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Special Needapalooza

Of Eyeballs and Autocorrect

I went to the eye doctor this morning. The good news is the zombie pinkeye virus is gone and didn't do any permanent damage to my eyeballs. The bad news is I still managed to flunk the vision test pretty damn spectacularly.
Combination of being naturally a little farsighted coupled with all the straining and squinting from the last couple months means real honest-to-God grown-up glasses are in my future . (Also, I'm just old.)

The possibly hilarious news is that my eyeballs were dilated during my appointment and I can't see anything close up at all and I am currently using the voice over feature on my phone to write this post. I have no idea if anything I'm saying is getting transcribed correctly, Hell I don't even know if I'm logged in to the right blog. So if this shows up on my about page...well I'll fix it in about six hours. Or not because I'm sensing this post might end up being a pretty good example of everything you need to know about me .

Also this is pushing the limits of "I write how I talk" to a really awkward degree as I'm sitting here at the dining room table by myself in an empty house, talking to my phone and realizing that wow I'm not that funny on the very first try. Or second. The key to my blogging success is not CAPS LOCK after all. It's the delete key.

So funny story for those of you who remember that sponsored post I did where I modeled all all the cute glasses: I went to get my prescription updated before I ordered the "winning" style (the third one I believe), and was told unequivocably that my vision was just fine and I didn't need prescription glasses. Just maybe a drugstore pair of readers and remembering to take a damn break from the computer screen every once in a while. Whomp whomp.

(Just squinted really hard and I'm delighted to see that at least whomp whomp transcribed correctly.)

Not so much this time. Oh well. And now I'm getting a headache just from trying to look at my phone to see what the hell words it thinks I'm saying so I'm going to stop and I don't know...spend the next few hours staring off at the middle distance.



Alas, Rivet & Sway closed down 2 years ago. :( I love the glasses I bought from them.


Your blog is great even when you're stuck dictating into your phone! Good luck with the glasses.


You could always get contacts...unless you're squeamish about touching your eyeball. I have a love/hate relationship with glasses. Love the cute designs, hate that they don't stay where they're supposed to! Skinny nose bridge + bad vision/heavy lenses = pushing glasses up! And then getting a headache from said glasses. So, I'm just sticking with my contacts (that I call "eyeballs"...."just gotta put in my eyeballs and then I'm ready to go")! :)


Glorious post. Voice to text success. I could see you rocking some funky glasses with your badass hair.


I agree. Funky glasses for the win! I'm sorry to hear about your latest vision development. I think you'll totally rock funky specs tho! xo


I was exactly you a year ago with the squinting and headaches after a lifetime of perfect vision. It was a blow to the ego but I got a cute pair and the headaches are (mostly) gone. You're going to look fab!


But all of this is exactly why I love you so much.


My eye dr has a machine now so you don't need to get your pupils dilated. Totally worth the $39 they charge me.

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