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It's sheet-changin' day in the Storch household, and frankly, as the mother of three boy children, this isn't really the sort of stuff I expected to one day find hidden under their blankets and mattresses.


(I always thought my off-limits-to-little-eyes Walking Dead compendiums would be the more popular targets for late-night stealing. Nope, it's my Hamilton book.)


The only thing missing from this stash was his Bill of Rights, which he took to school today. They have a history test tomorrow and he could not be more excited about it. "It's going to be a blast! I'm going to get an A+!" I have no doubts that he will. 

Last night we finished the homework/chores/dinner gauntlet early enough that the boys technically had time to watch a movie instead of just a show before bed.

Noah said thanks, but actually, he'd rather watch another installment of a George Washington TV miniseries from 1984 on YouTube

He also built his own Fort McHenry. I've promised him tours of the U.S. Capitol and the Supreme Court, as well as a repeat visit to the National Archives to see his best buds the Founding Documents again. And Williamsburg, again, please please please? We also have to get to the library more often, because he's running low on fresh reading material.

"Dude, you officially know so much more than I do about any of this stuff.  You should be a historian when you grow up. You could teach or write books about history? Or maybe be a Constitutional lawyer? We could use more of those right now."

"Nope, sorry. I'm still going to be a time traveler."

(Okay. Maybe he'd like Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure? God, I suck at nurturing this.) 

UPDATE: Went to put his sheets in the washing machine and this fell out.





As a British Hamilton fan, I love seeing the little Hamilton in-jokes that none of my friends get (yet - tickets for the West End in December) and seeing the words and names on all that literature that have cropped up through the lyrics and the accompanying Hamiltome. How wonderful for Noah to have such an educational passion.


I love Noah...that is all.


Have you heard of the We the People the Citizen and the Constitution program? I competed in the high school "constitution team" but they have programs for elementary and middle school too. I'm guessing Noah would love it!


Have you ever checked out the James Townsend and Son Youtube channel?
They have historically accurate cooking episodes, and they show a lot of history stuff from the 17th and 18th centuries. It is pretty fascinating, actually :)


Noah and my 9yo daughter would be best buds. Girl knows more about history than I've ever learned in my 42 years. She gravitates toward ancient civilizations and the American Revolution.


"I've been reading Common Sense by Thomas Paine." Work!

Noah, you are amazing!


You want a revolution, he wants a revelation!


Noah is amazing, and I love that you live in an area so well suited to nurture his passions.


Sounds like my brother when he was growing up. Progressed to Civil war fanatic and used to re-create the battles using his little army men in a sandbox my dad built for him in back yard. ...... grew up to be a lawyer....


You should come visit my town, Bordentown NJ. Thomas Paine lived here for several years and we have a statue of him! We're also only about 20 minutes away from Princeton, so you can see Aaron Burr's grave at Princeton Cemetary!


That's quite the budding historian you've got there! Thomas Paine lived for several years in the city I grew up in. His small home, in the center of the city, was preserved and turned into a museum. I drive past it several times a week. Coincidentally, a nieghbor became the live in curator there when I was child. I remember always feeling a little bit proud as a kid that someone who was an important contributor to the USA had resided in my city for part of his life. If you're ever in NYC with your family, it's an easy 30min train ride from GCT. They're open to visitors on the weekends.


Washington's uniform is at the Museum of American History at the Smithsonian. Also, if you ever make your way to Boston, be sure to swing into my hometown of South Boston (aka Southie) and bring him to Fort Independence at Castle Island. They do tours of the fort on the weekends throughout the summer. And there's also the monument at Dorchester Heights.


If you haven't already, you may want to check out "1776 The Musical". I was introduced to it when I was about Noah's age, and it is still one of my favorites.


I wonder if he's like "Doctor Who." Best time traveler show around, IMO. It's available on Amazon Video.


*he'd, not he's


My new regimen - read news, get depressed and worried, read your blog posts about Noah falling in love with history, feel better, repeat.

Meredith Brim

If he ever gets into the Civil Rights movement, I've got him covered from Birmingham, AL ;-)


If he's reading Common Sense, he may be well past these, but my children have really enjoyed the "Who Was....." series of biographies.

Sue W

I want to go to all of the cities and towns mentioned above me in the comments and visit all of these places. I need Noah to get going on that time travel machine! Your kids give me hope for the future. If we have one once the current administration leaves us anything to work with.


He's incredible. Keep up the good work Noah (and Amy)!

Dori P

Time Traveler! YES! Love him. :)


You want a revolution, he wants a revelation!

ccr in MA

I just love your kid!


Biggest Internet-based smile I've had all day!
(My comment on your March post got a little..involved. But I'm proud of you for braving your crowd-fears, and I'm proud of all of us, all across the world, for joining in. I was able to take my family to our smaller march, and walking with my 10yo daughter will be a treasured memory for both of us, I hope.)


