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I sent a gushing series of updates to Beau's foster mom and the rescue's adoption coordinator last week, letting them both know how well he's settled in and how happy we all are together. He really is doing SO GREAT.

The escape antics have more or less stopped; if he does slip out he comes back almost immediately when called, thanks to the clicker training and (I think) his understanding that we really are His People. His instinct is to run towards us now, not away. (The fact that our pockets are almost always full of treats probably helps too.) He's sweet and loving and obedient and just all around awesome and it feels like he's been part of our family since forever. 

(He's still full of surprises, though. Like the fact that he is part tree-climbing squirrel-cat.)

But I think he misses having playmates, of the furry, four-legged variety. Especially during the day, when it's just the two of us. No matter how many work breaks I take to chase and wrestle and play with him, I can tell he'd still prefer even more. 

Being the only dog, I maintain, is a good thing for him, so the Cat Conversation started up again. The kids haven't stopped begging for one and it was clear that I was the only one holding the process up. So I begrudgingly got back on Petfinder and started looking for a damn cat. 

And just as I predicted, I could not find one. Our criteria list was admittedly strict: No kittens, but not too old, must be good with kids, good with an energetic and VERY playful dog, litterbox/scratching-post trained, affectionate, lap-cat-type temperament, must like to be held, must not be a stand-offish asshole who won't give me good cuddles, etc. 

I'd find a cat that looked and sounded like a great fit, right up until some final, disqualifying sentence. Good with kids...who are teenagers. Good with dogs...who won't try to play with her. A young adult cat...who is actually more like nine years old

I did find one cat who seemed pretty perfect, until I realized the geographic search had hiccuped and I was looking at a cat hours and hours away, up in Pennsylvania. I briefly debated enlisting my in-laws in a cross-state adoption before shaking my head and closing the browser window. We're in no rush. We can be patient. I'm still not even 100% on board with this cat business anyway, so maybe this is a sign. 

I don't remember why I decided to search again a few days later -- probably just boredom -- but I saw a little cat face who reminded me of Max when he was young, so I clicked. He was a silver tabby, but there was something about the shape of his head and ears that screamed Siamese to me -- all angular and pointy and comically out-of-proportion to the rest of his body. 

I didn't even notice the tiny all-black girl cat curled up next to him.


But by that point it was already too late. I'd found our cat. Both of them.

We met them yesterday, on Mother's Day. One-year-old siblings, found abandoned on a boat at three months old, in foster care ever since. Super-duper bonded together, so finding a home has been a challenge. They love dogs. They love children. They love laps laps laps and being held and snuggled with. Perfectly suited for a big, high-energy household with lots of opportunity for play. Exactly the kind of cat we've been hoping for. Just...times two. 

Jason honestly wasn't so sure about the times two part, but then the little boy cat let him pick him up and gave him a snuggle and the little girl did that crazy sneak attack cat move on one of her toys and cracked us both up so hard. I whipped out the checkbook and wrote out the double adoption fee like, yep, DONE. 

We bring them home next week, as they both have a couple routine medical things going on this week that the rescue group is going to handle. (As impatient as I am to get them home, I'm well aware of the insane amount of vet bills we have in our future, so I'm not gonna complain about someone else picking up the tab for now.) So we have some time to get ready for them and stock up on supplies and ALSO, MOST IMPORTANTLY, figure out new names. 

They have perfectly nice names already, but since they are cats they were solidly, completely ignoring those names yesterday. So I think we can choose something else -- something a little more us and them -- without inflicting too much confusion and psychological damage. 


So yeah. These two are happening. In T-minus seven days or so. It's okay. I don't know what we're thinking either, except I think things are about to get even more fun around here. And I'm ready for more fun. 



Look at that bucket o cats!!!


We have sibling cats as well...abandoned on the side of the road at 5 weeks old. They were headed to a rescue after we cuddled them for the weekend. And then we named them. George and Gracie. Of the Burns variety. 5 years later they are shedding orange hair in every imaginable corner...but we couldn't imagine life without them!


Yay! I'm so glad they'll all have each other... I'm in major cat mode right now since discovering @foster_kittens on IG - OMG... So cute.


So I have this cat. His name is Oscar the Grouch and I found him in a parking lot. Pre Oscar my husband HATED cats, like with a passion but Oscar embodies awesome fuck you you may let me now cattitude and brought him around. One day he says "Oscar needs a friend, he's lonely" which I knew was bs but far be it from me to deny more animals in my house so we went to the shelter and adopted a girl cat. She had two brothers there. Told people, within days had both brothers and THREE OTHER shelter cars adopted by various friends and relatives. Cats man, they are sneaky as hell


** pet not let. Damn phone

ccr in MA

They're so cute! Getting a pair sounds like a great plan, if perhaps a little more... more than you were planning.


