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Noah decided to hold an impromptu Constitutional Convention at the dinner table last night. Among several proposed laws and amendments we discussed (Congress does not have the right to take away recess and also the Muslim ban/registry violates freedom of religion and is a terrible idea), he wanted to make some of his previously discussed changes to the Declaration of Independence a bit more permanent.


^and women


>Slavery is also a bad thing and must be repealed


Hereby signed and approved by Noah Storch, Ezra Storch and Ike Storch, thus fulfilling the requirement of a two-thirds majority in the Storch household to pass into law. 

(Or something. I don't know. Kid knows way, way more about how it all works now than me. But I do know his use of proper proofreading marks is giving me life.)



He included women in the sequel! (WERK!)

Lisa @ Lisa 3D

I love this! I, too, don't know as much as I could about history, so this is especially impressive!


they have figured out how 2/3 majority works. you and Jason are in trouble.


I love his heart!!! Great job, mom and dad!


Oh man. This kid has so much to look forward to... West Wing, that John Adams miniseries which was amazing, 1776 (the musical starring Mr. Feeny, natch). Oh! And the Freedom Trail in Boston and Paul Revere's house (one of my faves as a kid).


Not a member of the Storch household (obviously) but I would totally sign that Constitution. Noah gives me hope for our future! ~ L


I am guessing you saw this: https://www.archivesfoundation.org/sleepover/ ... seems pricey but perfect!


So excellent. BTW, you can tell Noah that Lewis Morris's great great and then some granddaughter read this post and thinks that G-Grandad would have thought Noah is awesome too.

Sue W.

Methinks you and Jason may be in trouble with that 2/3 majority rule!


Noah Storch 2020


I teach US History. From the bottom of my tired-of-explaining-to-kids-why-this-matters heart, thank you for sharing this.


I could not love this any more!!!! #NoahForPresident


Aw, he was chosen for the constitutional convention; there as a Maryland junior delegate!


Storch for America!

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