You want a revolution? I want a revelation!

Your kid is amazing! Well, all 3 of them, but I am especially fond of Noah.


I read Common Sense. In law school. When somebody made me.


He wants to read a book called "Abigail Adams: eyewitness to a revolution" by Natalie Bober. Also an author named Russell Freedman has a lot of terrific, interesting biographies for that time period, and others.... And he probably has something about what was going on in other parts of the world around that time, for a sense of context.

Carissa Christner

We could totally use a time traveler right about now. Seems like the best way to turn this sinking ship around.


This is so awesome! Have you seen the TV show TIMELESS? It combines history and time travel! He would probably love it, unless the idea of changing the future by changing something in the past confuses or upsets him. You would have to watch from the beginning for context.


I vote show him Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure! One of my person favorites! He also may be interested in the show Warehouse 13. It lasted I think four seasons on SyFy and you can find it on Amazon Prime (and I'm sure in a bunch of other places). It's about a group of secret government agents who collect historical artifacts that have become "charged" with special powers due to their historical significance. And it's very family friendly.

Miss Dawn

Nope Amy. This kid should be a politician because he truly loves this country and the principles it was built upon. We need more people in Washington like Noah. Nuff said!


Just shared this post with my husband with the title: Parenting Goals. Thank you so much for raising such a curious, intelligent boy. You're a good mom. <3 Hugs.


He is clearly a most amazing young man!
1. At the library, look up Hope's Crossing by Joan Elizabeth Goodman, Come All You Brave Soldiers: Blacks in the Revolutionary War by Clinton Cox, and the works of Ann Rinaldi. Rinaldi writes more young adult books, and her main characters are usually female, but if he's reading Thomas Paine, he may be fine with the more complex themes. You might also be interested in Chains by Laura Halse Anderson but BE CAREFUL! This is a book from the viewpoint of a slave during the time and the author does NOT sugarcoat what is was like. It's gut-wrenching, even for adults.
2. Noah might be able to join the National Society Children of the American Revolution. The entry qualification is being able to prove you have an ancestor who fought in the Revolutionary War (and most of us do, actually). If you check out their website, you can find local chapters, who will have a Registrar, who can help get you started looking into your family history. You can also contact the Genology Library of the Daughters of the American Revolution in Washington D.C., and they will assist also.
C.A.R. does historical outings, lectures, and programs all centered about the Revolutionary War. Noah will be there most favorite member ever! ~ L


Oh my gosh, Amy. I just re-watched the George Washington mini-series. That Noah! What an amazing kid. I hope my boys get into history one day.

Rebecca Van Hout

Noah I adore your interest in history! Keep learning and enjoying! We need more people in this country who understand it's roots.

Amy if you haven't looked into your family genealogy you should check out the site. After you input your family tree information you can go to BYUrelative finder and they will use that information to connect your tree with Famous people in history. They connected me to 34 US presidents, and a bunch of signers of the Constitution and Declaration of Independence as well as King George LOL. I bet Noah would get a kick out of finding out who he might be related to in history. It's super easy and so fun to share with my kids.


Come up to Westchester County NY to see Thomas Paine's cottage, Sleepy Hollow for the colonial farm experience (and the Pumpkin Blaze) and the old Dutch Cemetery


Wow. Noah is the best. And how awesome is it that his greatest interest is so easily accessed here in Washington DC/Virginia?


Love your posts about your Hamilton-loving history enthusiast!! Werk, Noah.

Amy A

Knowing that Noah has the potential to run for POTUS one day puts my troubled mind somewhat at ease. Good job, mama!


what a brilliant boy you have! common sense is one of the best pieces of American writing ever! your son is truly an inspiration in these otherwise dark times...


Maybe, he'd be interested in Cokie Robert's Founding Mothers: The Women Who Raised Our Nation? I enjoyed it in middle school.


Have you all considered taking a trip up to Philadelphia to visit Independence Hall? It is pretty amazing to stand in the room where the Declaration of Independence was adopted and the Constitution drafted and signed. Not too far from the DC area either! Noah, you give me hope for our future!


Noah is amazing. As are his parents.


Just saw this article about the new museum of the American Revolution in Philly - sounds like it will be right up Noah's alley!


Oh my gosh! I just love Noah! And getting lots of great ideas from all the comments for my Hamilton-crazy 9 and 11 yr old girls! Saw the video of Noah reading the Bill of Rights on your Instagram this morning and my heart just melted.


on the newest season of "legends of tomorrow" on the CW, a historian joined the time-traveling crew and is crushing it! sounds right up noah's alley... :)


This is possibly the best kid blog post I have ever read!

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