Just a word of warning ... cats are like tattoos. It's hard to stop at one or two. We started with a sibling pair and have six now. Just saying. ;)

Joanna Moore

Yay! Congrats!



We inherited my MILs cat several years ago, with my older son and I having pretty severe allergies to cats. He was a long hair and the problems appeared to be non-existent.

Then about 18 months ago, a coworker who does rescues and fosters posted a picture that looked like your girl there-and I was smitten. Me, the dog person.

So, we have two. Two cats are not really that much more work that one, just an extra litter box. Totally worth it in the kitty snuggles, IMO.

Beau will now have TWO buddies during the day!


Pets Best health insurance!!! Perfect for young, healthy pets with no primer siting conditions. They saved us this year by paying 90% of a knee replacement surgery for our two year old dog.


We have littermates and they keep us busy. They've calmed down for the most part (they'll be 5 this summer!), but we still have what we call "kung-fu kitty" most nights. It sounds like they're trying to kill each other, but since they haven't done it yet, we're pretty positive it's just play. Between them and the puppy, we've got our hands full.

You're going to love this new experience. Littermates just have a special bond.


Oh, dear. This sounds a bit like how my friend ended up owning Cap and Bucky - tabby siblings. Have fun picking out names!


Finn and Rey. Obviously.


Rae and Finn! (If you are looking for name suggestions.) These two look almost exactly like the two I adopted about a year ago, after my beloved 14-year-old cat died. Hope they fit in just as well as Beau has!

Kristin C

YAY! We have sibling kitties that are now 10 that we got as kittens (plus a third, whoops). It will be great! It's not too many until you're outnumbered so you guys have room for at least 2 more ;)


I took in two Maine Coon rescue siblings 15 years ago - best decision ever! I bet they add to the fun factor like crazy.


I'm not saying you should name them Kylo and Rey but.....

Sue W.

I second Finn and Rey! They are both very sweet looking.


Sibling pairs are so great!


I personally think Hall and Oates would be adorable, but that's also in my back pocket until I can convince my husband to get more cats. We have one very needy cat, who loves me (and mostly me) to death. She's more like a dog, who comes when we call her and begs for food.
Anyway, they look so damn cute.


Squee! So excited! Yay for more animals!

Also, Luke and Leia. Just saying. ~ L


Luke and Leia?


Totally on board with the Star Wars themed names! Your zoo is adorable, btw. :)


I have similar brother cats. I swear it's easier having two than one! We named them Data and Tiberius... for Star Trek reasons.


I think this a no-brainer - since you already have Beau (Dameron), I think you need a Finn and Rey as well. Just sayin'.



Your little triangle face cat reminds me of our recent feline addition, who is orange but otherwise just looks like your little grey tabby.

She also loves pets and cuddles, and she bounds ahead of me when I go upstairs and jumps on the bed to chat and meow until I pet her. She's wonderful, and it sounds like yours will be too.

Cheryl S.

Wonderful. Two cats are not that much more work. And, for a real zoo, you have to catch up to my family!

2 dogs (Rocky and Bella)
4 cats (Simon, Snowflake, Blue and Ginger)
1 bunny (Hershey)


Gaah SO CUTE!! We adopted brother kittens last year and it's THE BEST! They keep each other company, keep each other busy and are so so cute together. I'm so happy for you guys!



*Kermit arms waving excitement*


I have never had two cats at once...until we got our little tortoise shell female match to our orange male cat three (?) years ago (we had the male a year and then got the female - both rescues). I love the two of them together. They play together, sleep together, fight, chase each other and are so funny to watch. The male cat is about twice the size of the female and it's so funny to watch her attack him. I doubt I will ever get just one cat again. I'll bet your two will give you great pleasure.


Oh! I am so happy for you!

I'm not sure why I was invested in you (i.e. a stranger to me!) getting new cats, but I was :)

Two cats will be perfect.


Finn and Rey are nice names....


Just look at that bucket o'cats! Three small animals, does not a zoo make, trust me on this. We currently have: four cats, five dogs, two parrots, twelve laying hens, eleven guinea fowl, three horses, two mini horses, the boarders' six horses (I get to just pet those and don't have to clean or feed) and 13 baby chickens in my bedroom (the only place they are safe from the cats). One of the hens is currently sitting on some guinea eggs and I have more in a brooder in the basement. I am also trying to talk my husband into getting a miniature goat. :) If Jason freaks about an extra cat, just remind him that he could be married to me. :p

Marissa Lanterman

Was SO excited to see these two pop up in my just now. I volunteer with this rescue and can't think of a better home for the two of them... I heard that someone had put in an application but had no idea it was you!

