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This post is sponsored by LOLA.


So here's a thing that happens to me. Tell me if this happens to you.

I realize I am running dangerously low on a Certain Essential Item. I make a mental note to purchase Certain Essential Item the next time I'm at the store.

Fast forward to the next time I am at the store: There's a thing that I need. What was that thing? I feel like it was important OH LOOK THERE'S A SALE ON GOLDFISH AND SCENTED CANDLES.

And then I come home without my Certain Essential Item, and less than 24 hours later it's like HO HO HO AND GOOD MORNING GROWN-UP LADY IN HER REPRODUCING YEARS, WHATCHA GONNA DO ABOUT THIS?

And then it's a frantic search in hopes of finding an old, beat-up Certain Essential Item in the bottom of a handbag somewhere, followed by a mad dash to the store where Certain Essential Items are never on sale, but OH LOOK BULK HALLOWEEN CANDY IS 50% OFF LET'S EAT SOME FEELINGS.

(Tampons, yes. I am talking about tampons here.)

One of the reasons (among many) we switched to cloth diapers back in the day was our weird inability to have enough disposable diapers on hand. We'd either completely forget to buy them, or wouldn't buy enough because we were expecting a growth spurt and didn't want to overstock on a smaller size, but the result was the same: A mad dash to the store with fingers crossed and baby in a too-small swim diaper. 

Likewise, I did briefly hope the solution to my ongoing feminine product idiocy would be a reusable option. And I tried! I really tried. They are just not my jam, at least on a full-time basis. I prefer tampons, although YES YES I KNOW I KNOW there's all kinds of crap in most of them that really don't belong that up close and personal with our ladyparts. It's only the year 2015, far, far too early in civilization's development to come up with a better, more convenient way to deal with menstruation, right?



Ladies, I am here to testify that indeed, there IS a better way. Look at these pretty little boxes I received from LOLA:


They came in the mail! And they will come again, whenever I need them! Even if I completely space out and forget that I need them! 

AND AND AND AND! Unlike other multi-pack boxes that contain approximately seventeen million more of whatever absorbency you rarely use and only a fraction of the kind you really need, you can customize a LOLA box to contain exactly the assortment you want. Never again go digging around for a light in a box full of leftover supers. 





100% hypoallergenic cotton, BPA-free applicator, biodegradable, no dyes or fragrances or animal testing or other sad crap that has no business going near your vagina. 


Thanks, LOLA. I needed that. (And yoooou!)

The first 100 readers to use the code AMALAH will get 50% off your order*, and with LOLA boxes priced at $10 a box (or $18 for two), that's a great box of tampons for barely any dollars. Go here to check them out!

*New customers in the continental U.S. only (sorry Alaska & Hawaii). LOLA is a subscription service but you can change, skip or cancel anytime. 



It wouldn't apply the coupon code for me. It's already giving 50% off for new customers and it apparently won't give both discounts. Too bad because the concept is a great idea.

Becca @ LOLA

Hey Katie,

Sorry about the trouble, the offer is intended for 1-box orders. If you want to grab 2, you can certainly take advantage of the offer already on site!

Hope you'll give us a try :)


Becca @ LOLA

Hey Katie,

Sorry about the trouble, the offer is intended for 1-box orders. If you want to grab 2, you can certainly take advantage of the offer already on site!

Hope you'll give us a try :)



I would have loved this idea before I switched to the Diva Cup. Seriously - no shopping to remember at all, no irritation, and no trash.


I have been using cloth pads for years (since cloth diapers) but since this is only for ladies ... The cloth stink is almost crushing by the end of the day, no matter how many vinegar rinses I do. The diva cup leaks for me ... Maybe it is time to try something new ....



DH is great about many things, but buying the jumbo size of playtex tampons is just not one of them. I'll give it a shot.



I'd be all over this if it didn't have a plastic applicator! I've been an OB fan for years because the applicator is just one annoying piece of non-biodegradable piece of trash.


I use a shopping list app, a very simple one that lets you create a separate list for each store; (walmart, hardware, grocery) and then add items. I also use a notepad app.


I think this means I would need to analyze my personal situation much more in-depth than I would prefer. I like to just go to Dollar General and stock up on all the things, and hope I have the right one when I need it.


I've got to say I find quotes like "this too shall pass" off putting


This is incredible! I'm allergic to acrylic, and finding 100% cotton tampons is difficult and expensive. Just placed my first order, and honestly, I'm really grateful to Amy for introducing me to this company!


I couldn't click fast enough to go for it, but no super plus? I don't know whether to feel proud or ashamed of my apparently extraordinarily prolific and giant cavernous tinky.

sad face


I used cloth pads for about 2 years before my youngest decided to put in an appearance, and while I liked that I wasn't adding to landfills that's pretty much the only thing I liked about it. It was still a pad, I was still on my period, it still sucked. Tampons suck too. I can always feel them, so basically I have to concentrate on not walking around like there's a stick up my hooey for days. Pass.

