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No Day Like Today

This post is sponsored by My kids’ childhoods are pretty well documented, thus far, obbbbbbviously. I’ve written about them, taken a million photos of them — practically daily, with that cavalier glee that comes with being able to fit thousands of photos on increasingly tiny sticks of memory. NEVER DELETE ANYTHING! WHO CARES! KEEP SNAPPING! Every camera I own shoots video as well, so instead of busting out the camcorder for special events, I have hundreds of tiny clips of tiny slices of their lives: somersaults on the couch, words cutely mangled by toddler tongues, someone slowly dozing off... Read more →

The Week's Stunning Accomplishments

1) Get ready to be wildly impressed, because it's been quite a week. Obviously. 2) I gave my children over to the cult of Minecraft in exchange for not being bothered for the next 48 solid hours. Noah played Minecraft for the first time at a friend's house last weekend, and went predictably nuts over it. At least, I assume that's a predictable reaction? Minecraft seems to be one of those things that every kid his age is going nuts over, and another one of those things that pushes me deeper and deeper into Uncool Mom Territory, because Noah goes... Read more →

The Summer House Rules

Dear boys, I understand the past week or so has been a lot of extra...togetherness for us all. I understand it has been heavy on the "let's kick it around the house while Mommy works and yells a lot" and light on the "let's get the hell out of this house before we kill each other," and believe me, I'm working on it. As God is my witness, there will be camp. Just probably not for all of you, and not at the same time, and regardless, we still gotta focus on not murdering each other anyway, probably, because REASONS.... Read more →

Camp Storch

One full week of summer vacation down, please nobody tell me how many there are still to go. My big job — the corporate freelance-y consultantish one that I mentioned every now and then, a job I really, really loved — was paused abruptly in early March, and ever since I've been in a sort of limbo with it. They want me back, they keep promising to give me hours again, but probably not until next month. And "next month" has since gone from meaning "early April" to "mid-May" to "June-ish" to "let's talk in July." I've done a bunch... Read more →

Ready For Our Close-Up

Back in May, we had another lovely family photo session with the lovely Wendy of Blue Lily Photography. Our shoot was in Rock Creek Park in the early evening, so we decided to head into the city a little early and get dinner at our favorite pizza spot. We all got dressed up, spruced up, and made it to the restaurant just in time to beat the dinner rush and snag a big table in the back. As soon as we sat down, I surveyed my dapperly dressed offspring and was like, oh, shit. I'd had them all wear their... Read more →

Since We've Been Back

I still have not unpacked the boys' suitcase, even though everything inside it is clean and pressed and they are rapidly running out of underwear and pajamas. I don't even know why I'm procrastinating, other than: Wah. It's over. We're really back. We celebrated Father's Day by throwing out everything in the fridge that had expired or molded over while we were away, which led us to the strategic decision that we should go out for brunch unless we wanted to starve. Then we took the boys to see How to Train Your Dragon 2, basing THAT strategic decision simply... Read more →

The Great Baby Ike Rescue

It wouldn't be an All-American Olde Fashioned Tymes Storch Family Vacation without a little drama or injury of some kind, now would it? The only Jamaica-related injuries sustained last week were 1) me bashing up my shin pretty nicely, during the packing process at home, after getting my foot tangled up in a Big Wheel in our basement storage area while attempting to gracefully step over it in order to get my underwear off the drying rack, and 2) I dunno, Jason got a weird rash from one of our sunscreens? Pretty good, as these things go for us. Which... Read more →

Last Day

We leave tomorrow. And then cycle of endless plotting on how soon we can get back here begins anew. I know I'm technically supposed to be writing words here, but there just...aren't any to fully and adequately describe how special this place is, how much I'll miss it, and how much of a blast we all had here. The food, the fun, the people, the feeling like you are in the middle of a heavenly, luxurious paradise but also in your own cozy, homey home. It's perfect. The memories, they will burn bright and awesome. Thank you so much for... Read more →

Eat, Sleep, Eat, Love

The revolutionary (chef) costume for today: I didn't even realize Ezra had packed his "outdoor cooking" apron (it has a picture of a grill on it, soooo...), but I guess it's good to be prepared. In this case, for a personal invitation to come hang out with James the Jerk Master as he prepared Bluefields' weekly jerk chicken lunch. It was... cute. So very, very cute, I thought I couldn't even stand it. Until... Ike got himself a bite of the chicken. And Ike got himself a special pre-lunch to-go package of the chicken. Which he ate completely, in... Read more →

If You Teach a Blogger To Fish...

I did indeed wake up before 5 a.m. yesterday, put my ass a small fishing boat with two local fishermen, and set off onto the great big ocean, past the sunrise and out to where it's nothing but endless, beautiful, unnerving flatness. Jason loves to fish and goes as often as he can (usually catch-and-release fly fishing), but I've never been, never tried, and so I can safely say my only goal for the day was to not thoroughly embarrass myself. (This is not me trying to be mysterious. This is me still too terrified of falling out of the... Read more →