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Happening All At Once

I dropped Ezra off at swim camp this morning. 

And I had to ask him if I could have a hug and a kiss goodbye. 

And he hesitated

I got my hug and my kiss, but oh!



He's been promising me a tea party since Wednesday, and then every night at dinner he comes up with a reason why the tea party needs to be rescheduled. He's just very busy, okay? 



When he kisses me at home, he tries to kiss like they kiss "in the movies": He mashes his mouth on mine and sort of turns his head back and forth. He'll grab my face and look at me sweetly, with those deep brown eyes and impossibly long eyelashes. He tells me I'm his most beautiful mom.

And then he tells me about his most beautiful girlfriend, the little girl next door.



Ezra long legs

I'd beg him to slow down, but I know there's no point. 

Instead I'll just hope that we find time for that tea party. 



Oh my gosh, he really is growing up! He looks sort of how he'll look as a teenager in this photo. Preview of the future! (And still so cute!)


Sniff sniff, tear. The growing up does seem to all happen at once, doesn't it? Sigh...

Leigh Ann

One of my twins in kindergarten this past year stopping giving me a kiss at her classroom door. She'd yank me further into the hallway, so her classmates couldn't see. Because apparently "they'll say 'eeeeeeewwwwwww!'" I'm just glad she let me walk her to her door all year. And her sister still wanted ALL THE KISSES when I dropped her off at her class.


The longing gaze, man, it gets me. Zaid kisses me like that and I let him and then I get all is anyone watching, will someone think I'm enjoying this, like in a wrong kind of incestuous way, and is that person enjoying it too and do I know this person well because I don't want to be friends with pedophiles.

Suzy Q

Ack! I can just see a picture of him in that laid-back pose when he's 25.

Plano Mom

No worries. When he is 15 and will die before he will be seen in your presence, he will still call you "Mama." And your heart will soar because he will call no one else by that name.


Ugh!! I was going through the exact same thing one year ago. Right before kindergarten started my baby lost his first tooth and insisted on learning how to ride a bike with no training wheels. He got on that bus the first day of school and a completely different child got off the bus 9 months later. No longer my baby that's for sure! Now he is off to cub scout camp all by himself ...


Gah!! This post made me so anxious about my two boys growing up I literally ran away - clicked away as soon as I'd read it and felt a bit sad. Then came back to comment about it. And I feel a bit sad again. I think maybe I should go get them out of day care to go hug them... like rightnow.

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