Now I use the Lena Cup and it's crazy awesome. I read reviews about cups where the author would say she's actually forgotten she was on her period and I didn't think there was any way that could be true, BUT IT IS! If it's in properly you can't feel it at all, so as long as you don't have cramps or other symptoms to remind you, there is no physical sensation pointing out that it's that time of the month. There is a bit of a learning curve, but it's not that bad. It took me one cycle to troubleshoot, and by the end of it I had it down pat.

P.S. @Elizabeth_K, depending on what type of water you have vinegar can actually make the smell MUCH worse. (I'm assuming it's water type anyway, because that's what I read on teh interwebz.) I couldn't save the pads that I'd been using before, but after I replaced them and stopped using the vinegar I had no more smell issues.

P.P.S. If anyone decides to try a cup but is having trouble with it check Dirty Diaper Laundry's posts about menstrual cups. The how to insert/remove and pro tips posts were especially useful.

Meghan S.

Well this could not be better timing. I just got my first postpartum period (baby girl is 9mos) and I only had one after our son was born before getting pregnant with our daughter, so this is my second period since Fall of 2012.

I've gotten VERY wary of all the additives and crap in the tampons I used to use and so have been wearing big thick pads and it's a total flashback to using the bathroom in the nurses's station back in middle school so no one would hear me peel the backing off of a diaper sized pad.

We cloth diaper so I've been examining all of the reusable alternatives and hadn't figured out a solution before it became apparent I needed to stock up asap. I'm using up the remaining overnights from the early postpartum days but just signed up for Lola so I'll have stock on hand for the next time.


Mirena IUD for the win. I've had it for 6 years now (I'm on my 2nd one) and no period in sight for years.



Even granola. Seriously.

But great idea, all the same, LOLA.


OK, I'll try, because yes, if I have to search again, in purses I haven't carried since April 2013 but keep because someday, I will scream. (Also, I can't bother with the variety boxes. Super plus, bitches.)


I am going to try these. I would love to use something reusable, but it is just not going to happen. And since it seems like my periods have gotten worse since my son was born, I'll easily go through two boxes a month. Yay?


I'll be back to finish this article soon. You reminded me I need to get on Amazon and order more pull-ups!


@Lindsey - YES! My Mirena is expiring soon; even though DH got a vasectomy last year, I'm still gonna re-up it because I haven't had a period since February 2008 (right before DS#1 was created). WOOT.


Cloth pads and menstrual cups for the wiiiiinnnn.

I do use paper towels though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Alaska is real pouty over here, first Blue Apron, now this.

Sue W.

I am SO glad I don't have to worry about that any more. That being said. I STILL have the 1/2 used boxes of Super Deluxe and Regular Tampax in that bottom drawer of my bathroom cabinet even though I am 10+ years mentalpausal. I CAN'T tempt fate like that!


They're tampons. Once you turn 18, you shouldn't feel the need to be so cutesy about calling them that or buying them.

I can only laugh at how exorbitantly priced these are, and the idea that the premium paid somehow fills an important need. This is the bottom of the sponsored post barrel. I'm not sure if I'd have less respect for this post if I thought you genuinely believed what you wrote, or if you didn't but we're happy to say it for the fee.

Kate F

Wait, am I missing something or are they charging $10 for a box of 18 tampons?? I buy 36 for $6.99.

(BTW Amy, you need to check out doing a sponsored post w Thinx. BELIEVE THE HYPE THEY ARE AMAZING. My share code is in the link thing up there--hook yourself up w $10 off because dude $34 is a lot for a pair of underwear (worth it though so worth it) and I'll get a credit too, hooray!)


Do they send a bag of mini snickers with each delivery? That would seal the deal.


I'm not sure how a post about your period makes me want to kidnap you and lock you in my house until you promise to be my BFF, but it does.

Holly T

I honestly had know idea tampons contained anything other than plain cotton. My oldest daughter just recently started using tampons so I am more than happy to try out LOLA for her as well as myself. Thank you!


Why no love for your Canadian peeps?


This is hilarious. Made my night.


Because ladies in Alaska don't need ladies stuff. Sigh. No love for the frozen chosen. If Nature Box can ship here then why not?


@Elizabeth_k - postpartum Diva Cup stopped being comfortable and leaked. I switched to Lunette (COMES IN COLORS!) and LOVE!!! It fits sooo much better and no leaks. So, if you are still into it, I'd recommend trying another brand, as they are shaped differently and can fit better.


@Elizabeth_k - postpartum Diva Cup stopped being comfortable and leaked. I switched to Lunette (COMES IN COLORS!) and LOVE!!! It fits sooo much better and no leaks. So, if you are still into it, I'd recommend trying another brand, as they are shaped differently and can fit better.

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