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HandMeUP! (How I Scored $600 Worth of Clothes for $150)

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I was folding Ike's laundry recently and came across some clothing that had...seen better days, to put it nicely. Shirts and pants with permanent stains, worn-out seams, holes started to emerge at the knees and elbows. All clothing that had been passed down to him; most of it previously worn by both of his older brothers. Hand-me-downs are a wonderful thing, but we're definitely stretching the limits of them at this point. 

Ike so rarely gets new clothing that's just for HIM, he gets irrationally excited over new pajamas or a cheap souvenir t-shirt. One morning he came bursting into my room to thank me for the new bag of socks I'd emptied into his drawer. Socks! New ones! Look Ma, no holes!

Poor third child. 

Enter thredUP


I shopped at thredUP a lot back in the day when it was a parent-to-parent kids' clothing swap service. It's since evolved to a really amazing online consignment store, packed with both kids' and women's clothing -- along with a pretty big selection of high-end and designer brands. (Which always makes my clicking finger start to itch.) 

The kids’ section is GREAT because I can buy Ike clothing from brands that I typically deem a little too pricey (mostly because it won't get passed down through our family any further), but at prices that were well below the cheapest of the cheap brands. And the vast majority of stuff in his size was labeled barely worn/like new. Kids and their pesky growth spurts.

Ike got a pair of Gap skinny jeans, a Gymboree t-shirt, and a very handsome Tumbleweed sweater in his personal favorite style: Striped with a half-zipper. $101 worth of clothing for less than $40. And all of it waaaaaay nicer and newer than the typical Storch Family hand-me-downs.


20170110_212431049_iOS 20170110_212409649_iOS

Poor kid was so suspicious over being handed NEW CLOTHING WITH TAGS that he immediately double-checked all the sizes to confirm that it truly was for him. 

20170110_212500289_iOS 20170110_221119966_iOS


(I went a size or two up on the sweater so he can wear it next winter as well. Even when it's a bargain Imma be hella practical about it.)

I've mentioned in the past that one of the (many) weird ways my anxiety manifests is a refusal to spend any money on myself. So I, too, have a closet full of very old clothing, and stuff I've held onto despite it not fitting properly anymore. 

I did not have ANY problems overloading my shopping cart at thredUP, because HOLY CATS, EVERYTHING IS A BARGAIN. I was given a very generous $150 credit to shop with, and after choosing Ike's outfit and mine (which included a $250 pair of designer jeans for under 50 bucks), I still had enough money to spring for a cute handbag AND a pair of boots.


20170110_211644236_iOS 20170110_212239391_iOS
I got: a pair of Rag & Bone jeans (my current all-time favorite brand), a dressy Zara tank top, a slouchy cardigan from TopShop, a Simply Vera/Vera Wang bag and Crown Vintage booties. Full-price retail puts this outfit close to $500. thredUP prices = $123 total. And since it all matches other things I already own, I’m going to get a lot of wear out of each piece.

You’d never guess any of it is secondhand. The jeans and sweater look like they've maybe been worn once or twice. The bag is perfect. The booties were slashed to $9.99 and placed in thredUP’s "basement" section because of scuff marks. Which: If these shoes are considered scuffed up I am retroactively embarrassed by every pair of shoes I own. 

The tank top still had its original tags.




Me, sending a happyface selfie to Jason to show off my new outfit.

 (Along with a subtle reminder to PUT THE DANG IRONING BOARD AWAY WHEN YOU'RE DONE WITH IT.)

I have never felt like such a shopping ninja in my life. I’m also ordering a consignment kit from them to clean out my closet…kind of embarrassing the amount of stuff I’m holding onto for no reason. Plus yay, more money to ninja shop with.


(I'm not sure why Finn is so bound and determined to be thredUP's official spokescat, but here he is again, hopefully approving of my cute new jeans and boots.

Thanks so much to thredUP for the clothes and for sponsoring this post. And huzzah! thredUP is offering Amalah readers a special discount! The first 100 people to use code AMALAH40 will get an extra 40% off their first order! (Applies to new customers only. Discount up to $50.)



Wow those jeans are the shiznit!! So cute! I am losing weight and still have a bit to go or I would totally be on that code. Clothes only fit me for about a season now and then are too big to wear, and it makes me sorta sad when another cute item goes to consignment. But I ain't keeping any fat clothes!!


I just bought a pair of Joe's Jones and didn't even try on the Rag & Bone. Damnit.


I love Thred Up. I have bought several items from them.


I just used the code and got a Kate Spade Leather Satchel, Josef Seibel Clogs, and three scarves for $96.95. Incredible!
I feel so happy for Ike...I was the younger sister, so I feel his pain, and the joy of receiving something purchased "just for me".

Thank you!


I just used the code and got a Kate Spade Leather Satchel, Josef Seibel Clogs, and three scarves for $96.95. Incredible!
I feel so happy for Ike...I was the younger sister, so I feel his pain, and the joy of receiving something purchased "just for me".

Thank you!


*** I forgot to mention that I "saved" $592.02...originally $689, spent $96.95 with the 40% off "AMALAH40" code. OMG ***


Damn at those prices maybe I should at least look for a purse!!

Jennifer Keene

Model Ike is so cute. OK, Finn and you too! But Ike.

Did he get a haircut?


They have a maternity section! I am so excited to never have to pay $40 for work pants I'm going to wear for less than 6 months. I just bought 2 pairs of pants for under $30 TOTAL, plus my baby's entire 3-6 month wardrobe and some fun stuff for my existing child. Thanks for publicizing this site!

Sue W.

You, Ike and Finn are totally adorable! I think Finn needs to be the spokescat!


I love Thred Up! Went back to work full time this year and bought my entire wardrobe from them!


And sadly . . .not available in Canada yet :-(


/me rushes to ThredUP/


I just did a clean out bag, and am planning to stock up on jeans for my younger son. I found a couple of super cute colored denim jackets for a great price over the summer and I get tons of compliments.


Oh, me too on the anxiety-no-spending-money-on-myself. Imma go look at see if I can score some new stuff! I badly need it.

Katie H.

LOVE the pants! And the look on Finn's face. He looks like he's very proud of your purchases!!!


Big fan of ThredUP! I've sold to them a million times. You don't always get the most $, but it's so GD easy, and they donate whatever they don't accept. WIN. But my favorite (of course) is to buy from them. I gave my daughter 3 dresses for Christmas that she flipped over--all brands I'd never buy retail. And I bought one of my current favorite clothing items there: a pair of BlankNYC skinny black faux leather pants. I've decided that my mid-30's are going to be all about luxe basics, and they just go with everything.


I love ThredUp for buying, but for selling... Yeah they're ripping you off. The best stuff often doesn't even get "accepted" and a recently sent several new-with-tags items that ended up listed as "like new" with the tags removed. Customer service helped me by telling me that the items were listed as like new! If you just want to get rid of stuff and not do work, it's great. But if you could go to a consignment shop and then Goodwill, definitely do that.

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