They are truly the sweetest little siblings. Boy kitty is a snuggle monster, and the little girl is hilarious. They will be perfect for your family. Congratulations!


This made me tear up a wee bit. I love it. I love your zoo! I, too, have a zoo.... first it was just me, my two cats, and my dog. Now it's me, bfriend, three cats, and two dogs. And you know what? IT'S AWESOME*.

*There are days when everyone seems to be barfing or pooping or dripping water from the water bowl everywhere and I am like OMFG STOP. But all the other moments are awesome. Even with all the fur I have to clean up. :)


Two cats and a dog over here too. It's the best cat/dog ratio! You'll be very happy with that combo of furkids.


Black cats are the best. Enjoy.


Two!! I love it. They're adorable.


THIS CALLS FOR A NAMING CONTEST (or suggestion box, at least).


I dont even know you and this made my whole day!! I want a box of cats!! And not that you even asked (but you must have known it was coming) but Im going to get on that Finn/Rey wagon. So precious!


thank you for this happy news. we needed to put our 16 year old kitty to rest last week. it's been so hard.


Sweet sparkly jebus on a cracker...THOSE TWO.
And Beau. Your zoo is awesome.


Yaaaaay! Can't wait to see what Beau thinks of them!


ok, if you DON'T pick Star Wars names for these cats, there might be an uprising here. :)

Finn and Rey
Luke and Leia
Chewy and Maz
Vader and Jyn

So many options. So much awesome.


Amy,you are seriously one of my favourite people that I've never met.


Oh and I'm putting in Artoo and Threepio for my names pics 😊


PLEASE name them George and Martha (if Noah is still obsessed with the Washingtons).


Hoo-ray!! So delighted for all of you. And I second the pet insurance suggestion!


Oh my gosh. The cuteness!!!


Adorable cats! They grey one looks like Cobalt, who I lost last Fall after 22 years. Also like Twilight, his older brother who lasted 17. Tabby's live loooooong lives. They're beautiful cats, and you'll probably still have that tabby after Ike goes to college if my track record is any indication. For you guys, I hope that's true.


Oh man. My landlord charges double rent (yes, per month) for pets. And I've had to just stay away from the rescue stuff because I STILL get tempted by the cats!

Have fun all!


I think you will love 2 kitties! They really aren't that much more expensive or more work to take care of, and it is so adorable to see kitties groom and nap together. Plus, they are adorable.

Kari Perry

OHMAGERSH look at those babies!!! Such sweet faces!!! I can't WAIT for stories!

Whitney Petch

I got an email one day from my husband out of the blue that just said, 'I think we need a new cat". There wasn't anything wrong with our old cat, but I figured, two! Awesome! turns out he had ment to say that we needed a new CAR. Now we have a cat named "Typo", AND a new car!


I honestly think animals are easier in small groups. Cat times two is a good call. :)


we had two cats that were brothers named Bartles and Jaymes. One guess what decade that was....and possibly how old I must be....


RIght there with you. I found our perfect boy grey tabby on petfinder...and his sister 3 kitties down the list. We have 2 cats, and not 1 regret. Congrats.

Average Jane

My sister has a pair that look a lot like those two. Hers are named Starsky and Hutch.

Beth Ann

Good for you! How can you separate those 2 cats after all they've been through. Your family will have a blast and so cats along with Beau!


Ceiba + Max = Cax. Max + Ceiba = Maybah. So, my suggestions (that I'm sure will be taken seriously), are Sax (you have aspiring musicians, after all) for the boy, and Mabel (or Maybelle) for the girl, which could be shortened to 'Mae', the month you are adopting her. PS: This comment is sponsored by Ambien, and a deep sadness over my inability to ever be able to name a cat, due to children with cat allergies. Enjoy your new additions and thank you for making the choice to adopt rescues!


Totally not on point and random, but the moment j saw the first picture I thought "Samantha and George." Not sure what that has to do with anything and the Star Wars names are excellent.

We had two kitty sisters and they had the best times together. Happy zoo!


Whitney Petch, your comment made me LOL! :)


They're so cute! I love black cats. I have one... Her name is Pickles and she's awesome


And yet again I'm reminded how close we live now because I almost sent an adoption inquiry about Peter and Penelope a few weeks ago (we have basically the same list of cat requirements that you do except that I'm actually looking to adopt a bonded pair or trio). Then my husband reminded me that the beginning of summer is not the appropriate time to get new pets since we spend so much time away at my parents house. I feel much better about it now since I know they've found a great home :)

Amy A



Ok..throwback to the Dukes of Hazard but you have Beau what about Luke and Daisy? Or Roscoe and Daisy? Lol

Sue C

Love a black cat with green eyes!

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