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Garages are so overrated.


In my defense:

1) Our garage is a really, REALLY tight fit for the minivan, even with the mirrors closed.

2) The previous owners left a ton of shelving/storage crap in the garage that makes it even worse.

3)  Today was literally the very first time I've even attempted to back a car out of a garage, ever, like in my entire life.

4) I was running late.

5) I forgot to make coffee.

6) I'm a virgin who can't drive. 

Anyway, it's been a great day for idiots doing idiotic things! I'm loving today!

And now I have to go drive my busted car all over creation in search of 50+ Valentines for my kids, because I fail at math and calendars and for some reason thought I had until Monday. But of course I don't have until Monday, THERE'S NO SCHOOL ON MONDAY WHEN IS THERE EVER SCHOOL AT ALL AROUND HERE. 

I'm sure whatever Valentines or Valentine craft supplies left in the stores are going to be super top notch and awesome. At the very least hopefully I can find some card stock and ink cartridges and spend the rest of the day screaming obscenities at my uncooperative printer. 

Yay for today! 




My son found and printed out these for his valentines:

I'm loving not buying them, but printing them.


I've done that! I blamed it on being nine months pregnant at the time.

I have also backed out with the gate of the minivan up, while yelling at the kids "somebody's door is open". That didn't end well, either.


I've done it. Twice.


Brenda I love you thank you. I'm in Florida travelling for work with my girls at home with Daddy - I forgot about Valentines Day and then need them before I get home. I just sent that link to Daddy. You are a savior! Amy you are pretty darn amazing too.

Joanna Moore

I scraped the size of my husband's car once trying to back around his car out of our one and a half garage...I knew I was too close but didn't know how to correct it! Definitely not worth not having had to clear the car off...which is saying something because I live in Canada in a snow belt!


I've done that multiple times. Between a narrow parking space next to a pillar in my building's garage, and parking on a narrow D.C. street where my car is subject to side-swiping, odds are stacked against me.

I feel like there has to be a design so your side view mirror just pops off at high pressure and then you snap it back on. Between ski bindings and Legos, there MUST to be model out there to adapt!


Eh, it's just a mirror. When I was a nanny, I drove the kids around in the family's minivan. I am proud to say I never hit the mirrors or the garage backing out or coming in. The parents could not say the same thing. We all have our strengths.


Oh man, I have JUST RECENTLY banged up the back passenger side of my vehicle backing out and it is the worst feeling. I had all 3 of my kids in the car, rushing to not be late to a doctor's appointment, squeezing down our narrow driveway between the fence and our house, and SCRAPE!!! Terrible, awful feeling.

I feel you.


"I'm a virgin who can't drive."

The day can't be ALL bad if you were able to work a Clueless reference in!


Plenty of Valentines left at the Columbia Target and Wahlgreens as of last night. Also, lots of Star Wars Valentines at Five Below.


Thank you for mentioning Valentines! I bought them early, thank God, but I was sick Mon/Tue and my 10 was sick yesterday and today. I am hoping we both will be back on schedule tomorrow and without this reminder he would have gone sans Valentines. That would not have been pretty.


Oh, and I don't do garages. I did hit the big snow bank at the end of my driveway the other day. And my husband almost backed right into me because he didn't see me stop when I hit thr snow bank. It was an interesting morning.


FUUUUUDGE!! Thank you for reminding me about Valentine's Day. Must go after work to find V-Day cards for the kids to take to school!


One very nauseous morning early in first trimester with no coffee in me, I backed into our neighbor's car. Oh, man.


Here's what we did (son's 14, valentine's cards are OVER). We make a BLACK AND WHITE document saying "Happy Valentine's Day from [my son's name]" so it shows up in the bottom right hand corner of a regular sheet of paper and print out enough for the class. Fold it up so the message is inside a card like thing. Then, we go to the craft store and get red stamping ink. And my son uses his thumb to make hearts on the cover of the card.

Cheap. Simple. Easy (for me). Not a whole lotta whining (for my son).


