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Not much to report on these days, as you probably surmised from the fact I recently wrote an entire post about a ladder in a box in our foyer. Which yes, is still there. Although this was also happening there this morning.


Night after night I resist the overwhelming urge to pose The Damn Elf in compromising, dirty ways and then my kids are like, Hobbes is going to ride Jingle all day and I wonder how in the world I ended up being the only adolescent boy in the household.


Noah has been invited to audition for our county's Gifted & Talented band, which was like whoa, what? Jason and I went full proud crazy stage parents for about 15 minutes but then Noah gave us a firm, "NOPE, not interested." We're obviously not going to push him (especially since he remained unmoved by several bribes involving trips to various important historical landmarks), but it's a touch frustrating. His natural musical talents are streets ahead of his INTEREST in his musical talents, and he definitely takes it all a bit for granted that it all comes so easy for him.

Plus, he doesn't want to be a musician when he grows up, he insists. He'll simply be too busy inventing time travel. So what's the point? 

Fine. But you're gonna join chorus and take some piano lessons in the meantime. This is truly your darkest timeline. 

Also, too: Jason left a plate of bacon on the kitchen counter, and the cats licked it all. Then they knocked a few slices on the floor for Beau. 


Bacon-stealing assholes. 


Beau keeps dragging our tree skirt out and turning it into a bed.


But he's so overdue for a proper haircut and looks so perpetually alarmed/concerned about everything I can't call him an asshole about it. I'll just make Ezra vacuum up the needles, I guess. 



Your many Community references make me smile, as do your pets and kids.


Wish our cat tossed our bacon on the floor before eating it. She just sits her nasty butt on the table and helps herself!


Double high fives for not one, but TWO well-placed Community references. I see what you did there.


Hobbes looks exhausted in that picture with the bacon. I guess we shouldn't be surprised?


Community FTW!

I almost missed the first reference, but then I remembered where I'd heard it before. HA!

I firmly believe there were better timelines for 2016. Can Noah invent the time machine prior to 1/20/17, please? Perhaps a bribe to a facility of historical nature might be still be on the table?

I am also an adolescent boy, and find myself yelling, "That's what SHE said!" at seemingly random times. Thank goodness the 10 and 12 year-old ACTUAL boys in my house haven't realized quite what it means yet. I wonder if I'll stop once they do. Probably not.


I miss Community, and you are great!


Have Noah look up Project Trio on you tube. My son plays flute with them and they have really crazy fun music. Or look up Greg's beatbox videos under Greg Pattillo.


From reading about past experiences with Noah, I'd guess that taking him to a Gifted & Talented band concert (do they have a holiday concert?) might spark an interest for next year. Once he hears what pieces they play, how the whole group sounds together, and how much applause they receive, he might have a different reaction.


Does Noah still have music-color associations / possible synesthesia? Just curious bc I find that stuff fascinating, and bc it's interesting how/if his early relationship with music connects to his current abilities.


I remember reading early posts about Noah and how he responded to music, but I can't remember the details. But I think there was something about how he wouldn't let you sing with the radio, because you were a little off, and that he said songs were colors. Like some songs were red, others blue. Not that I think you should force him into music, I'm just thinking maybe he always had a mind for it.

Brian Dwyre

This is one funny post about your family. I like the cats and your dog, hope they didn't made too much of a noise in the future. Anyway as Christmas is near, you might find this Kidioke sing-along music playbook interesting for your gift options. It's perfect for youngsters as well as educational.


Thank you for the Community references! Made me day.


you are my fave.


I had musical gifts as a child and adolescent and in fact went on to be a music major. I was pushed too hard and too often and now I have nothing to do with music at all, the joy of it was removed by the constant pressure and expectations. Music after a certain level of achievement is extremely competitive and truly cut throat. I went to prestigious camps and events and no one can believe how fully I turned my back...anyway FWIW I am pretty sure I am undiagnosed on the spectrum. I say all of this to just urge you to tread lightly if you think Noah has a true love and joy of music. Please don't push. I really wish everyone had been a bit more gentle with me. I might still have a joyful involvement with music.


I, on the contrary to previous comments, wish I had been pushed more. I took piano lessons since I was 4, and my mom let me quit when i was about 9. Then I skipped from violin to guitar to other instruments, before I realized I should've never quit piano lessons much too late. My mom encouraged me to join choir, while I was hesitant, and because of her nudging me in that direction, I auditioned and got into competitive choirs. I enjoyed it, but I was just always interested in other subjects (similar to Noah). I regret not sticking with music and becoming a music major and wish my mom had pushed me more to stick with it. Maybe not a full out push, but a gentle nudge in that direction would work ;)

Best of luck!

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