Countdown to Goodbye

Laughter Through Tears

Allow me to present the greatest photo in the history of #BabyIke #NOTTIRED:


Apparently Ike and Ezra decided to play a late-night game of house, resulting in Baby Ike being carefully and compactly tucked into Ezra's doll crib. Where he then stayed until midnight, completely sound asleep, when I found him and moved him to his regular bed, like a real drag. 

Ezra was deeply displeased with me and the theft of his real-life baby in the morning. "You nearly gave me a heart attack!" he scolded, "I was so worried!"

Ike denied anything out of the ordinary happened until I showed him the picture, at which point he was still like, "this proves nothing, I was just pretending to sleep."




Classic. In this photo I can see a hint of Grandpa Ike dozing in his easy chair. I hope someone is still documenting #BabyIke #NOTTIRED at that point in his life.


My heart is so full with these images of your life right now. Sweet, not-tired Ike. And OMG Ezra! Don't scare him like that! He just can't with this whole missing baby thing.


Ezra. Oh, Ezra. <3 <3 <3


"This proves nothing." ha ha haha


Hahahahaha! Oh, I needed that.


It's the careful addition of pillow and blanket that got me.


Ezra clearly has this parenting thing down pat already. :)


What a good dad Ezra's going to be. And no, Ike is TOTALLY NOT TIRED.

Elaine C. B.

Much love to all of y'all today.


Ha! That's amazing.

I'll be thinking of you all today. I hope it passes as easily and peacefully as is possible,


Thinking of you this morning and hugging you through the internet.


I woke up thinking of your family and little Ceiba today. What a great life she has had and thank you for sharing it with all of us. Good luck through the tears and hopefully you will see her again someday.


Save this for his graduation for high school. You won't regret it. :)

Hugs and happy thoughts from across the interwebs today.


Thinking of you, Amy. Take heart today.


All my long time lurker love to you and your family today. Thinking of you and hope you know deep down that what you're doing is right, because it really is, even though the pain obliterates rational thought.


Thinking of you all today.

margie s

You're all in my heart today.


Thinking of you and your family today. 😢


Hoping everything went well yesterday - I mean, is "well" the word? I hope you are hanging in there, anyway. Hugs.


WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY am I imagining Ezra all hands fanning, mah baby, who took mah baby? I LEFT IT RIGHT HERE.

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