Dollar store valentines FTW. My 3rd graders didn't really like the leftovers we had from prior years (when princesses were all the rage), so we hit the dollar store. Cards, individual sticker boxes and heart-shaped lollipops - done for $3. I am cheap :-)




If that is a mirror w/lane changer warnings or heated mirrors, that's going to be $$$.
(I have not done this ever, with a SUBURBAN - yet my husband has broken THREE)


We are leaving on a trip that I specifically scheduled to start on Friday because I hate dealing with Valentine's cards. I'm the worst.


My husband backed our 'just back from the accident repair shop', it was almost totaled, into my huge, red, lifted truck. He took out 2 side panels in the freshly repaired car and the panel on my truck that has the fuel door. His claim to fame was that I parked over the line in the garage. I laughed at him.

Amy A

My daughter did the same damn thing. Buy a mirror on EBay or wherever and get car spray paint at an auto goods store. Even if you have to pay to have the mirror put back on its a lot cheaper than having the whole thing replaced via auto repair shop.


My husband and I have both done that. I feel your pain! Why do they have to hang off the side of the car?!?! I've essentially been parking in a garage since I was 16 minus a few college/apartment years. I have no excuse!

Amy K

Major props though for the Clueless reference. :)


Ugghhh! I couldn't navigate a garage if I tried! Here's a cute link for Star Wars valentines :
Just add dollar store glow sticks for light sabers. Good luck!!


I did that to my car while living at my in-laws. They heard my rip the mirror off (causing a gouge in the siding of the garage trim) and I just kept going because I was late for my third shift job and also horribly embarrassed and I thought by just DRIVING AWAY it would magically fix itself overnight.

It did not.


I did this exact same thing with my very first car and the biggest thing I remember is how you don't realize how much you use that passenger side mirror until it isn't there anymore.


I got the cutest "Force Awakens" printables from Etsy this year for $5.00. I also have access to a high quality printer and cardstock at work so it might not be the best solution for everyone.


That'll buff right out.


Way harsh, Am.


I did the Valentine's Day card dash last night...
(A) miraculously I located the ONLY pack of non-TMNT themed class pack Vday cards that had been discarded on a nearby shelf to where they should have been located. So if the store seems out, check out the nearby shelves
(B) for my 7 year old, we did impromptu photo cards: took 4 pics of him, arranged them in picstitch so it looked all instagrammy, and then printed it on the top of a 4x6 so there was space to sign his name on the bottom. The Target photo thing even gave us the option of putting it on a red background. In literally 30 min, homemade cards, 26 of them, for about 6 bucks.


Oh. That sucks. I have never done that. I HAVE, however, torn my entire front bumper off backing out of the garage. True - it was sticking out a bit on the passenger side from a previous accident (not my fault, I swear) and I caught it on an old TV that I couldn't see from the driver's side. So there!
Good luck with the valentines...I hate valentines.


What the hell is up with Valentine's day? When did it become February's version of Halloween? Every year I send my kids to school with Walgreen's valentines and they come home with piles of whimsical Pinterest creations and straight up goody bags full of candy. And every year I rant about it because WHYYYYY???!!!

Lauren Parker- Gill

Well, I mean...earlier in the week you said you had been waiting to there it is?


Oh man! I feel you on that. We just got a van (love it), and the 2nd time I was coming out of the carport I broke our mirror. Sigh* Although, with a new car, I figured it was going to be something!


I ripped the side mirror off my corolla 3 (THREE!!!) times. Twice backing out of my garage and once going into an apartment complex with one of those guard arm thingies I thought I could beat out. The first time it was kind of funny. The second time I was like ugh, I feel dumb. By the third time I thought my license should be revoked. I feel for you.

Also, I had to go at the last minute also because my kid wanted hand-made Valentines. I'm a single mom, like I've got time for that crap. I found one, only one, red piece of poster board which allowed little room for error. My sensory kid didn't want stickers so we decorated with red tape. They were the ugliest Valentines ever. I ate my weight in Skittles.

First-time commenting. I've been reading since Noah was a baby. All your sensory processing posts (my kid is apraxic with sensory integration stuff) has been super helpful for me. Thank you for your honesty and humor. Makes me feel human. xo

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