny for one night, a two-hour snorkel trip, and a couple’s massage.


Sue W.

Oh My Holy Crap but I want to take advantage of the promo! But we have to take my mother in laws ashes back to Japan to go in her family crypt in August and we can't do Jamaica AND Japan. I am writing down the name of the resort and maybe we can go next year. Have fun fishing for your dinner!

Jacki @ Two Forks One Love

I have been stalking your blog and social media because I just want to see pictures of Bluefields. I miss it so much and want to go back so badly. I literally cried saying goodbye to all of the fantastic people that made our honeymoon magical.


ZOMG I love the braids. My toddler had similar crazy hair (before we cut it *sniff*) and we would always braid it or ponytail it or whatever. Our parents were horrified by it but we loved it. Stay strong on the hair! It never comes back as fantastically.

Kaycee in Texas

Now I am all misty-eyed from watching Noah play in the surf...


Can we talk for a second about how Ezra and Ike are wearing their pool floaties in every single picture! OMG soo cute!

Kaycee in Texas

And now I am back, after cycling through 4 years of your vacation pictures, just to read Noah say, "YOU DON'T SCARE ME, WATER." Sniiiiff.


*currently trying to convince husband to max out ALL THE CREDIT CARDS in order for us to take this vacation. This one, right here. With less kids, but still this one.

Suzy Q

Wow, what a wonderful place! Please, I hope you told the nanny not to do you a "favor" by trimming Ike's hair. The glorious Hairz!

Also, when did Noah get so big? Who allowed that?


Noooooo! Don't cut the Hairz.


That picture of Ike in the snorkel gear is the best thing I've ever seen.

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